Confused? I don’t blame you, and we can help! There are a lot of moving pieces to how keto works and we have spent a lot of time working with thousands of people to refine what works best.

For a very small fee, you can jump on the phone and get our undivided attention, advice and research for your unique situation. Its clear that helping people work through specific issues one on one in the long form is a huge accelerator to your journey. Its more than we can offer for free on a limited platform like Facebook. Sometimes you just gotta jump on the blower and talk it through!

We have a broad level of expertise with nutrition and fitness, but we are not medical professionals and cannot give medical advice for your unique medical situation. Keto is one nutritional approach and works for many to make a weight loss goal very emotionally easy.

Appointment Details

After booking the appointment, we take you to a web page asking for a little more detail on what you need, and confirming the technology you want to chat with. Doing a little prepwork can make our time together much more productive!

In addition to a regular phone call;  Skype or Facebook video call(works on phones!),  Facetime, or Google Duo also work well, and we prefer the video chat so we can have a more effective conversation

consults are done on special request only now. please contact ben if you feel you have a special situation .

Fall Special:  1hr = 80$  


If you need to fill out the consult form later- use this link

The consulting offered is acknowledged and understood to be of a strictly non-medical nature and is accepted solely and exclusively for instructional purposes only. Only you and your doctor can make decisions regarding your medical treatment, diagnosis and especially the impact of prescription medications. Always check with your prescribing doctor on the compatibility of your medical situation and medicines before undertaking any change in nutrition approach or undertaking a fasting  or exercise protocol.