Ben, Karen and Jenn dig into 4 different ketogenic diet models and discuss how they developed and who should follow each sort. Does unlimited fat keto work for some people? Do calories matter? Who should eat higher protein? Should you limit fat or not? Should Jenn have had so much brisket last night? Who is this Bacon Dan fellow? Continued from part 1. A transcript is available on Youtube, thanks Google!



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Show notes:
00:30 Pick up from 28a – hormone regulation, thermogenesis and adiponectin
03:00 Genetics and “set point”
04:30 Tricks for breaking through set point/stalls – alternate day fasting & others
05:45 Hormone regulation vs calorie reduction vs medical therapy keto, sustainability
06:30 You can gain weight while being in ketosis, so Ben says don’t buy a ketone meter, it’s pointless
07:45 Jenn and Karen both have bought blood ketone meters anyway
08:30 Ben used a breath ketonix ketone meter in the past, he admits, and ate a pint of ice cream to see what would happen
10:00 But again, high levels of ketones don’t mean weight loss
13:00 Why high levels of ketones don’t necessarily mean you’re burning bodyfat, and why low levels don’t necessarily mean you’re not burning bodyfat
16:00 The only thing that matters for weight loss is being in a calorie deficit
17:00 Pee strips work well for newbs who want visual confirmation
17:45 Try asking someone who sells ketone meters if high ketones mean weight loss – they will say no
19:00 Jimmy Moore sells ketone strips, it isn’t working out that well for him
22:00 Can toxins or moldy coffee keep you out of ketosis?
23:30 To recap – unlimited fat-style keto is a great engagement tool, a nutrient-dense diet is sustainable for metabolically healthy people, people trying to address metabolic disease need to be aware of the impact of high protein on insulin and maybe avoid excess
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00:14 whoa whoa whoa stop the clock this is
00:18 part two of episode 28 more fat if
00:21 you’re listening to this and missed part
00:23 one your feed is a little weird well and
00:34 I’m gonna take issue with that statement
00:35 I don’t like the word setpoint because
00:39 what we would we know is that your body
00:43 has the ability to alter its basic
00:47 metabolic rate by as much as 30 percent
00:51 up or down with thermogenesis that is
00:54 true so anytime you’re talking about a
00:57 set point it’s more of a hormonal
01:01 favorable that setpoint as much it’s not
01:07 a hard set point it’s a general level of
01:12 these hormone there’s there’s a hormone
01:14 that it so let’s say you have 50 pounds
01:17 of fat it creates this hormone that kind
01:20 of tells the rest of your body that you
01:23 have 50 pounds of body fat and that
01:25 hormone informs the rest of your body
01:28 that there’s a lot of energy storage so
01:30 it’s kind of like a general metabolic
01:32 energy reserve status hormone what
01:37 hormone is that boy it’s a do something
01:43 sorry is that a penectomy adiponectin
01:48 yeah who’s the professional nutrition
01:51 hey that’s what I’m talking about yeah I
01:54 hope that tested question doesn’t come
01:55 up here and leave me it won’t nice point
02:01 point being your body knows how much fat
02:05 it has
02:06 and it does so via T’s hormone signals
02:09 so if you can reduce that signal then
02:13 things kind of change okay cool but it
02:18 does require a little bit of time if you
02:24 had an extreme amount of weight loss
02:26 sometimes you got to ride it out for a
02:27 month well I’m working on these thyroid
02:32 issues with Theresa to try and get my
02:34 metabolism working properly so it maybe
02:37 eventually I conquer this 145 thing well
02:41 you know to the setpoint thing if you
02:44 have a genetic disposition or an
02:49 expressed gene that kind of has a
02:51 favorable amount of this hormone level
02:55 that your body you know there are people
02:57 who are naturally thin and there are
02:59 people who are naturally you know a
03:02 little chunky despite what they do they
03:05 will always keep snapping back to those
03:08 levels they may gain some way they may
03:10 lose some way but we all have known
03:12 adults in our lives who’ve been with us
03:15 for a decade and their weight is
03:17 relatively stable plus or minus 20
03:19 pounds that’s their metabolic setpoint
03:23 but that that influence is much less
03:26 strong than you would want it to be and
03:31 it’s very difficult to get it to move
03:32 around it’s just kind of a you know we
03:35 don’t know exactly all those details but
03:37 to me it certainly seems inherited
03:40 because you can look at a family and you
03:43 see a body shape and you look at another
03:45 family and you see a different body
03:46 shape for sure now there’s no question I
03:51 know you don’t see a set of twins where
03:53 one is fat and one is thin it’s unusual
03:57 right they usually are about the same
03:59 weight and brothers and sisters are
04:01 often you know both obese or both lean
04:05 it’s just one of those things so I was
04:07 wondering is that a genetics or is it
04:09 epigenetics I don’t know that we know I
04:11 mean I would assume it’s genetics and
04:14 you could certainly break
04:16 with enough effort you could and that’s
04:20 that’s where given enough bacon yeah I
04:23 get a little concerned when people get
04:25 to a point where you know they only have
04:28 about ten more pounds to lose and they
04:32 pay people to help them and and what
04:34 these people are doing is putting them
04:36 on what is basically a protein sparing
04:38 modified faster they’re driving their
04:39 calories to the floor right so eight
04:42 hundred nine hundred calories and yeah
04:44 sure you’ll break that set point but
04:49 there’ll be a cost I’m gonna break that
04:52 at that point I’m doing alternate day
04:54 fasting so I’m skipping three three days
04:57 a week so I think that’s gonna affect
04:59 effectively eventually it’s gonna work
05:00 yeah I always find that that works for
05:03 me you know I’ll try other little things
05:04 I’ll experiment on myself with me you
05:09 know my body is very comfortable in the
05:12 180s and it’s it’s not ideal for me
05:14 health-wise so and I’m going back to the
05:19 that doing that forty to our fasting
05:22 every every second day or every third
05:25 day all right you and me Karen we’re
05:28 gonna do it oh yeah no no it will come
05:31 off it’s just with me it’s a one foot in
05:33 front of the other and it’s eating well
05:35 in between passing so let’s come back to
05:40 this ketogenic diet theory idea one of
05:44 the other interesting side effects of
05:46 this misunderstanding of hormone versus
05:51 calorie versus medical therapy the
05:55 intended outcome of a diet especially
05:59 one that is sustained let’s say like you
06:04 find ladies have each lost over a
06:06 hundred pounds that is not something
06:09 that happens in 30 days so we need
06:12 something that’s going to be sustainable
06:14 if you’re going to lose a lot of weight
06:18 definitely measuring the amount of
06:21 ketones your liver is making is not an
06:27 accurate assessment of how success
06:30 full your body is using fat as fuel no
06:34 it really isn’t I could talk about my
06:37 personal experience this month I gained
06:40 a game to vote I don’t know eight pounds
06:45 over the Christmas holiday in the last
06:49 last month of my classes which were
06:51 really intense and as I gain said I
06:54 don’t know what somewhere between eight
06:56 and thirteen kind of bounce around there
06:58 but once January first game like okay
07:02 it’s time to buckle down and get back to
07:05 doing what I know works and I’ve I’ve
07:07 dropped 10 pounds since January first
07:11 but my ketone levels I decided to
07:14 measure them and they are rarely above
07:16 0.5 but I’m burning fat I think I tell
07:20 I’m burning fat so you’re in Quito but
07:23 your ketone levels I mean I’ve never
07:25 I’ve never measured my ketones so I
07:28 don’t know these are my blood ketone
07:29 levels I my little meter and I’ve been
07:33 testing them every few days and rarely
07:36 am I about point five I want to play
07:38 this game too so I have ordered a keto
07:41 mojo and I’m gonna I’m gonna have I’m
07:44 gonna have it go now it has a perfectly
07:47 good excuse being a nutritionist and
07:50 training and needing to be able to speak
07:52 to this stuff
07:54 Jennifer you need to seek professional
07:56 help for you more gadget any nerd I know
08:05 you know I’ve been telling people unless
08:08 you know their their type one diabetic
08:10 or they have epilepsy but they’re
08:11 treating through therapeutic levels of
08:13 ketosis you don’t need to tuskie tonta I
08:15 had the strip’s my husband has the
08:17 strip’s he likes them um I had the
08:20 strip’s like 17 years ago when I was
08:22 doing Atkins you see how dark you turned
08:24 that strip and I haven’t noticed any
08:28 correlation at all with weight loss I’ve
08:32 never measured my blood ketones I’ve
08:35 measured my breath ketones the breath
08:37 mint Rose ketonic for a little while so
08:40 I could blow into that thing and see how
08:42 much ice cream would
08:43 shut up I know and he almost passed out
08:45 a few times yeah it absolutely works but
08:50 we need to do a show on that experiment
08:52 cuz that was fantastic
08:53 talk about a epic hypoglycemic event not
08:57 eat a pint of ice cream while trying to
08:59 test your blood ketones I was getting
09:06 ready to call his wife passed out of
09:10 stairs can you go get him please you can
09:14 slur your words while you’re typing in
09:16 Facebook oh yeah it was with typos to
09:23 the extreme Oh bad news man four point
09:26 being we do not we categorically do not
09:31 want you to buy a ketone meter if you
09:36 don’t do what I did Karen you know I
09:40 love that I wind up to a beautiful point
09:42 in both of your like oh yeah my ketone
09:44 me
09:46 thanks for raining I’m not right I had a
09:51 very strong view on not testing ketones
09:54 so of course I had to go out and get the
09:56 Quran yes I play with it here’s the
10:02 inaccurate claim high levels of ketone
10:07 mean fat loss it’s really not they’re
10:12 not connected yeah but doesn’t even pass
10:16 the logic test how many people aren’t
10:18 ketogenic at all and still lose body fat
10:20 that would be pretty much all of them
10:22 exactly people Aikido communities yeah
10:24 the one percent of the population is
10:26 accusing time o’banion exactly people
10:30 yeah and it’s ridiculous but but but you
10:33 said earlier in this podcast that people
10:36 who have high levels of ketones have
10:40 dual fueled brains that perform better
10:43 ala Dave Asprey is bulletproof yes if
10:48 you want to be a nerdy bio hacker and
10:51 measure your own ketones and somehow
10:54 trying to quake ketones – I
10:57 q I am gonna try having a little MCT
11:04 before my exams see their biohackers
11:08 here people do you listen yeah they’re
11:11 like any edge that I can get and I’m
11:14 gonna swing my three shot americano and
11:17 I’m gonna be wired for sound if you do
11:21 not have a medical justification for
11:25 being on the ketogenic diet there’s no
11:28 reason for you to measure your ketones
11:30 there is zero correlation between your
11:33 fat your body fat burning rate and your
11:37 blood ketones you can be you can be
11:41 eating 5,000 calories a day and I can
11:43 make your ketones go up or down based on
11:47 the food that you’re eating that you’ll
11:50 not lose weight in either one of those
11:52 scenarios the only time that I’ve ever
11:54 seen my ketone levels go extremely high
11:58 is by by eating that MCT oil and it
12:04 didn’t increase weight loss no you can
12:09 go fasting and your ketones will go
12:12 shooting up but one is not connected to
12:17 the other it’s you’re using body fat as
12:21 fuel because you’re fasting therefore
12:24 you will have more ketones the ketones
12:27 aren’t making you lose body fat the
12:29 ketones are an expression of burned body
12:31 fat okay I got a question here and this
12:34 is again coming from the mindset of
12:37 somebody like reading one of the you
12:40 know butter makes your pants fall off
12:42 you know you eat more fat groups they
12:44 say that because ketone levels indicate
12:48 how much fat you’re burning that you
12:51 know you you want to that if you don’t
12:54 see a high level of ketones and your
12:56 blood meter that means that you aren’t
12:57 burning fat I know it means that you
13:01 might not have eaten a lot of fat that
13:02 day no hey Nate could mean there are two
13:08 types of fat there’s the dietary fat and
13:10 then there’s the pot that you’re burning
13:11 so if you’re dumping a whole lot of
13:13 ketones if you’re seeing on a big number
13:16 on your pee strip or you’re getting a
13:18 lot of it’s in your blood testing that
13:21 could just be from food what did you eat
13:23 that day alright now if I can come at it
13:27 from a different perspective from
13:28 somebody who’s been reading a gab or a
13:31 jersey and some of these other people
13:32 they they say that there’s different
13:36 metabolic pathways for fat and that the
13:39 blood meter for the ketones reads like
13:41 one kind but after a while you’re making
13:44 the other kinds and so the blood meter
13:46 is like even if you have less than 0.5
13:48 on them
13:49 your body is adapted to using the fat in
13:52 a more efficient way and so that’s
13:54 you’re still in ketosis or whatever you
13:58 know that means but it’s just not going
14:00 to show up on the meter really so that
14:03 becomes a very biologically complicated
14:06 discussion we we will go from zero to
14:09 biochemistry 3d plus and ADH both jump
14:20 out the window it’s very complicated and
14:27 it is absolutely true that you can have
14:30 high levels of ketones that are not BHB
14:34 that’s that’s where my ketones are going
14:37 back however in practice that are coming
14:40 up in my precision monitor it’s just not
14:41 happening well in practice you’re gonna
14:44 see a reasonable proxy between them but
14:49 it’s not guaranteed and most
14:51 interestingly in the obese and diabetic
14:54 NAD+ is often compromised and you’re
14:59 gonna see a higher level of the other
15:03 kinds of ketones I don’t want to go to
15:05 bile I don’t want to go deep in the
15:07 biology ER but all right
15:08 suffice it to say a measurement of bhp
15:12 is a relatively decent proxy for how
15:16 many ketones your liver created but it
15:19 is not an absolute
15:22 because it is only measuring one of the
15:23 three in here you’re assuming that that
15:27 is being created at a static ratio and
15:30 it most certainly is not
15:31 especially from person to person it’s
15:34 probably pretty static in a person who’s
15:36 in a metabolic situation from day to day
15:39 but my ratio versus Karen’s ratio wildly
15:43 different so it’s relative to itself
15:47 Mike here’s my thing your good
15:50 intentions of trying to measure ketones
15:53 to ensure that you’re doing the right
15:54 things do not require having any
15:59 understanding of how many ketones you
16:02 are making the only thing that matters
16:04 is that you’re in a calorie deficit and
16:07 carb restriction that’s all you ever
16:11 need cool you will lose all the way you
16:14 want to
16:15 whether you’re morbidly obese or whether
16:17 you’re preparing for a physique
16:20 competition as a fitness competitor
16:22 without ever measuring your ketones I
16:25 have coached exactly zero people to go
16:29 out and buy a ketone meter yeah it’s
16:32 never come up and now with me with a lot
16:35 of the novices that I coach if they’re
16:39 the sort of personality that wants a
16:40 sort of visual confirmation they can go
16:44 out get the urine strips you know
16:48 they’ll probably turn like eggplant
16:51 purple the the first couple of months
16:52 well we’re talking about a $10
16:54 investment for two months worth of pee
16:57 strips exactly as a person this trip
17:00 sink yeah the strips are over $2 yeah
17:05 they’re incredibly expensive for
17:07 absolutely no insight because here’s the
17:10 other thing Jennifer when you get this
17:12 meter let’s say your ketones are 0.8
17:16 okay what are you gonna do about that is
17:21 it good is that bad and how are you
17:23 gonna make it change panic no idea I was
17:28 playing with it measuring days well this
17:33 is the thing
17:35 a rich insight into data does not always
17:38 turn into actionable items you you’re
17:41 not necessarily gonna know what to do
17:43 just because you have the data and
17:46 that’s that’s my second argument and
17:48 that if you really want to find out if
17:51 these ketone meter folks are shysters
17:54 when with their claims you that’s the
17:57 question you ask them do you need this
18:00 machine yeah well you just say my
18:04 ketones are 1.1 is that good is that
18:09 making me will lose more weight will you
18:12 blame will you make that claim in
18:15 writing defendable in front of the FDA
18:18 that your device is giving me insight to
18:23 weight loss at one point one is being
18:26 favorable or unfavorable to weight loss
18:28 versus one point five version if there
18:32 is a weight loss coach out there saying
18:34 that you need to buy a monitor to be
18:37 part of their introduction to to the
18:40 ketogenic diets coaching service just
18:43 that’s a major red flag you don’t need
18:45 it huge red flag that the person you’re
18:48 working with has no idea about the
18:50 biology of things and the question you
18:52 need to ask is what sort of financial
18:56 compensation is that person getting
18:58 that’s right well and you know but if
19:01 it’s a specific brand that they’re
19:03 they’re recommending just ask questions
19:05 and no you don’t have to buy it well I’m
19:08 you know I’ll call out Jimmy started
19:10 selling ketone strips okay
19:15 uh-huh and look how well it’s helped him
19:18 well it’s interesting that you you’ve
19:23 successfully monetized but then take
19:27 that ketone insight and turn it into
19:29 weight loss he’s not been successful in
19:32 doing that there’s a large social media
19:35 Facebook group – that has their own
19:37 brand of pee strips and you don’t you
19:40 know that’s right you don’t need those
19:42 pee strips you can ask the drugstore see
19:45 I will call names because I
19:48 that’s smack fat let’s smack that you
19:50 don’t got brand P strips I would much
19:53 rather get the ones that are behind the
19:55 dispensary that I know that their
19:56 quality and I know that they’re tested
19:58 well and I’m not here to bad-mouth the
20:01 product here’s what I’m here to say that
20:04 as a keto newbie if you need the data
20:07 feel free to buy a piece trip in the
20:11 first 30 days yeah sure it’s fun it cost
20:15 you 10 10 bucks you can pee on and go
20:17 look I made a ketone exactly now go wash
20:20 your hands right and proceed with your
20:23 day because that do not spend any money
20:27 on a ketone meter especially the blood
20:30 test meters the pee strips will stop
20:32 working by the way you will not be able
20:34 to turn those things purple after about
20:37 a month no mine will turn the faintest
20:39 blush oh yeah blush pink I’m using my
20:44 ketones they’re firing up my brain and
20:46 I’m getting a little exercise done I’ve
20:49 got another perspective on this now this
20:53 is something that isn’t coming from the
20:55 eat more fat group or from the the high
20:57 biohacker people this is from sort of it
21:01 the whoo edge of you know like don’t
21:05 don’t you know do that through the
21:07 stalks and cleanse people so these
21:09 people believe and preach that you need
21:13 a a glucose not a glucose a keto and
21:16 maybe they tell everyone get a glucose
21:18 meter and a blood Python meter all right
21:21 and then to achieve your your fasting
21:26 goal you do an extended fast like five
21:29 days or something and every day you
21:31 measure your glucose and your ketones
21:33 and you take your glucose ketone index
21:36 and this is how you can tell when you
21:39 have achieved at otha G when your
21:42 glucose ketone index ratio is where your
21:49 ketones are higher than your glucose and
21:54 then what and that’s that’s your goal
21:57 and you want to you know spend your
21:59 that’s how you know that you’ve achieved
22:00 at otha G and that’s good
22:03 and you want to spend at least a couple
22:04 of days in that range to achieve healing
22:07 what percentage of people do not fall
22:11 into that auto AG range within three
22:15 days it’s they have had some people I’ve
22:19 been following this group for a couple
22:21 of months now they have report of some
22:23 people were like I whatever I do it’s
22:25 like the fourth day and I’m still not
22:27 there and then there’s talking to them
22:29 about you know well you have toxins in
22:31 your system and you need to yeah are we
22:34 talking about toxins there they’re anti
22:40 ketogenic toxins – not just regular
22:42 toxins yeah preventing them from
22:44 achieving also you know glyphis aids and
22:53 BPA’s oh yeah it’s Monsanto is keeping
22:58 you out of ketosis moldy coffee also you
23:00 know you’ve got you’ve got to get that
23:06 extra special coffee hey I’m gonna put a
23:10 pin in this cuz this is going down a
23:11 road here is what I have to say black
23:18 mold no I mean everybody knows that
23:27 let’s use some common sense folks yeah
23:31 more fat is an engagement tool at best a
23:36 sustainable diet is nutrient dense and
23:40 diverse in its goals if you want to
23:43 pursue a relatively high protein diet do
23:47 so only when metabolically healthy if
23:50 you’re trying to address metabolic
23:52 disease be cognizant of the impact to
23:54 your insulin hormone then high protein
23:58 may have and make a better decision that
24:00 is going to improve the amount of
24:02 healing that you get in an amount of
24:05 time
24:05 that’s why we have fasting as part of
24:08 the metabolic tract in AI k is because
24:10 fasting is required to manipulate this
24:14 hormone more favorably than just the
24:16 food
24:17 alone we want you to have some intuition
24:20 if you come to me and say I’m trying to
24:23 lose weight and therefore I put half a
24:26 stick of butter in my coffee in the
24:28 morning let let’s just let’s use the
24:31 common sense intuition that says what am
24:35 i doing how can this work it’s magical
24:40 that this would work that I could butter
24:42 coffee and lose weight and your
24:45 intuition is correct you should be
24:47 skeptical about those claims but also
24:50 we’re not here to say that these other
24:53 methods absolutely will not work they
24:56 can work but what they cannot do is they
25:02 cannot sustainably keep you in a weight
25:05 loss model at some point you’re gonna
25:07 run out of insulin resistance and things
25:11 are gonna change that’s my thought I ate
25:17 a high I don’t know that it’s anything
25:19 more than that it is a very
25:22 straightforward proposition of we want
25:26 you to learn a model of eating that is
25:29 sustainable relatively easy and is
25:33 satisfying in many cases we know that
25:37 about 40% of our listeners are diabetic
25:41 we want metabolic healing
25:43 we don’t want high-protein models for
25:46 those people because we know that
25:48 insulin unfavourably responds to
25:50 high-protein models I have the data and
25:53 all the science posted on on the site if
25:56 you want to see it it’s all up there I’m
25:58 not making that this is my thought this
26:00 is take 15 diabetics give them 60 ounces
26:04 of protein and then take 15 normal
26:07 people and give them six ounces of
26:09 protein and let’s look at their insulin
26:11 level and see what happens we we know
26:14 how this works because it’s easily
26:16 observed easily observed and we’ve eaten
26:19 the brisket and we know and we we we’ve
26:22 seen it in these populations it’s well
26:24 understood
26:26 here’s what we want you to do if you’ve
26:28 made it this far more fat is not the
26:33 model that we believe is optimal and
26:36 sustainable if you came to the table
26:39 because of bacon Dan and having a pound
26:42 of bacon a day we’re glad you’re here
26:47 but we don’t want you to stay in that
26:51 mode of all-you-can-eat calories don’t
26:55 matter we don’t believe he doesn’t
26:58 believe it I don’t know nobody does
26:59 nobody nobody should but some people do
27:03 and some people advocate that especially
27:05 a number of these keto coaches that are
27:07 naturally lean in the first place are
27:10 like well I eat all the bacon I want I
27:12 never get fat well that must be how it
27:16 works for everyone that’s been your
27:20 common sense and intuition should kick
27:22 in and you go wait a minute you had a
27:25 six-pack abs before you started the
27:27 ketogenic diet and I getting a lot of
27:30 bacon and you still look that way okay
27:32 that that’s great that’s working for you
27:34 how does that help me I use some common
27:38 sense on this we want you to walk away
27:41 from this either using a model of macros
27:45 that has reasonable levels of calories I
27:49 mean for most people it’s gonna be 1200
27:51 to 1800 calories is a pretty healthy
27:54 deficit depending on how tall you are
27:56 you’re not eating you’re gonna be eating
27:59 between 60 and a hundred 20 grams of
28:01 protein and then the remainder of that
28:05 is gonna be fat to make up the caloric
28:07 difference if your macros don’t look
28:09 like that we have concerns that you’re
28:13 using an unsophisticated nutritional
28:16 model and we’d encourage you to go up to
28:18 impulsive keto calm and check out the
28:21 macro calculator that we provide that
28:24 will give you a much more reasonable
28:25 level of macros that’s all that that’s
28:29 what it comes down to hopefully we’ve
28:31 made a case about why we feel this way
28:33 and you’ve heard us explore the the
28:36 reasonable reasons that pee
28:39 have for why this sort of work since um
28:42 for some folks and why works in the
28:43 beginning but not later but in the end
28:47 that path will not lead to success and
28:51 we know that because they end up in our
28:54 group when they can’t find success in
28:57 their old models they do know that
29:00 that’s the sad part about those guys we
29:04 these are lessons that we didn’t learn
29:06 in our own world life we learned it at
29:09 the expense of others we we’ve seen
29:12 we’ve picked up the pieces we’ve helped
29:14 people figure out what’s wrong and how
29:16 to fix it
29:17 that’s how impulsive keto was born it
29:19 was from you know a message after
29:22 message from people saying can you read
29:24 my macros I’ve been this is what I’ve
29:28 been following and it’s not working this
29:31 is what I eat this is my food log and
29:34 you would see this this sort of
29:36 therapeutic level of ketosis with this
29:39 more fat exactly so there you go that’s
29:45 that’s the takeaway folks if you have
29:49 questions about your macros or the
29:51 nutritional model you’re using feel free
29:53 to come on over to Facebook and join our
29:56 group what’s the name of our group and
29:59 play keto
30:01 we got a few we do the whole family
30:03 investigators the best one though
30:05 impulsive kiddos the perfect model okay
30:10 yeah that’s a great you can ask about
30:13 your macros and what you think in and
30:17 get some perspective on folks that are
30:19 using more reasonable nutrient density
30:22 macros and models you’ll find that in
30:25 impulsive Aikido we don’t even use
30:26 macros we use this visual reference of
30:29 meat the size of the palm of your hand
30:31 and two cups of veggies you the macros
30:34 aren’t really important as long as the
30:36 calories are constrained within a
30:38 reasonable percentage because of that 30
30:41 percent wiggle room that we talked about
30:42 yep as long as you’re in the ballpark
30:45 you’ll lose weight successfully it’s
30:47 when you’re really out on the extreme
30:51 edges the eating way too much bacon
30:53 and buttering pork rinds that success
30:56 will be hampered now if you want to see
30:59 what what struggles the people are
31:03 having that are eating the butter and
31:05 bacon and we have a general catch-all a
31:08 Facebook group that’s called a ketogenic
31:11 diet science and support and with that
31:16 some people follow the macros they
31:18 choose their macros we prefer them to
31:20 use ours because it’s a more reasonable
31:22 a reasonable fat macro and a more
31:25 reasonable protein macro and then we
31:28 also have a more fun group that’s the
31:31 ketogenic diet some food and recipes and
31:35 that’s like a recipe swap group and they
31:37 just talk about various foods that they
31:39 have found and have enjoyed right don’t
31:41 look at that if you’re fasting by the
31:43 way don’t it say yeah yeah and then we
31:46 have our cute fake group and that’s that
31:48 is for learning about fitness and how to
31:51 fuel your fitness through the ketogenic
31:53 diet our hope for you is success we want
31:57 you to be able to achieve your goals the
31:59 same way that we have achieved our own
32:02 it is a journey and it requires tweaking
32:05 depending on what phase of that journey
32:07 you’re on we think we have a pretty good
32:10 idea of what works for almost everybody
32:12 in almost every one of those phases we’d
32:16 love to tell you more about it and
32:17 especially if you’re following a
32:20 different model and you’re not getting
32:21 the results that you think you deserve
32:24 you’re putting in the hard work you
32:26 should be getting the results if you’re
32:28 not stop on my run the new calculator
32:32 and check out what macros we would
32:35 recommend for your situation you can
32:38 find our macro calculator on impulsive
32:40 keto calm so right there on the website
32:43 we have two calculators we have one for
32:46 weight loss and then we have one for
32:48 people that that are more athletic we’ve
32:52 certainly spent a lot of time on the
32:53 weight loss of metabolic side of the
32:55 house in this discussion it is I will
32:58 note that higher protein can be okay for
33:04 folks who are athletic and lean
33:07 and you’ll find that that population
33:10 tends to lean towards that more so for
33:13 recovery purposes muscle building
33:15 whatever you want to call it that we our
33:18 calculator has a mode for that we we do
33:21 that too
33:21 we just do it on a different side of the
33:23 house so people don’t get confused
33:24 because if you take somebody who’s
33:26 diabetic and you started talking about
33:28 60 to 90 grams of protein and you got
33:31 somebody who’s doing Crossfit four times
33:33 a week and runs about 15 miles a week
33:36 you go well your recovery demands a
33:40 higher protein intake than the diabetic
33:42 but if the diabetic did that kind of
33:44 protein intake it’s gonna make their
33:46 insulin go bonkers yeah they have
33:49 favorable results it would not be
33:51 meeting their goals which is why we have
33:52 multiple modes for the calculators and
33:54 anybody who is has any clue about how
33:58 this works we’ll have different modes
34:00 for their protein settings this is one
34:03 of the things that Luis and I got into a
34:05 couple years ago and we ended up not
34:07 being able to come to consensus and
34:09 that’s why we have a macro calculator so
34:12 I wanted him to put a metabolic mode
34:14 into the key of gains calculator you
34:15 wouldn’t do it
34:16 yeah and that thing still will kick out
34:19 it doesn’t matter how the I’ve betta qr2
34:20 still give you a hundred twenty grams
34:21 protein like well that will not work
34:24 it is not acceptable so we came up with
34:28 our little calculator because depending
34:30 on your phase of the journey in your
34:32 metabolic health you may need a
34:34 different model that will be more
34:37 favorable to your situation and that’s
34:41 why we think more fat is not good but
34:46 some fat some fats great we’re not a no
34:49 fat group now we are not alone you’re
34:57 only you’re only advocating 1,100
34:59 calories of fat you guys stink how dare
35:02 I
35:03 I know I don’t know I think a great
35:12 thing you know so lchf right the acronym
35:15 low carb hf yeah the H should stand for
35:19 healthy fat in
35:21 sort of high-fat no all right yeah well
35:26 you do need a reasonable benefit to
35:28 maintain optimal health and calories
35:30 calorie content if the calorie see they
35:34 need to be zero or they need to be
35:35 reasonable they eat like a bird and you
35:38 starve like a bird you will cause
35:40 yourself metabolic trouble by it’s
35:42 certainly a core tenant of us but we
35:45 also believe in fasting where zero
35:48 calories can trigger short-term
35:50 favorable situations but we’re also not
35:53 the group that says eat 600 calories a
35:56 day for a month of nothing but protein
35:58 because nothing and nothing that could
36:02 happen if you did that I’ll see you soon
36:12 okay you’ll come see us it is
36:16 interesting to see the many ways that
36:18 the body will rebel against bizarre
36:21 nutritional models and that includes
36:25 thousands of fat calories a day right
36:28 okay
36:29 all right folks that that’s it if you
36:32 have any questions stop by this is a
36:34 complex issue everybody’s kind and then
36:36 you know there’s so many systems out
36:37 there we couldn’t possibly name and
36:39 bad-mouthed those systems one by one we
36:42 just wanted to single out a few and take
36:44 a swing at them alright thanks everybody
36:50 good night
36:53 known in this podcast is a provider of
36:55 health care and our discussion is based
36:56 on things we read on the internet it’s
36:58 not an intensive renovated individuals
37:00 in the Union they’re not their decisions
37:02 about their medical treatment diagnosis
37:04 and especially the impact of description
37:06 austerity prescribing doctor ability
37:08 during meditation before
37:09 Patricia numbers were fabulous mini
37:12 vacations are known incompatible upon
37:14 their past
37:15 he’s a friend of a powerful
37:19 you
37:23 [Music]