In this ep Ben, Karen and Jennifer dig into MTHFR genetics, saturated fats & cooking oils, sleep hygiene, sleep apnea and impacts of cheating on keto.  We discover Karen sautees chicken with water, much to Ben and Jenn’s dismay.  Jenn is contemplating cheating on keto, is this wise?  Ben has concerns.

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Jarrow Formulas Methyl Folate 5-MTHF

Jarrow Formulas Methyl Folate 5-MTHF

Kirkland Signature Sublingual B-12 5000 mcg

Kirkland Signature Sublingual B-12 5000 mcg

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Show notes:

04:30 Methylation – MTHFR, what does it mean for? Women who want to get pregnant especially need to be aware. If you have this mutation, supplement methylfolate and B12. Also, kale is awesome.
09:00 Dietary sources of folate, B12 and other Bs, concerns
12:30 Specific recommendations for supplements
16:30 Timing of B12 can affect sleep and other concerns
20:00 Saturated fats – will they kill you?
22:00 Cardiovascular disease is caused by lifestyle factors, smoking, stress, sleep, inflammatory foods, sugars
27:00 Atkins/keto and cholesterol
28:30 Cooking oils – what’s best? Karen doesn’t cook at high heat, uses water instead of oil, to Ben & Jenn’s disbelief
31:30 Butter if not high heat, ghee, avocado oil, sesame oil, light olive oils
35:30 Bacon grease, lard, tallow, schmaltz
38:30 Soybean oil is nasty
41:00 If you have familial hypercholesteremia stick with olive oil
44:30 Sleep hygiene – what can you do to get optimal sleep? Blue blockers, avoid screens, stick to schedules
47:00 Melatonin
49:30 Don’t eat too late, don’t exercise too late
51:00 Caffeine timing and warm beverages
53:00 Magnesium and B12
54:00 Sleep apnea


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hello and welcome to another edition of
the impulsive keto cast I’m your host
Ben McDonald today’s episode 29 we’re
just gonna go into the grab bag and
answer a few random questions that seem
to be coming up time and again on
today’s show I’ve got a couple of
co-hosts with me in 2016
weighing over 300 pounds autism mom
Karen received the news that she was
progressing towards diabetes with an a1c
of 6.2 and a looming arrhythmia she hit
the internet in search of a solution to
her progressive disease State and today
through the ketogenic diet and
intermittent fasting she’s down 120
pounds her a once he has dropped from
6.2 to an optimal four point eight to
give back to others she’s preparing to
sit for the nutrition board exams and
will begin her practice this summer
Karen leads the team of enthusiastic
knowledgeable Volunteers of the
impulsive keto Network along with Diane
Cummins inspiring others to achieve
their health and wellness goals through
simple food selection and meal timing
Karen how are ya I’m preparing for
battle right now home stretch huh yep
yeah I’m ready a couple months less than
a couple of months dun-dun-dun so this
is like a real thing like you’re not
getting a weekend certificate in
nutrition you like went to school and
there’s like these professors and desks
with chairs attached to them and
everything totally there’s Anatomy and
biochemistry and oh great we can look
forward to being dazzled by all sorts of
strange medical work it’s coming out of
your mouth I’m sure got a few they’ll
probably be strange because I’ll
mispronounce them but
I have that problem too turned it from a
book that’s right I I’ve never said that
word out loud because I read it in a
book I’ve gotten a lot better with that
thanks to all these podcasts and YouTube
and you know there’s so many great audio
format of information whereas before I
was all just put the book you no idea
how to say half of these medical words
yeah I got an oral exam coming up on
Valentine’s Day so there’s a few things
are gonna be double checking on YouTube
before I stand up there well joining us
we have a Jen who is a former large lass
she was Holly in content until she got
type 2 diabetes and kidney disease just
went fully ketogenic and lost 100 pounds
to reclaim her health she was able to
stop all prescription medication dropped
from her a onesie from twelve point one
to four points if 4.6 with you and is
now two years into maintaining that
healthy weight she’s a former or Purdue
math professor and it’s currently an IT
manager in the insurance industry
she’s our fiery redheaded volunteer mod
for the impulsive Kido Facebook groups
she spends a lot of time helping others
follow the path that works so well for
her Jennifer are you with us I am I’m
totally with you 100%
all the way Ben I bet you’ve been on the
other side I’m sorry yeah yeah other
side of what sorry see you’re so busy
crappy what you want you leave the jokes
to the host here what’s the problem lies
not even listening I know it’s bad she’s
learned from the best
uh-huh here we go yeah right chin in to
have someone actually listen to what I
was saying
yeah what are we we made it six episodes
that’s not last
well I really am learning so much from
getting to participate in these podcasts
it’s terrific and I have a lot of fun
but I’m learning so much and I hope our
listeners are too well today’s episode
was prompted by a lot of strange
questions that we seem to just get over
and over again so we thought we’d just
line them up and knock them down we’re
gonna be all over the map on stuff today
and we will just dive right in so the
first question that I thought we could
talk about is this little genetic defect
regarding methylation the MTHFR alleles
now this MTHFR how do you pronounce that
I see this guy’s just bad
uh you’re funny family show me they were
trying to get me in trouble ladies and
gentlemen but I did not fall for their
their cunning attempt to trick me all
right no more bumper suppers so here we
have this gene that messes around with
your ability to process this folate and
a few other things but mainly this
methylation around folate this is
particularly interesting because it
impacts birth defects it also impacts
your ability to manage a number of
downstream very complex parts of the
metabolism for our purposes
unfortunately the this is a very
prevalent genetic defect it’s what
President 30 or 40% of people and then
there’s different degrees of it so we
don’t know exactly you know they do
projections of it there’s one that is a
35% decrease of the normal enzyme
activity and then there’s one that’s
particularly nasty that’s a 70 percent
decrease oh that’s the one I got yeah
that’s the double-a that’s the one you
really don’t want so just to put a name
on it so we can say it it’s to c6 770
gene and that one is if you have the
double a on that you have the shortest
stick in in the metabolic world that’s
the one that causes lots of problems in
fact they actually think this mutation
is one of the biggest causes of
miscarriage birth defects all sorts of
bad bad things related to pregnancy this
is one of the reasons why folic acid was
added to wheat flour was to try and get
this enrichment it’s wheat flour right
and to say that right Karen yes for boat
I just had this panic that well it’s not
wheat flour that they put that any put
in something else but it was we yeah
yeah so they
they were trying to figure out what’s
causing on these birth defects and they
realized it was from full lack of folate
so they started literally putting it in
everything that was made with bread to
try and get the the population up now
where this is bad is there are forms of
that cannot be properly metabolized if
you carry this mutation and for some
people profoundly unable to process the
right amount so here’s the good news
you know this thing has crazy things
associated with it I mean cardiovascular
cancer stuff obviously big stuff around
pregnancy complications neurological
defects I mean there’s so much going on
with this and at the end of the day it’s
really easy to fix
there is a methylated form of these
critical vitamins that you can take to
kind of pound a substrate upstream so
you can take a special form of folate
called methylfolate and that will it
just solves the problem it just goes
away because you’ve taken the need for
this enzyme completely out of the
equation you can also add pre methylated
b12 and you’re kind of loading some
downstream substrate as well and that
that seems to be all you really need to
do to avoid a lot of these problems it’s
you know I can’t eat wheat flour so is
that like exacerbating like so if I
before keto I was post applying enough
folate by eating the enriched wheat
flour right now I’m not that’s correct
so the dietary source are fully is
limited that carandini off top of your
head what has folate in it naturally I
don’t know what’s going up I’m sure it’s
it’s got to be kale it’s always can you
dig that up well I’m getting here I
certainly can
so III don’t know the answer to that but
I will say that in general the dietary
sources are very low and especially if
you’re a childbearing female you need to
be on this with a much more focus than
just guessing you you want to be sure
and the amount that you need is very low
somewhere between 400 and 800 micrograms
it’s not much we’re not talking about
mega dose stuff and you know you can
find these things on Amazon and an any
regular vitamin shop and it’s relatively
cheap I mean a you know three-month
supplies eight bucks it’s not it’s not
an expensive vitamin but it’s very very
specific you might even look on your
multivitamin that you’ve been taking or
your prenatal vitamins and C folic acid
in that vitamin well that’s not the
methylated version of it that’s the
wrong kind and unless you know that you
don’t have this gene you’re potentially
taking something your body doesn’t have
the ability to process properly what
happens that it did it doesn’t work it
can’t get into the the biochemical
cycles that it needs to because you you
know with most of these vitamins and
hormones they have to be broken down and
then like shoved into the pipeline if
you don’t have this enzyme because of
this defect 70 percent of the fully you
take in even though it’s floating around
and available is not bioavailable
because you don’t have the enzyme to
process it and actually put it directly
into the pipeline so could it actually
be bad like it’s gonna build up and
cause damage no no it’s a it’s a
deficiency it’s not an exit it’s not
that it doesn’t get metabolized is that
it its substrate that’s not available
it’s building a breakdown that breaks it
doesn’t become toxic it just isn’t isn’t
absorbed now it can also cause some
weird downstream problems with
homocysteine and some of that kind of
stuff but that that’s a whole nother
deal right okay so I’m looking and it’s
once again that’s it is leafy greens and
cruciferous vegetables leafy greens and
cruciferous vegetables
a lot of people are getting this kitto
through legumes so your beans peas and
lentils and good keto sources of this
would be avocado seeds and nuts and then
the cruciferous and leafy greens okra as
well um so it’s you familiar with that
I’m planning okra in my garden this year
so if I’m following the impulsive kiddo
Madeline I’m having like two cups of
leafy greens or something with with
every meal is that gonna do it do I need
some of them if you have this gene no
yeah you definitely need to the correct
supplement even you know if you’re
deficient and it would be very difficult
to do this just with with food that you
might want to look into something many
at least for a short period of time
mm-hmm here’s my advice the cost to get
methylated b12 is $18 for a year supply
the cost for years of methylfolate from
Jerez I think it’s like six bucks for a
90-day supply or something like that so
it’s under $20 and it being complex you
get some stuff fancy
sublingual drops that I have to fuss
around with or can I just take a pill
well so b12 needs to be sublingual the
the one that we normally recommend is
the Kirkland brand from Costco you can
even Amazon the Kirkland stuff it’s so
cheap and it’s a it’s a little tablet
that I just had might cost ya you just
stick it on your tongue it dissolves it
doesn’t survive the stomach very well so
it needs to be shot straight in whereas
folate and b6
they can just be swallowed normal pill
capsules okay like to see people cycling
you know to be six I don’t like to see
people taking it all the time
why is that and you can have an effect
on the nervous system that it is
possible to take too much and boy is
that so in the foley that’s do you take
a pill for that
again Jenna I’m not sure I understood so
you mentioned like the b6 and b12 and
also folate there’s a pill for Foley’s
or something yeah so you would literally
go to the store and there it’s going to
say methyl Foley
okay and not not regular fully methyl
95% of the things that say folate on
them when you turn around and look at
the label are gonna be folic acid mm-hmm
this is not the correct form in order
for folic acid to turn into L
methylfolate it has to go through one
two three let’s see if Kara noses five
snaps there’s seven intermediate
reductase absent a polymorphism
enzymatic reaction in order to be useful
yeah it is the folic like synthetic
folic acid when you try and bend it it
has to go it has to be reduced just to
become dihydrofolate which is the stuff
that’s in like the kale and so the kale
stuff is still got to go through all
these steps to actually be useful yep
which is why eating all the kale in the
world is not going to help you if you
are waste gating 70% of this stuff so
so specifically methylated fully
supplements as I and it’s specifically
going to say methylfolate it’s one word
that’s the chemical name okay and then
b6 pills and b12 are just part of me you
know you know we always recommend to be
complex just in general mm-hmm that has
plenty of b6 okay you need I really get
a little squeamish when I see people
taking a b6 + B complex
yeah I am not advocating taking a
standalone b6 I’m advocating taking a
beet one of those super B complexes
that’s got like nine different things in
it all the niacin and b6 that you need
and I the the B complex that I take
every day but often often but the b12 I
do take every day this uplink it will be
12 it gives me a little pep hmm well
that’s kind of a longer conversation but
yes it is possible
b12 can be quite energy inducing you
don’t take that at night Oh keep up yes
we’ll talk about that with sleep hygiene
when not to take you pompous oh but let
me just put a pin on this we’ll move on
the next question if you are someone who
has the means to spend you know 50 bucks
on a year supply of vitamins what we’re
recommending you take is methylfolate
methyl b12 and so when you look on the
back of that bottle it’s gonna say
methylcobalamin is that exact about
lemon and it’ll say methyl you’re
looking for the word methyl available in
the non methyl form and in Canada I
think b12 can only get my 1295 percent
of this stuff in the u.s. is not methyl
you have to go way out of your way to
find the non methylated yeah and then b6
is as part of a B complex if you are of
childbearing intentions it it can be
interesting to have this gene tested but
either way even if you don’t have the
gene it’s still better to take the
methylated version because it’s it’s
more bioavailable and all it is is
better like there’s no downside to
taking the methyl version it is just
better in general there’s a there’s
actually another piece of this which is
it by taking pre methylated versions you
actually are inducing a methyl donor
which can be interesting for other
enzymatic biochemical reactions that
happen in other unrelated parts of your
body so it’s super cool to take methyl
okay well the cool kids are doing it so
that that’s a yeah you know that that’s
kind of what we’re talking about here is
you know between folate I mean I don’t
know somewhere between what’s a
recommendation now 600 800 micrograms
something like that and then I think you
during pregnancy they want they want you
to see they want to see you at 600 800
for sure I take 400 and my wife takes a
thousand then her fully is always low
and she does have the double a so even
with pushing this crazy methylated stuff
it’s still a constant battle to keep her
levels up well yeah it’s a it’s a thing
and we didn’t know that when we had our
kids and you know we were just pushing
the standard prenatals yeah and I did
not have the nutritional insight to know
that she had this crazy disease that
dramatically increased our chance of
complications and sometimes very severe
complications yeah so anytime somebody
goes well we’re thinking about having
kids or if they’re young like under 25
and married I’m like just get on the
methylfolate and stay on it so you’re
the the downside of being a little low
on folate is problematic but the
repercussions on pregnancy complications
are profound there’s no reason not to
take it right there’s no there’s no good
reason not to take it that’s awesome
very way to put a pin in that Karen is
is saturated fat bad terrible when I
throw that question out why don’t you
define what that means the saturated fat
what what is that well that’s usually
yeah usually your meat sourced for that
no it’s it’s coming from from your dairy
and sometimes coconut but yeah it’s been
vilified hasn’t it I don’t know
yes you know I like to tell my friends
you know Quito is awesome saved my life
they’re like okay but I hear on Quito
you’re eating bacon and beef and that
has saturated fat and you’re gonna kill
yeah well it’s sort of been the American
Heart Association’s battle cry that
these fats these facet are you know
stable at room temperature will will
clog up your your arteries that’s what I
but I gotta say my arteries seem okay to
me so they they want you to have the the
polyunsaturated fats and from plant
sources especially seeds they don’t
really talk about exactly what seeds and
nuts you should be avoiding and at what
temperatures but they do sure do like to
talk a lot about the saturated fat all I
hear is the Mediterranean diet is the
best diet and olive oil is the best fat
and you know if it’s not a Mediterranean
diet with olive oil you’re gonna die
there’s nothing wrong there so it’s
really nothing wrong with olive oil it
is a fantastic fat mmm the problem is is
that people are cooking with it why is
it wrong and then it becomes an oxidized
harmful inflammatory fat only above the
smoke point above the smoke point yeah
if you’re using it just you know in hot
food as a finishing oil go for it
alright when you’re when you’re setting
your frying pan on fire like Rachael Ray
with olive oil that’s okay but I can put
it on my salad that’s good
totally good totally good and I have
seen no evidence the saturated fats
really need to be avoided absolutely
none I mean if you’re talking about
cardiovascular disease you need to look
at lifestyle are you smoker do you have
a high stress lifestyle do you eat a lot
of sugar are you sleeping those things
are going to affect your cardiovascular
health a lot more than the saturated
fats ever would
now if you’re including saturated fats
in with these things you’ll probably
have a little trouble too okay so let’s
say I got a friend or a family or
whatever that has cardiovascular disease
they they know that they’re in trouble
and their cardiologist said you know
under no circumstances with saturated
fat pass your lips yeah well you know in
my situation I can’t contradict what the
doctor says true so I you know I have to
ask my client but maybe they might want
to consider reading other sources of
information and not just take medical
advice that is decades outdated hmm but
you know it’s treading a fine line right
you know some I work with the doctor I
don’t work against the doctor I think
that makes a lot of sense but I know
that you know there’s just a lot of
people are like just super scared about
saturated fats so I understand if there
was like a great reference that we could
point I could point people to say read
this it’ll make you like like I have a
lot of people that are super scared
about salt and I can refer them to like
James Danica Lonnie’s book with the yeah
yeah with the salt fix and is there
anything like that for for saturated fat
with this with the saturated fat um
usually I refer them to die doctor has a
cute little handy-dandy YouTube video on
on how the saturated fats shouldn’t be
vilified the way that they have been and
what you can do what changes you can
make to your lifestyle in your diet that
involves reducing inflammatory foods
sugars alcohol smoking you know sleeping
all that all that kind of stuff it would
reduce your risk well that actually had
measurable results unlike I’m just
saying kind of saturated fats and you’ll
be safe but then the
otherwise right yeah clearly there was
so well I can just add some color to
this hey I think that you know the root
cause of why people are worried about
this really comes down to their
cholesterol everybody believes that
saturated fats go directly to
cholesterol unfavorably slow on
increasing the risk of cardiovascular
disease I have not found that to be the
case at all I mean anecdotally ages ago
I had just read Atkins book this was
like 16 17 years ago and I had gone to
my GP it had my blood panel done and he
said you know your triglycerides are
elevated I’m not liking your LDL HDL
ratio you know I wasn’t quite in the
high-risk category yet but I was I was
inching towards it and being only at the
time I guess it would have been 25 that
that’s a problem so he said cut out eggs
you know lower the saturated fat reduce
your meat stop eating eggs for breakfast
and I mean you know I’m 25 someone danza
Oh case you’re a doctor whatever you say
but meanwhile I’m thinking I don’t need
that’s not what I’m eating so why is
this happening and and then he sort of
mentioned as I’m walking out the door
oh and and cut out bakery goods to like
there’s there’s some studies out to say
that you know eating muffins and that
sort of thing isn’t going to help you
either something maybe and so I’m
thinking but I do eat muffins you know
he was all about the eggs and everything
and he’s like oh yeah and I read this
thing and you know it has trans fats too
so skip that and then but I was also
reading Atkins book talking about you
know how you won’t raise your
cholesterol your your LDL that you won’t
increase your triglycerides by eating
animal products list saturated fat and
you know I went ahead and I did this
I followed the Atkins protocol and I had
my blood panel done in six months later
and he congratulated me my doctor
congratulated me for cutting out eggs
successfully and and you know the only
thing I changed was I stopped eating
zero eggs in the morning and I started
eating three Wow
eggs are awesome yeah alright at some
point we need to have Dave on the show
from the cholesterol code calm so that
was kind of walk you know maybe Dave
maybe I wore some of those guys to just
come on and walk us through cholesterol
for the layman it is clear that most
even even most doctors have an
unsophisticated understanding of the
dynamics of how cholesterol and LDL and
HDL all that stuff works we we kind of
live in it because eating a fat based
diet we get a lot of calories from fat
so we’re very interested in monitoring
our health in many people the markers
appear to be unfavorable to risk of
cardiovascular disease but the truth is
much more complicated than that and it
is influenced by your diet but not in
the way that you think it is and it’s a
whole lot more influenced by your
metabolic situation than anything else
you guys are using a lot of big words I
want bottom line here I can’t cook with
olive oil because of the smoke point I
can’t with you can cook really low I
would just like to say that all of extra
virgin olive oil has a higher smoke
point in coconut oil so I have no idea
what Karen was talking about she stands
alone combination coconut oil is 350 all
extra virgin olive oils like 375 I don’t
cook with either of them she’s
nonsensically making these claims okay
why don’t you cook wait I I use avocado
but I don’t cook at a high heat
I just don’t cook it a high heat I don’t
when I cook very often okay so I’m gonna
put chicken in a pan how do I keep it
from sticking there hotshot yeah it’s a
fabulous stick it’s not gonna stick
you’re telling me it dry fry everything
I don’t believe you water to cook meat
oh why this must be some Canadian thing
I have again I just disavow the
following commentary from next partner
Karen I use my I use my toaster oven I
use my instant pots when I’m using a
frying pan I use water oh this is a
ridiculous claim I this is not lose
count on Stan oh well if I’m cooking
eggs I use butter okay but you don’t
cook eggs in a high heat nope I don’t
cook one I got the meat from my
neighbor’s farm and it’s like from his
grass-fed cattle and it’s like super
lean so I do have to add some fat for
the pan too sure with it I would use
butter okay cutter burns oh that’s a
terrible choice it’s not at the heat
that I cook it in I I just I don’t
okay so let’s just mute Karen and have
no chicken with water what is going on
that I have known you for this long and
they’re just now hearing this level of
nonsense I can’t help it I was raised by
English people this is bizarre I know
you use this really highly refined just
converted not existing in neighbor and
in nature olive oil stuff this high heat
olive oil you can use that okay so
here’s the deal butter Ben’s crappy
olive oil butter will burn around what
330 340 yeah I don’t think it’s not a
great choice for
if you’re cooking eggs more than you
know 3:30 there’s something wrong with
you and I’m gonna send Gordon Ramsay to
your house to kick your fight let’s just
stick with the chicken breast or steak
scenario do not stir fried anything you
just use a little bit of water mmm
you’re nuts oh I could use walnut oil
sure why not walnut oil that’s know was
it you sesame because it tastes good
it’s been worse
I know it has a terrible terrible smoke
point it really does okay so well what
we’ve learned is Karin is a terrible
cook there’s no idea what to do in the
kitchen and if you see it from go ahead
and order out that’s what I learned you
learned that you’re doing the cooking
for me that’s what you like clearly
she’s serving stuff and it’s not coming
out of the instant pot pass all ready
for you that’s what’s transpiring this
is a Karen is fast food preparation it’s
all a clever ruse to get Ben to do my
cooking for me
Wow so here’s what you guys can do i do
use butter for cooking things that I
want to add flavor to like eggs I think
that’s pretty good for low center can
that lean steak the Jennifer was talking
about I don’t like grass-fed beef your
credibility your point of view is not
welcome you can just stick a cork in it
can we get to the next question you you
have claimed to cook chicken breasts
with water as a nonstick agent and
that’s the end of the cut that’s the end
of your if you never zip it all right
but here’s what we can do we can use
butter for low temp cooking and it does
add some nice flavor and it is a
saturated fat but unfortunately because
of the fact that it burns at a very low
temperature you’re kind of limited in
what you can cook or how much he
dump in the pan before weird stuff
starts the milk solids so here’s what
you can do you can clarify the parts of
the butter thank you for stepping this
is what it’s like episode she knows
exactly where I’m going and she won’t
even let me get thus the period on this
the first sentence of the thought and
he’s already jumping in with Wow
it’s the milk solids just killing me
killing me alright so you can filter out
the milk solids and generate a product
called ghee ji-hae which has a much
higher smoke point instead of butter and
it’s clear and it’s shelf stable you
only have to keep it refrigerated
I buy a big jug from Costco and it’s
pretty cheap and I I do cook with that
quite a bit the other thing that I cook
with is olive oil now if you use extra
virgin olive oil first off it’s
expensive to cook with it but it also
kind of picks up a bitter taste when
it’s heated it’s much better to use a
refined or light tasting olive oil if
you’re gonna cook with it and that’s
probably if I had to claim a primary
cooking oil it’s gonna be somewhere
between that light tasting olive oil
which is is refined and filtered and you
know deodorized and all those things or
the the ghee depending on what I’m
cooking I do have a bottle of the
avocado oil which is a high temp like
let’s say I wanted to put a steak on the
grill and I want to throw a little oil
on it to keep it from sticking I would
use avocado oil and that operation yeah
I have one of those a little mister to
go along with my water yeah all right
let me let me ask some questions because
we yeah I’m here in Georgia and we in
the in Georgia I don’t know about up
north where you are event but in Georgia
we save the bacon grease you know yeah
little jar bacon grease and we use that
for good and I do that too yeah okay
good about container of it in the
kitchen also with my Jewish heritage we
also make schmaltz from extra chicken
grease and that’s fabulous so I hope
it’s healthy because it’s very tasty I
actually bought a
a thing of pork fat to make my own lard
in a crock-pot I read some article from
Rob wolf that had this thing on how to
make your own lard and it’s it’s crazy
easy like it’s literally put it in the
crock-pot skim the liquid off and to
ignore and do that all day
and that’s lard so it’s not complicated
but sourcing the pork fat especially if
you’re gonna go out of your way and try
to get you know some heritage organic
Pig as your source that was actually
quite difficult I ended up having to go
to a farmers market yeah well that jar
sat mostly unused okay because I’ll tell
you why lard is porky hmm it just like
small cysts chickeny well wooded with
with the type of lard that you made do
you think it’s because it was a heritage
pork like I find that tends to be more
flavorful than your typical
you know lot food that I couldn’t tell
you but it was definitely very clean
source material like it was filtered and
all that stuff like I did the coffee
filter thing and all the right stuff
some pork tends to pick up a lot of what
they you know like if they need acorns
it tastes wonderful but it was porky and
anything that you cooked with it was
porky so everything ended up tasting
like a pork rind is what you’re saying
there was there was both in an aroma and
a taste and for many things a hint of
pork is not favorable just a hint of
porkiness you’re not putting that your
coffee is what you’re saying
actually threw out that jar sometime
over the summer when I found it I was I
made it like three years ago and then
I’m like oh I never use this stuff I
hate using it because it always
horrifies whatever I’m cooking with it
so I just chucked it it was definitely
the vegetable source ones so if your
your fats for cooking with they they
don’t have that much flavor to it I
think that’s why people go for them well
that’s the other advantage of that light
tasting olive oil
it’s neutralized canola without the
unfavorable omega sixes yes yes we know
yes we don’t miss Canadia and your
greatest domestic country she’s not to
be trusted
if me yeah you know I do not use canola
it’s highly I’m sorry
I wouldn’t say highly extremely oil is
highly you look at those yellow flowers
and it will kill you
well was it 50/50 versus Cornell that’s
like ninety ten or something like canola
I’m you know if I’m out at a restaurant
and you know I’m ordering salad dressing
with my with my stuff I’m not gonna
worry if it’s gonna I’m gonna forget
about it but I don’t I don’t have a
bottle of it no the same as you know the
little bit of these oils it’s fine I
just wouldn’t use it in my food
preparation for cooking with if it
happens to be out in a restaurant as
long as you’re not eating out everyday
whereas soybean oil will actually make
your ears fall off your head just like
it totally will just by walking past a
bottle it doesn’t have to be it does
bother me that they put it with fish
like you have you know wonderful
sardines oh and they put it in soybean
oil why are they doing that to me Ben
well that’s why you buy your stuff at
Costco cuz they don’t they don’t stock a
Costco ones no the ones in in Canada the
big yeah it has oil in it so I actually
have to go to Walmart yeah that’s good
for you for reading labels on that
because it is very easy to take a
shortcut all the sardines that I’ve seen
are packed in olive oil I get the ones
that are packed in water I haven’t found
the ones I found my tuna that packing
olive oil but it’s probably lamp grade
olive oil but it’s olive oil
laughs grade one highly light tasting
all right so does that answer the
question of saturated fats and what
should I cook with I I feel cake though
as long as I can have you know my eggs
fried and break in grease I’m good to go
yeah or butter or Ben’s ghee yeah I
think you’re fine with any of that stuff
cool yeah just yeah you know if it’s
smoking you’ve gone too hot now if I
could just put a comma on this entire
commentary all right ten percent of the
population has an unfavorable set of
genes that cause a level of lipids debt
is definitely unfavorable yeah if you
are one of these people who have really
high LDL as a result of being a fat
high-fat diet there may be choices that
you can make that are more favorable to
your lipid dynamics especially sticking
with the mono unsaturated olive oil will
reduce the amount of LDL that your body
abnormally makes so you trying to throw
that out there yeah so if you know if
you happen to be one of these people
that with a familial
hypercholesterolemia I can never
pronounce that that one does not roll
off the tongue but yeah these are people
that they they go around with extreme
400-600 very yeah and it really you know
it it doesn’t matter if they’re eating
no fat they still will have some amount
of elevated cholesterol and it’s
hereditary who they are completely Gina
yeah so we’re not we’re not talking to
them this is for the other 90% right and
if you don’t know the extra-virgin olive
oil is always a safe choice
yes fire yeah make sure okay you want
the kind that is in the dark bottle you
want to keep it
cool but not cold and you don’t want it
exposed to air all right before we move
on I just I rented some stuff that they
did to the expose and like most of the
extra virgin olive oils weren’t they
were just like frauds yeah I you know
there was there’s a famous book and
Vinny toward Rich is responsible for
most people in the low-carb world
thinking that this is the truth because
for a very long time his one and only
sponsor was an Italian olive oil that
charged 99 dollars for a three liter ten
Lake do they like play violin music well
there although they they have a whole
thing and they’ll host the the wedding
and Italy for you right on the grounds
and you know it’s hand it runs out and
also chef must have this olive oil you
know he put a thousand podcast episodes
up literally a thousand Wow talking
about out how much every single episode
this is this was a sponsor was about how
this olive oil was superior and most
olive oils from the store is not good
well there definitely is some of that
and there was a lot more than there is
today but if you’re buying semi
reputable stuff don’t worry about that
that again let’s not lose sight of the
forest for the trees on the spoonful of
oil you’re using to keep the chicken
breast stuck that’s not the reason that
you’re gonna get heart disease or your
inflammation is activating your
autoimmune disease it it’s just not can
you make it better it can you make a
good decision and try and make an
informed decision yes but let let’s not
go nuts or you could try to use water or
just use okay all right schmaltz okay
let us talk about sleep hygiene Karen
you had some thoughts on this right
with the sleep hygiene yeah Jennifer and
I were talking a little bit about that I
have terrible sleep idea a lot of risk
factors for certain diseases are
exacerbated by not getting 78 hours of
sleep so it is important I mean if
you’ve taken control of your diet why
not go that one extra step I keep
telling myself and get yourself some
good sleep when you say no terrible
sleep hygiene yeah I do well what do you
mean I’m a dirty dirty sleeper good you
shower before I go to bed I end up quite
late on my phone all kinds of nasty blue
light and it does interfere with my
sleep so there are a few things you can
schedule is most important I mean we do
this for our kids they have a bedtime
and to a screen should be shut off a few
hours before or if you cannot do that
because of your job there are those
little blue blockers there I’m sure I
can find a picture of them yeah the
orange glasses they’re just Amazon for
you vex you ve X space you know orange
glasses or whatever pull right up there
are apps all the iPhones now have it
built in all of your phones now have it
Windows 10 has it built in I have it on
my phone I do not have it on my laptop
if you don’t have a built-in F dot Lux
is the thing to get yeah yeah you
actually talked about that I think a
long time ago that I think so yeah and
it just did
you know you can set the time it’s
usually a few hours before you go does
it’s literally changing the color we’re
talking about colors here it just makes
everything orange exactly and this
starts the production of melatonin now I
know you’re a big fan of the sublingual
melatonin Ben yes in very small doses
yeah there’s with melatonin it’s there
is enough more is not better no in fact
it’s worse much has the opposite effect
exactly and it’s something that you
don’t take all the time I mean with me
my sleep can be disrupted just with my
my menstrual cycle my hormones so I know
a couple of days at the very end of my
cycle to to take melatonin before I go
to bed just because I’m all wired for
well you know it’s owning that I would
recommend is a sublingual one two three
milligram natural makes a good one
Swanson’s makes a good one I think my
new Kirkland really yeah if you if your
dosing more than three milligrams you
you are making an error yeah there’s no
reason for it nope I definitely not pens
no it’s the most powerful hormone in
your body by the way it’s picograms it’s
all that’s necessary you know I’m sure
you know that it how much it depletes
with age but it is substantial you make
a lot of this hormone when you’re a kid
and then by the time you know you’re
nearing middle age there isn’t a lot
left right yeah then it’s early bird
special and waking up at 4:00 a.m.
that’s why that’s why old people do that
yeah when the newspaper would hit the
the front door she would she’d get up
it’s all because of the melatonin you
know so so I get the sublingual milk
melatonin with you mentioned though the
blue blockers and not looking at at your
screen at night or using a don’t have
screen and you’re in your bedroom at all
I mean if you can just get a regular old
alarm clock and have that in your room
and leave the phone outside you know
your house but I don’t even have any
clocks in my bedroom because I want to
sleep I don’t want somebody I don’t want
pressure on me to wake up I need to get
my kid on the bus that is a wonderful
thing as I wake up at the same time
every night every morning anyway so yes
yeah and that it is as I said bedtime is
key you know a lot of people they talk
about how they eat at night I sometimes
you’re you’re feeling hungry because
you’re actually tired just got bad no
food can substitute for sleep and vice
versa right totally what about exercise
what if I want to exercise but it’s like
after 11:00 p.m. and I know I want to go
to bed yeah it’s for most people that’s
really not a good idea I know County for
four oh yeah he likes to do it at night
but after four o’clock it can be
disruptive for a lot of people I can
push it back a seven and still get to
sleep before midnight but it doesn’t
seem to affect my sleeper for most
people you want to get it all the busy
stuff done around the time the Sun is
setting right much better to hit the gym
before work than after work okay but if
you gotta do this if you got to do it
after work then that’s better than not
doing it at all right to it on the way
home rather than after dinner yeah yeah
the earlier the battery there are lots
of studies out there that show that you
are more likely to stick to a regular
exercise routine if you do it earlier in
the day as questo later okay okay and
that caffeine that’s kind of low hanging
fruit obviously you shouldn’t have
caffeine after well that depends on the
person a caffeine metabolism varies
widely I mean with me I can have my
coffee and I don’t start a perk up until
a few hours later I’m a very slow
caffeine metabolism most people you know
they have their coffee and they perk up
you know an hour later a half hour later
there are some people that the
metabolism of caffeine is so slow that
they’re they’re really really feeling
the full effect six hours later so
they’re having coffee after lunch they
might not be able to
Yanks that’s right so I’ve been six
hours but there I think it’s about 20%
of the population has a enzyme defect
that and that’s actually one of the ones
that I promethease will tell you about
is that it’ll tell you which one of the
ket like we know exactly which gene this
is so that’s me like I can pound coffee
at dinner and as long as I go to bed at
like 11 o’clock I’m cool
that’s how I could brush my teeth with a
coffee and it’s weird and he does well
he’s wearing blue blockers whereas my
wife has to respect the half-life is she
cannot have any kind of caffeination
after about three o’clock or she will
not be able to go to bed before 10:00 it
feels good to me but yeah if I have like
coffee with dinner my chances getting to
bed by midnight are not good yeah
yeah I have mine I can have mine from
when I wake up until noon and then I can
have it after dinner but any time before
it’s gonna hit me right around bedtime
that’s wacky yeah I got I got a trick I
knew if I met it kind of wound up and I
wanted you know I need something to help
me get to sleep I’ll have like a
turmeric golden milk beverage or like a
hot cocoa or something like that helps I
mean part of the reason why at the baths
of the magnesium is the want helps calm
everything down and does the magnesium
do something through
yeah well it’s like a mild muscle
relaxant a lot of people report that
magnesium makes them very sleepy very
quickly I would say if we threw a pole
out that we ought to do this we had to
put a pole out there because I think if
we polled everybody it would be 20% say
that magnesium puts them to sleep well
we had one lady that you know she was
looking on our supplement
recommendations and she got the b12 and
she got the the magnesium and she
reversed when she took them I asked her
she was having trouble sleeping
she says I’m tired all day but I can’t
sleep at night and
she was taking her magnesium in the
morning when she got up and she was
taking her b12 I would do it so let me
ask a delicate question you formerly
large ladies Oh how’s the sleep apnea
I’ll fit into all this
I was only mildly a fan yet um so right
so that’s the finite before we go
forward you stop breathing while you’re
sleeping I mean there’s with with a lot
of people is just a mechanical issue of
the amount of fat in your throat your
your fat neck causes your airway to
close it’s it’s a terrible thing my
husband was very apnea at one point not
quite enough to get the mask they said
but anyway it’s not much of an issue now
but I can remember when we first got
married it would wake me up because he
snored so loud but that didn’t wake me
up what woke me up was when the snoring
stopped yes Gary so Karen do do an
impression of the yes well no seriously
because you since you’ve heard this an
apnea snorunt than snoring like it
sounds like joking almost it’s terrible
so it was really loud it was like a
regular snore and then all of a sudden
it sounds like there’s something stuck
in there and then nothing
and then gasped right so it so be loud
snoring sputtering choking nothing
because he’s not breathing
and then gasp gasp gasp sputter sputter
sputter right so it was terrifying so I
would you know give him a good elbow and
make him roll over on his side I had the
sleep study done they said yeah you know
you’ve got some apnea if it gets worse
you’ll need the mask he stops breathing
like three times a night that I’m
hearing it could be more like there
could be shorter episodes about me and
I’m just not hearing I had the sleep
study done when I was diagnosed with my
atrial fibrillation because those tend
to correlate
and put you at an even higher risk of
stroke so I had the sleep study now
obviously these sleep studies are fun
because they put all these wires you
know there you’ve got wires stuck to
your scalp and they’re all over you and
you got all these electrodes and and you
have to sleep on your back I don’t sleep
on my back so you know it it’s a good
indication of whether there’s a risk of
you out of being apnea if you’re you
know having an operation but I and I had
some slight apnea I also had a cold when
I was getting my done so that can make
the incidence that via any of family
member mind just had a sleep study done
and she is very obese and turns out you
know has apnea but yeah it was the same
thing where she never sleeps on her back
and I have to say I think that part of
that is being a formally large woman if
you are obese a lot of your weight is on
top of your chest if you know what I
mean that yep so sleep is not
comfortable you know you’re gonna have
these weights exactly yeah it’s not
natural to sleep on your back so so my
family member had terrible time at that
sleep study I’m apart from all the stuff
getting stuck to her thing is you don’t
sleep you really don’t sleep much she
might get you know three hours but they
kept I kept on getting interrupted
because you know I’m wearing a lot more
clothes than I normally would to sleep
and so the guy kept on waking me up he’s
like I just see her your head is
sweating I need to adjust her and he
kept like taking the blanket from me oh
it’s there not a lot of fun okay so the
the thing about apnea that we want to
make sure that everybody understands is
it’s a serious medical condition yep
that must be managed primarily managed
or doctor primarily diagnosed through
sleep study where you go sleep in a you
know a laboratory basically and they
hook you up and put you on video camera
and watch you sleep and then if you have
this you wear a fighter jet mask
to bed and it puts positive airway
pressure so that you know it’s kind of
like a you know an iron lung it’s
helping you breathe yeah a lot of people
have problems with those masks so the
Matt wearing the mask messes them up
just as much as it would take a lot of
adjusting but it is necessary I mean if
you’re not sleeping like sleep is a
serious business you know when we were
talking about about that earlier it
doesn’t you at a a higher risk for for
all these cardiovascular events or you
know a heart attack her stroke for all
of these things it’s a lot more there
well I’m rather than cooking with bacon
fat would well do to my family member
having this sleep study and she’s been
diagnosed she has to get a CPAP thing I
was looking into it and apparently the
the CPAP mask is so unpleasant that it
recently said that 86% of people who’ve
been described prescribed a CPAP mask or
non-compliant that’s right it wouldn’t
surprise me I mean I know one person
who’s been prescribed the mask and he
does use it and he has to I mean he has
lung problems he’s he was a first
responder at Ground Zero 9/11 and so he
needs that mask he’s overweight and and
severely athlete so he uses his but I
know a lot more people where they’re
like you know you couldn’t use the mask
or their thing you know the doctor says
I highly recommend the mask and they
just don’t bother yeah I think I most
people hate their mask that we’re here
to advise you that if you