This is an impulse. It comes, and then it goes. This is the reason that obese people have trouble losing weight. This is the secret to healing your metabolic disorders. It all comes down to managing a simple thing, how your body reacts to food, and it won’t cost you a dime.

What is Impulsive Keto? Its a low carb way of eating that managing the insulin pulses from your food to promote healing and weight loss. Part food choice, part meal timing.


Obesity and metabolic dysfunction can be healed through careful management of nutrition. By restricting dietary carbs, you can control how your body will manage the sugar and fat based energy already stored in your body. Fat-as-Fuel is a ketogenic metabolic state that optimizes your ability to melt fat. This process can reverse metabolic disease such as Type 2 Diabetes and PCOS by healing the insulin resistance that causes the so-called progressive disease.

We follow a model of insulin holiday that is incredibly simple, drug free, no cost and can be used by anyone on any schedule. Don’t Eat. This pattern is called intermittent fasting by some, and allows you to give your cells a break from the onslaught of the nutrient signaling hormone, insulin. By simply skipping breakfast, you create ideal conditions for your body to burn a lot more fat and become more sensitive to future meals. Your body releases insulin when you eat, and that impulsive release will revert to base levels if you do not eat for 12 hours.

In Dr Fung we trust. He has written two books, The Obesity Code (out now) and Fasting Clarity (nov 16) as well as massive youtube based lectures on and…/ as well as a key contributor to…

We are also informed and grounded by key clinical doctors who understand the low carb nutritional approach to these health problems. Dr Eric Westman at Dr Ted Naiman at Dr Volek and Dr Phinney at and Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt at





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