Using the ketogenic diet for weight loss but getting frustrated with lack of progress? Ben, Karen, and Jen reveal the tips and tricks keto coaches use to break weight loss stalls.

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Topics covered in this show

  • What IS a stall
    • Less than 5 weeks is not a stall, be patient
  • Macros, Tracking
    • (If not doing clean IK) did you use the IK macro calc?
    • Are you tracking your macros?
    • are you weighing with a food scale?
    • Has it been awhile since you recalced your macros?
    • Have you been tracking your body measurements?
    • Are you sure you’re weighing everything properly?
  • Food composition
    • Are you eating keto-treats? Cut them out
    • Try cutting out inflammatory foods? Dairy, nuts, nightshades, gluten, carrageenan, soy, ?
    • Cut back harder on carbs.
    • If insulin resistant, could it be too much protein?
    • Too much fat?
    • Clean IK model?
  • Meal timing
    • Try intermittent fasting?
    • Different patterns?
    • Consistent OMAD?

Next episode: more on stall-busting!


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well hello and welcome to another
edition of the impulsive keto cast I’m
your host Ben McDonald today’s episode
31 I have no idea what it is stalls hey
it’s a fast-moving show we’re trying to
stay on the cutting edge of news how
dare you hens cackling me relax at over
300 pounds and full of chortling
laughter autism mom Karen was on the
fast track to diabetes with an a1c of
6.2 she’s on the home stretch for her
nutrition board exams this spring karen
leads the team of enthusiastic
knowledgeable volunteers of the
impulsive keto Network along with Diane
Cummins inspiring others to achieve
their health and wellness goals through
simple food selection and meal timing
Karen are you wearing pants absolutely
good for you can’t prove otherwise
well that’s true that’s a completely
different show oral exam coming up they
want me to look professional oh you’ve
got to get all gussied up and act like
you’re gonna do that when you’re
practicing gotta have some kind of
credibility at least until they give you
the paper and then you can run for the
hills and it’ll be all you know sarees
and chest tattoos nice dreadlocks here I
Jennifer is a former tight
to diabetic who’s lost over a hundred
pounds using the ketogenic diet an
active moderator in the impulsive keto
groups she volunteers her time helping
others reclaim their health and get
their a onesies down to four point six
that she works so hard to achieve for
herself damn right
and I am wearing pants by the way I
don’t know about you been a smart
pantsuit for you Jennifer are we being a
corporate Jen today unfortunately yes I
look rather corporate he is selling out
big pharma ladies and gentlemen on the
microphone right here and there she’s
part of the great establishment so hurry
I’m wearing a hari pant suit all right
yeah Erin she says that like I have any
idea what she just said oh very nice you
look pretty Jen oh here we go very smart
looking suit there just right that’s
right all right shuffle shuffle time
everybody yeah well I am wearing pants
so great I’m Today Show is on stalls do
your pants fit we’re gonna be talking
about one of our most popular topics
which is what do you do when your
ketogenic diet does it progress the
scale in the manner that you’re
accustomed to some people would say that
a stall can happen in as little as two
days people need to chill out
people need to chill out indeed some
people claim that the luteal phase of
the female hormone cycle can last as
long as five weeks yeah I wouldn’t think
a luteal phase but you know there’s
swelling and then there’s other you know
factors and it takes a while but horses
before you get into the weird girly
stuff here we go
what is a stall Jennifer
athol to me is you know I’m measuring
myself in a scale every day and I
actually have a tape measure and if I am
trying to lose weight and that scale is
not going down roughly I mean it’s gonna
go up and down because like you you you
drink and you excrete stuff and you eat
and you know so it’s going to go up in
that anyway but if it doesn’t you know
like over the course of 3 to 5 weeks and
up and really cutting my calories and
doing keto strictly and exercising and
I’ve been doing everything right but I
still am on average where I started
after three five weeks I’m gonna ask
what am I doing wrong will you define a
stall differently for men and women well
men don’t have the hormonal excuse all
right so you do she says privilege
washes over me right now first time in
the month alright guys so feisty after
saying that men don’t have monthly
fluctuation hormones and your weight
that’s a much more pantsuit oriented way
of making that claim Jen fine very good
I would just like to complain about the
unfair advantage they totally do Karen
would you want to add or change your
definition of stalls based on what
Jennifer just claimed well technically I
have sort of been in a stall for several
months technically because the scale has
not changed all right
and it’s my measurements have not
changed much but
I also haven’t been actively addressing
some of the the issues they will talk
about later now I would like to pause
you there because it sounds to me like
what you’re describing is not a stall
it’s a pause so technically not a stall
and now this kind of gives me a little
insight as to what can make the scale
not move now for people on a ketogenic
diet I really like to focus you on the
measurements is particularly if they’re
very active so the scale in the space of
one month unless the person is quite
obese it really sometimes doesn’t move
them as the tape measure around the
waist well so there are other things
that you need to take into consideration
if you want to call this a true stall
muscle mass is what you’re saying muscle
mass and sometimes if you were beginning
some kind of physical activity some kind
of exercise regimen you need to consider
that there will be water retention
you get a little swole right then it’s
true yeah I define stalls very
differently than the two of you because
for me I I don’t have regular hormonal
interference in my personal journey okay
so it becomes much more of a math
problem for me when I think about stalls
for males it’s more about but in a given
two or three week period has at least
one pound of body fat been lost or an
inch of waist circumference come off
yeah I look for that inch I am not
willing to entertain the word stall
unless the following conditions are met
you are eating on plan and your meal
timing is correct
exercise not important that you don’t
have to exercise when it comes to weight
loss but if your meal timing is off or
their divergences from the path on your
nutrient selection it is not a stall it
is a I need to get back to basics on
ketogenic diet
precisely I am very hard-ass about that
point I do not like when people ask me
for stall advice and then send me a food
log and I see hamburger buns that asked
nah what if their hamburger buns made
out of almond flour
well Ben loves almond flour
it is very important in your mind to
compartmentalize the spectrum of failed
to lose weight it’s very easy to lose
body size without losing body weight
especially for females but it’s rather
uncommon to not change size or change
shape but be on track with everything
else and yet people come on to the news
group Facebook group I’m sorry all the
time and they say I am doing everything
right and I haven’t lost weight and
month and a half this this show is for
those people Jen oh that’s excellent
we only are speaking to people who have
done the following things gotten their
nutrient selection type and in order and
gotten their meal timing under control
if you’re snacking I don’t want to hear
it this show is not for you well this
show is not your problem
yeah you need to go listen to the
insulin-resistant show not the Stahl’s
show a real quick could we take 60
seconds just for people you’re listening
to us in review what is correct meal how
do you figure out your correct meal
composition and timing for us we have a
very strong view on meal composition and
meal timing that’s what impulsive Kido
is based on so your meal should
primarily be adequate protein so protein
the size of the palm of your hand two
cups of leafy green vegetables
everything else that’s additional okay
and fat for flavor and success and
satiety there is no snacking in
impulsive keto I didn’t hear you
mentioned bulletproof coffee yeah that’s
not for flavor or a satiety that’s for
putting butter in your coffee so we
don’t we don’t do any of that that you
know if been talked about the the
insulin resistance podcast you couldn’t
go in listen to the the impulsive Kido
introduction podcast and learn what
we’re all about there so it’s meat and
it’s vegetables and it’s a little bit of
fat not a cup of fat and it’s no
snacking and it’s occasionally skipping
a meal or skipping Tuesday got it now
there are people who have not yet come
to this place of enlightenment yes uh
they are still using unsophisticated
mechanisms such as macros you know
common man
yeah macros you know they’re their thing
people people like them do you think hey
you know what they like it the way that
they like a security blanket it’s not so
much they like the macros is they’re
afraid not to use them right all right
so it’s it’s a way to ease the anxiety
it’s a way to exert control and there’s
so many different ways to approach
macros Karen yeah well with us you know
the whole reason why we created
impulsive keto was because people were
trying to fit non food into their food
macros so you know you can you can
squeeze the things
Atkins bars and mug almond flower cakes
into your macros but you won’t have as
good a result as you would if you
focused on more nutrient-dense foods is
there a scenario where newbies would
want to come along and have macros that
maybe are less than ideal yeah I mean it
wouldn’t when you’re starting off all
you need to focus on is the
carbohydrates and everything else is
secondary to that you want to I don’t
even like I don’t even like a fat macro
I don’t like to me there is no fat macro
so that’s the one thing that if I could
change that about keto I could why was
why do they even have a fat macro it’s
all about caloric intake yes you know
it’s making sure you get enough it’s
making sure you get your essential fatty
acids and making sure that you keep your
digestive tract lubed and you know
you’re right your hair isn’t falling out
but it’s also to keep keep a lid on it
too so you’re not over consuming energy
I mean calories are energy since so many
people believe that there’s a direct
relationship between ketogenic diet and
macros and you say that some people
prefer that because it’s a reinforcement
of correct execution yeah what do we
recommend for macros yeah our calculator
we do have a macro calculator on
impulsive keto calm that people can use
if they want to keep a closer range on
their meal composition if they don’t
want to just sort of eyeball it and if
they if they don’t want to follow a
squeaky clean diet they could do that
you know I prefer the food list with
meat and vegetables maybe a little bit
of nuts but I I hate talking about
macros I really do been with the macros
it is sometimes necessary just to get
you started just so you know exactly
what that amount of food looks like so
it involves weighing and measuring and
it’s sort of like training wheels to get
you to the point where you know what
your plate is supposed to look like to
me it’s not sustainable because you’re
not going to be able to weigh and
measure your food all the time
Karin recently in a thread on the boards
yeah someone posted a video about making
a recipe and I commented on this recipe
Norbeck on this person yeah okay for
somebody like that you know what if
you’re going to eat a lot of fatty food
you know the the yummy treats that can
go with the keto diet for some people
like the fat bombs and the fatty coffee
you’re gonna need to measure that
because with those things with coconut
oil and with butter you’re talking about
you know sometimes more than a hundred
calories per tablespoon so if you’re
eyeballing that you could be missing the
mark this this one particular woman
bless her heart she had just started a
keto diet I think she’d lost 17 pounds
in a short amount of time she was really
excited you know because she wasn’t
hungry and you know she lost 17 pounds
in like three weeks yeah really came out
of the gate we watched the video and the
the coffee she said was a hundred and
fifty calories she’d guess but she
didn’t really measure and you know we
did the math and it was around 500-600
so that’s that’s really overshooting it
you know and I’ve had
people that I’ve coached through stalls
before and I had one man that said he
was stalled and I did the math on his
his bulletproof coffee his fatty coffee
and it was 900 calories no it is my
belief that macros are an invaluable
tool for people who are unaccustomed to
weights and measurements and assessments
of energy density so said another way if
you can eyeball food and know how many
calories are in that plus or minus 10 or
15% you can probably skip macros rest of
you which is most of you you’re not to
be trusted trusted all right I really
love the impulsive keto clean plate
model and when I really do want to lose
lose pounds and progress my weight goal
that’s the way to go but for my
emotional satisfaction sometimes there
needs to be halo top okay and I need to
know oh where is that fitting in and my
macros can I eat the whole pint probably
yeah I believe you could physically
possible I can I can I think that’s the
more of Carens point with the macros for
some people not inside you are breaking
up they’re a little bit yeah sorry a
little alien like so what I think for
most people one of the things you have
to think about is if you were good at
eyeballing calories you wouldn’t be
listening to a nutrition podcast trying
to figure out how to lose weight so it’s
sort of a self-selecting audience of
people who are bad at estimating
calories and I say that with a smirk on
my face but it’s also the truth it none
of us is set out to
put on weight it we put on weight
because we ate more calories than we
and our satiety signals are crossed and
fuzzed and not functional and we ate
more than we thought we did either
through bad nutrient choices like high
energy density carbohydrates or through
just simple bad math of well I I can eat
that plate of nacho cheese chips and
it’s only gonna be like 500 calories and
it’s more like 1,500 a you know again
not to pick on that one person but I
actually made the comment hey how many
calories do you think are in there and
her comment was it would be outrageous
for someone to drink 4 to 600 calories
in a cup those were literally her words
yeah and then I came back to her and I
said I want you to measure this out and
tell me if my estimation of 500 calories
at a hundred calories per teaspoon for
this coconut oil that you just put in
this coffee is correct
know what she is not alone in this I
mean you and I saw this time and time
and time again going through handwriting
people’s macros and seeing what they
were eating on the food board the
absolute of intentions I have nothing
but respect for that person who is doing
the right thing yep that doesn’t mean
that her execution was successful but in
her mind pure moral victory now what’s
going to happen with with somebody like
this now she was she was obese so with
those people at the beginning if just
getting the carbohydrate under control
and eating a little bit more fat that
that will help her satiety signals and
she will lose weight while that’s
happening but eventually that stops and
that might be where somebody would
consider looking at macros or looking at
the sort of model that we have at an
impulsive keto that’s when that’s when
the switch has to happen
it’s usually and they’ll say they’re
stalled but what’s happened is missed
nature has come along and said okay
we’ve got this sorted out now it’s time
to get down to business exactly within
two months almost assuredly this person
will come back and say I’m stalled Diaz
my advice exactly and through no fault
of their own no bad intentions no cheats
no miscalculations as far as they know
errors have been made so for that reason
one of the best things that you can do
to assess whether or not you are
successfully creating a calorie deficit
which is required to lose weight and I
want to go on record no calorie deficit
no weight loss period end of discussion
anybody who claims otherwise is a crazy
person I will say the first few weeks
they start a ketogenic diet weight and
all that stuff when you shift out all
that inflammation sure exactly people
would say I’ve been doing this for a
month and I’ve been eating 3000 calories
a day and I’ve lost 20 pounds yeah I
believe you sure sure but that’s that’s
not weight that’s water you’re you know
when we say weight we’re talking about
fat tissue they were not talking about
water weight you know does every woman
on the planet gain 4 to 6 pounds and
twice a month no you have no idea how
much chocolate I’m counting the
tablespoons of peanut butter here’s my
advice if you believe you are stalled
the very first thing that you go to in
the toolkit is weights and measures
everything that goes in your mouth gets
weighed measured and logged against a
nutritional standard database like
chronometer that will allow you to
independently and objectively assess
your caloric intake
you compare that against the results of
the macro calculator and if you are not
in calorie deficit there you go that’s
all you will need to do is make an
adjustment until you have calorie
deficit girls are cheap yo they are
super cheap
ten bucks twelve bucks on Amazon you go
to Target Walmart any of those places
they’re dime a dozen good to go and a
lot of times when you eat it out not a
lot of places now we’re having their
nutritional info posted so you can go to
their website and see exactly the
caloric and and macro composition of the
food you’re getting yep
that is awesome I had so that’s actually
starting to show up on menus now
absolutely not on the ones that you’re
gonna get handed in the restaurant but
like you’re gonna have a website and the
other way Applebee’s com is gonna have
full nutritional information for the
whatever the chicken breast salad
they serve and and you really should
because you’ll be startled like you go
to a Panera or something and you think
you’re gonna get a healthy chicken
Caesar salad
boom 660 calories and you know 45 grams
of fat you can scan with your little
square yeah restaurant they have that to
you put a little zapping the menus right
there it’s getting a lot easier and
shocking the and some of these
restaurants is just shocking what they
put into the food yeah Karen why don’t
you talk about recalculating macros for
us recalculating macros it depends on
the person most people need to
recalculate them after you know between
10 and 20 pounds of weight loss I see no
point in recalculating them if you’re
still losing 1 to 2 pounds a week so
once it slows down and you’ve lost 10 to
20 pounds it might be time to
recalculate yeah when you recalculate
you’ll find that they don’t move that
much nah it’s much more informed by the
size of your body exactly I the size
your belt
yeah so you know people ask me all the
time like oh I’ve lost 10 pounds should
I recalculate I’m like well that’ll make
a whole difference in about 70 calories
but like if you want to go nuts but have
you stopped having any progress as you
know is your waist the same
circumference let me know specifically
you guys develop the impulsive keto comm
calculator and obviously the the carb
recommendation 20 grams carbs that’s
standard that doesn’t matter what size
you are the protein is that based on
like lean body mass or something we make
some assumptions based on your gender
your height your weight your age there’s
kind of an industry standard assumptions
that there’s four different formulas
that most people would consider to be
scientifically viable for doing this we
actually used three of them and take an
average because there are some scenarios
where one will throw some Flyers so we
we don’t use it’s actually a way more
complicated piece of mathematics than it
ought to be oh I didn’t want to get that
detailed I just how much does it
fluctuate you know like obviously weight
is only a small part of the picture is
what you’re saying way to weight an age
both inform our calculator and I’ve
actually been that the literature is
starting to emerge that we actually
should be pushing more protein at old
people not less yeah and that is
relatively new points of view you know
that’s emerging literature just in the
past couple years that that’s become
accepted fact yeah that’s something that
we talk a lot about in school because a
lot of the clients are elderly and but
that’s usually the focus is how to get
protein them and that that’s gonna new
because getting a 62 year old lady to
eat a lot of protein it’s usually a
struggle to get them to eat 60 again you
want them up at you know 80 90 yeah cool
that’s that that’s difficult and that
that’s kind of a new philosophy the
calculator does not
like that currently eventually will but
you know they as with anything we we had
almost a year of development on those
formulas before we went live on them I’m
very hesitant to tinker with them
because I’m very happy with the results
so we just need to kind of think about
that and that that’s also why we kind of
say unless you’re diabetic the protein
is kind of a target it’s fine to go over
15 or 20 most of the time is gonna be
hey and that’s also why the impulsive
keto model is more about 30 to 45 grams
per meal because it’s much more about
the dose than the daily total yeah to
get that muscle protein synthesis going
with you thank you okay tape measures
yeah I got one
what’s a tape measure what’s it what
kind of tape measure do we need we’ve
got that sucky anyone that you like
sucky anyone is that a thing what are
you talking about I like the Wonder
Woman’s lasso of truth what if I go out
to my wood shop and grab a craftsman
steel tape measure hmm that’ll tell you
how tall you are yes
not so good for waist and bicep though I
have a fabric one oh yeah I’ve got a
fabric one too but there there are ones
that you can get that are like the
fabric one but they pull in so if you’ve
got a little loose skin around your
waist which a lot of us do after a while
it gives you a better indication of
where you’re at going from month to
month there’s a cool little one for
eight bucks on Amazon that it it’s it’s
got a it’s a cloth tape but it’s got a
little hook in it
so that you can measure your waist in
your bicep with one hand by hooking it
around and then you push the button and
it’s such it sucks it tight so that you
can get an accurate measurement for one
hand when you’re measuring things like
your left bicep where you can’t use two
ants you know it’s easy to measure your
waist with a cloth tape yeah you try
doing it with your bicep and it
consistent manner it’s a little more
difficult an expert then there’s smart
fans you know well I read that we’re
only talking about people that aren’t
willing to take their diets here laughs
ooh tape measure that Ben was talking
about and I want to get tattoos like all
over my body so I’m knowing measuring
the right place
every time well that’ll be good you can
just use this sharpie and refresh the
dots like you draw a dotted line just
refresh it every couple weeks all right
what do we think about those scales that
tell you exactly what your body fat is I
got one of those okay so they aren’t
that accurate but they will show you
trends so you know you got your first
measurement that will tell you you’re
you know 38 percent body fat and then a
month from now if it’s less that is a
good indication let me slow your roll
there Goldilocks new for all you’re
crying about hormones and female
advantage let me tell you about what
happened no female advantage when your
hormones start kicking in and your body
fluid starts bloating up guess who’s
little fancy-schmancy scale doesn’t work
at all that’s why you look for a part of
my male pearl all over the place part of
my male priviledge is the ability to
consistently measure a relative
measurement of my body fat through
resistance uh-huh do bad for you ladies
none for you doesn’t work you can you
can take it on the 14th day of the month
every month so you can take 12
measurements and get data yeah unless
you’re tracking your luteal phase –is
it has to be on the same day of the
luteal phase every time once a month I
do track my phases I’m Catholic
for people who have insight into their
hormonal cycles or people who are on
birth control where they are
pharmacologically manipulating them you
actually can use those scales but the
measurements are relative to your
hydration and your hydration is going to
change based on where you are in the
phase so you could compare week two to
week to next month and that reading is
actually clinically interesting well me
too to week four nope oh no man the
thing that I use the most is my
cameraphone and a full-length mirror
that’s what I use that that gives me a
better indication I gotta say getting
naked out of the shower in front of the
full-length mirror will tell you
everything you need to know about
whether or not you’re progressing or not
I sent my pictures to Jennifer and right
now you’re looking pretty pretty good
Karen I got I see there we go all right
all right if you’d like Jennifer to make
an assessment of your body fat just sin
again and impulsive keto come with your
attached pictures keep them there two
megabytes so that her mailbox doesn’t
get too full no pictures
as far as I’m concerned you just
solicited them publicly on I don’t know
why why you’re protesting now sale I’m
setting up a spam filter all right there
we go all right folks things that we’re
trying to tell you that the 90% of the
time problem macros and tracking are the
number one ways that you can break a
stall because we believe that most
people especially folks that aren’t
expertly tracking their macros it’s the
easiest thing to mess up
yeah so that’s the low-hanging fruit the
easiest thing to do is for the first
mode you know where you’re in a
ketogenic diet for the long haul
right I don’t believe in this doing it
until you know you get your goal and
then stopping right so for most people
it’s worth weighing and measuring stuff
for the most part the first six months
and then then you’ll just know it that’s
right I might I couldn’t even tell you
what kind of batteries my food scale
that I don’t know where it is it’s no I
have no idea but I guarantee if you show
me a hundred plates in a row I’ll nail
the calories within fifteen percent yeah
I can do that too except when it comes
to nuts and cheese so I still way though
could you just try not to if I don’t
make eye contact with the nut it doesn’t
count calorically Darrin strategy I eat
them in the dark there we go if I stick
to the clean impulsive Kido you know
meat and leafy veggies involved and it’s
a problem yeah I will say the I came
odda was designed to thwart Karen’s best
efforts to allow her calories to drift
to the north end of the range nut
butters in that yes it’s no coincidence
that nut butters are not anywhere to be
found on impulsive meat and veg are the
way to go yeah it’s hard to screw it up
when you keep things simple it is I was
showing been my my plates
yesterday I’m like this is why I don’t
post them because you know when when I’m
not baking beautiful almond flour bundt
cakes or whatever and then throwing
myself off track my my meal just looks
like a garbage jump of meat and
vegetables it’s it’s not pretty
well do they that works out for me yeah
to that point when it comes to
the next layer of stall troubleshooting
the second most common problem that we
have with people trying to get their
weight loss moving again its bundt cake
is the recipe group shrews and devil on
the recipe group all of you are terrible
immoral folks that have no business
anywhere near my weight loss program by
my buddy bloggers that are on that group
I love you all thank you did you see
those Reese’s rags we’re totally making
those oh yeah this is called fly-fishing
just a little bug in the water yeah this
is the one thing that throws me off
track every single time if I stop doing
this one thing I will I will meet my
goal for that week and it’s cutting out
treats its cutting out things that are
made by their almond flour or way you
know bars and mug cakes and cookies and
and that sort of thing if I eliminate
all those sweetened kita fide foods for
one week I always have results always
guys I need to talk to our people for a
minute so I mean second I have a little
quick private conversation we have no
idea how this stuff actually works
inside our bodies you know we come up
with this crazy stuff about you know
restricting carbohydrate and that’s
gonna make your liver through these Kali
microns into acetyl groups called
ketones and blah blah blah we have no
idea how it works but one thing I can
tell you meats and vegetables no problem
you start adding in almond flour and
different kinds of sugar and alcohols No
what goes on I tell you I asked somebody
I asked a scientist how this stuff works
they can’t tell you they have no idea
nobody understands it we do not have the
technology to see inside your liver so
anybody that makes any claim is a liar
understand that these all these bloggers
are intentionally trying to send you
down of unknown destruction just don’t
even go to the recipe group unsubscribe
that’s why is pretend it doesn’t exist
search my name in the rest of the group
you’ll find it once where I posted a way
based waffle two years ago when this
last time I go went there it’s for your
own good
I have to tell you this and I didn’t
want the two girls who posted stupid
Russian I need you to know this is how
it has to be I would really like to
apologize to the bloggers that have
donated books to me to give away do the
members of the know we’re not going to
talk about that announcement to later in
the show we find a they’ll only tune in
for their section it’ll be wonderful
books and I posted a recipe yesterday
about you know low carb dish Chicago
style pizza that my husband developed it
didn’t taste good okay alright don’t
even try to make it no I’m so this is
this I think we really need to draw the
line between what is optimal food that’s
going to help you meet your goals and
break stalls and then these other foods
that can be compliance tools well dial
it back for a sec that’s pizza it looked
great a slice of it I calculated the
macros and all that one little slice
because the crust is made out of almond
flour 450 calories that’s right we
talked about the buffalo chicken that I
made from Craig’s blog ruled me calm
that I made that my husband just I
didn’t realize he’d gone back for I
think five servings the cream cheese
right the butter and everything oh yeah
it was good but I I took my one serving
because I knew what
macros were with it and I I made it I
put it inside romaine leaves and ate it
like a like a wrap sort of thing but he
I didn’t see he had kept going back and
then I just look did you finish that
because yeah I’m like just like that
that’s really my point you know I was
kind of having a little fun there but in
the end most of these keto recipes fall
into one or two categories you’ve got
you’ve got recipes like Craig’s kung pao
chicken oh it’s fabulous all people need
to be making that and eating it at least
one so it is on our weekly rotation it’s
mmm but then you take Kendra’s Danish
cinnamon rolls and you know that should
be a birthday treat yeah it’s one of
those things it’s a compliance tool so
it makes eating a ketogenic diet
bearable in social situations sometimes
right so like the kung pao chicken diet
isn’t part of my weekly rotation because
once you add Craig’s stir fried
cauliflower rice into that it is a
calorie bomb so you know I made the kung
pao chicken with the rice for Mother’s
Day one year because my mother-in-law
wanted to order in Chinese food so I
brought that instead you know it’s
interesting because that that pizza just
to go back to it for a sec 450 calories
a slice but if we had made it instead of
using almond flour for the crust if we
had used like a ground chicken breast or
sausage that actually would have dropped
the calories and the carbs by a lot and
then it would have been more like Ike a
complaint would have been meat plus some
vegetables on top and cheese sure yeah
and we’re not all the flowers tasty
almond flour the fat head dough base
stuff I mean none of it is crazy
but from in the context of my weight
loss is not progressing in the manner I
desire knock it off yeah that’s my
message you you’d want to have fat head
Danish and BPC coffees for breakfast
you’re still losing 17 pounds a month
have it or have at it brother you’re
here you don’t ask for help about why
I’m stalled when you’re drinking 800
calories for breakfast and then having a
400 calorie danish he’s nuggie okay all
right so the other thing we need to
consider other than treats are foods
that can have a specific effect on
certain individuals and they are a large
portion of the population of our
memberships we’re talking about people
that have autoimmune disease that have
irritable bowel syndrome that have all
kinds of these inflammatory sort of
conditions I I was really not feeling
well after the holidays from eating you
know the almond deflower things things
with lots of dairy so I cut all that out
and boom all the weight that I gained
came off so that that is something that
is worth while looking into dairy is a
big one I think a lot more people are
sensitive to the casein than we are
and I don’t know you know I know there’s
a lot of stuff about Oh a one versus a
two and honest I don’t know anything
about all that I did yeah you you you
cut out the cheese and the dairy stuff a
shocking number of people will instantly
start losing weight and we we assume
it’s because of inflammation and some
kind of subclinical allergies something
or another inflammatory conditions for a
lot of people it improves things for
them on a neurological level so it’s
easier to function and not try to treat
yourself with food made by that hearing
yeah that’s a claim right there I would
like to hear more yeah well I with with
my son for instance having autism we try
to limit the things like gluten and
casein that could be in a lot of these
low-carb treats so these are proteins
they aren’t curves they’re proteins that
that are in these sort of foods and they
sort of had this this opiate-like effect
well in the body and you know I kind of
I’m with some people they find that
they’ve got this brain fog they feel
fatigued and when you’re feeling tired a
lot of people are more inclined to eat
all right I got so many questions man
you said that when you you cut out these
things you instantly lose weight and
that obviously is not true so if I want
to try eliminating some of these things
one how long do I have to eliminate them
before I expect to see something and to
do I need to be like microscopically
obsessive about it like my sister she
has celiac and she goes to a restaurant
to eat and she gets the manager out
there and she quizzes them on
cross-contamination procedures and you
know she if there is bread crumbs
floating around in the air she leaves
the restaurant what were you gonna do
unless you have a severe allergy or you
have celiac disease you don’t need to be
that regimented about it you really
don’t like some of the
cross-contamination is not an issue but
if you’re following an autoimmune
protocol because you have a disease
usually you need to be doing that for a
minimum of 12 weeks before you start
adding foods back in to try to figure
out exactly what it is that you’re
having this inflammatory response to so
you’re telling me I have a stall and I
have to eliminate what exactly
everything I would start with the top 10
out yes all food no I’m you start with
the top 10 allergens even if you just
want to start with the three main ones
which would be dairy gluten which
usually isn’t a problem and Akita diet
unless you’re having these low-carb
wraps and soy so those are those are the
three main ones soy yeah I disagree with
this top 3 list I it’s complete nonsense
disease those usually
three um there are the things you can
look at to like I know Ben you you
eliminate nightshades right dairy nuts
and nightshades are on my top three
first yeah yeah with me you know and I
deal with people dark you know too so
you know I look at those gluten is
definitely on that list but yeah unless
you’re a pretty liberal keto person
you’re you’re gluten intake should be
very close to zero it the only gluten
that a keto person should get is the
occasional low carb tortilla maybe
occasional or three in the cases really
you really gluten definitely should be
on my top three list I I just when it
comes to people eating a ketogenic diet
dairy is massive right like if you go on
a recipe for everything has cream cheese
cream cheese sour cream mozzarella
cheese one of those three things is in
every single recipe in these cookbooks
you want to render the solids out okay
usually all right well yeah I said no
because the the difference between
people that can’t have butter and the
people who don’t need to worry about
butter is the difference between having
a true deli dairy allergy that’s one who
is sub clinically allergic that is
somebody who is allergic to dairy yeah
and not they are coming into this
knowing that if they’re old enough to
listen to a podcast they already know
dairy make you feel a little bloated a
little crampy or you know is are you
blowing up like a balloon when you eat
it all right next question with gluten
the gluten comes from wheat she’s never
also extended too
other wheat things like whey protein or
casseon or stuff like that gluten can be
in a remarkably wide variety of things
but your real big intakes of gluten are
the keto compromises that are you’re
being sold to that come in boxes and
bags okay
there’s there’s nothing you’re buying
out of the produce section
that has significant amounts of gluten
in it
no it is the it is the low-carb
tortillas there are definitely gluten
particles and a lot of these keto fied
commercial products that if you look at
the back of a nutrition label and you
see 31 carbs and 29 fiber there’s a good
chance that some gluten is in that thing
you do not always but that should be
warning sign and number one yeah so if
gluten and soy is something that you you
have chosen to completely eliminate from
your ketogenic diet you just need to
avoid a lot of these these packaged
foods I I’m just stunned that soy is on
your list I’ve not I would not know I
would definitely say that soy is
inflammatory yeah well so is on my list
mostly because you know what it would
say and it’s a lot of these Atkins
products this food sensitivity thing
very I can go on to some people’s
websites and you can purchase this test
where you go and they you submit you
know spit or something and they they
give you like 300 food sensitivities
based on analyzing your are those legit
the blood ones are it so there’s two
kinds of allergy tests there’s a serum
protein test where they draw a whole
bunch of blood and do some stuff to see
what causes actual reactions to the
antibodies in your actual blood yeah and
then there’s one where they basically
flip you over and give you acupuncture
and in every needle is loaded with a
little bit of stuff everything from the
time yeah yeah everything from horse to
cactus to cassette besides like they
sticking with stuff that you are not
thinking about because the mold mold
mold yeah there are a broad a number of
sensitivities some of its genetic some
of its experiential some of its just
that is what it is you know Dave Asprey
the entire company is founded on the
fact that he’s profoundly allergic to
certain kinds of mold and it led him to
what was literally a lifelong quest to
reduce the mold in his life because it’s
everywhere it’s in coffee which
bulletproof coffee
it became a in obsession with making
mycotoxin free coffee because the mold
and coffee was messing him up he has all
this crazy
you should watch his documentary about
mold where he’s like goes through all
this stuff he has these hermetic sealed
air-conditioning vents and all this
crazy stuff that goes on even Chris
master John was just complaining about
how he had one of those in window air
conditioners and mold started growing
under it because of the condensation
that happens and he was he felt like he
was being like chronic illness that he
had to move to get away Wow yeah and
that’s that’s a common story for people
that are that sensitive yeah there could
be a lot more besides dairy nuts soy
nightshades gluten that’s right I I want
a poopoo on most of that yeah and here’s
my thought this live attest are nonsense
do not waste your money that does not
give you anything decent I don’t even
know what that would test that would be
clinically interesting yeah if you are
have done elimination diets and noticed
profound changes and you want to get to
the bottom of it going to an allergist
and having both si si si think your skin
can be allergic to something that your
body is not allergic to
any part of your body can be allergic to
food right a tissue can be sensitive to
it that the tissue next to it may not be
your your intestine may be profoundly
sensitive to gluten proteins but your
brain is perfectly fine with them
floating around yep so you never really
know and change over time like I heard
about one of my friends she had a flu
and after the flu she’s allergic to
chicken sure it’s very possible I had
that happened she developed a pork
allergy after after a flu you wouldn’t
believe the number of people who develop
profound autoimmune disease following
pregnancy well yeah
it’s weird the stuff that can trip off
this hypersensitivity to certain
compounds prevent you from losing weight
because you’re inflamed we can’t explain
exactly why I have a theory that global
inflammation causes an insulin
resistance yeah that makes it less
likely for your body at reasonable
levels of insulin to release energy from
storage and instead it down regulates
your metabolism if I’m truly concerned
about this can I go to my doctor and get
like a inflammation tests to see if
that’s what’s going on yes there are
lots of tests about this it is a it’s a
biomarker of your health I mean mmm
there’s called the CRP test you can get
a high sensitivity CRP test and you can
actually track it over time to see kind
of what goes on people with autoimmune
disease watch that marker very carefully
to make sure that they’re managing their
levels of inflammation one of the cool
things you can do is take someone who’s
on a generally normal diet and just
remove all the omega-6 like granola and
soy proteins and soy oils and all you
just go through a fatty acid cleanup and
their inflammation will go way down
he’s go see don’t ask me to explain
exactly why you have such strong
reaction but you that can also happen
from just removing a lot of the sugar I
mean remember the old fat head movie he
CRP test done and then at the end of it
his inflammation mark first went way
down and he went from like a you know a
clean mostly vegetarian diet that his
wife was feeding him to eating Wendy’s
and stuff like that well it’s just from
reducing a lot of the sugar I’m going
tomorrow I’m gonna get it done yeah it
inflammation is definitely a big deal
for anybody who’s on the diabetic
spectrum as well and that’s one of the
reasons why glucose control is so
important is because it is that
inflammation process that leads to all
the problems that are not directly
related to glucose toxicity
I’ve been written that that’s really the
root cause of cardiovascular disease
right 100% yeah I was saying that you
know people that have had heart attacks
they’re either diabetic or they’re just
undiagnosed diabetic some like that
that’s why I love what claim right there
I’ve seen a lot of cardiologists said
there’s there’s some famous
cardiologists who’s quoted as saying
that but yeah there’s a lot of people
that think that and you know we don’t
know but boy is there a mountain of
evidence to make that claim be very
difficult to argue with make sense to me
I was reading this article that I have
seen malhotra okay yeah leading
cardiologist and britain i guess okay
that’s that’s so that was he was saying
that there’s just there’s zero evidence
connecting fat consumption with
cardiovascular disease but inflammation
is a killer yep all right let’s get back
to the stalls again one of the common
colleague advice for stalls is just cut
back carbs harder
yeah reduce the carbs and up the fat
then up the fat watch out for that carb
creep are you eating too many broccolis
that’s right bulletproof coffee right
what you need to do is drink coconut oil
and cut the broccoli out to break you
this is advice of a fairly large I’ve
got to stop right there you’re Savage
you’re not a nice person Ben normally I
would name names on this particular one
I’m gonna take a soft putt on this one
but you know who you are ya carb creep
man they’re always talking about carb
creep is it the carb creep are you being
your vegetables button there is a
profound difference in carbohydrate form
of intake and you take intracellular
carbohydrate in the form of broccoli the
way that then hits your body versus an
almond flour hamburger bun very
different situation what if it’s an
almond flour cupcake with w chocolate
chips in it well see that’s called the
slippery slope carb creep I want see see
how this works
the the seduction of the recipe group
I’m telling you folks just unsubscribe
it’s the best thing you can do for real
all the sites don’t read it like two
pounds of broccoli is that gonna blow me
out of ketosis absolutely oh no you get
to interesting when you start talking
about extremes and a lot of it has to do
with how healthy your gut is how
effective your chewing technique is like
there but you laugh Karen but tell me
this isn’t true if I took two
pounds of broccoli and put them through
a centripetal juicer and fed them to you
would that knock you out of Contessa
absolutely would I believe it would do
whereas two pounds of broccoli chewed no
yep I don’t know why well I dunno why
but you were talking about almonds was
it on the almond yeah yeah so if you
don’t chew your almonds
any complaints please Karen any legal
claims by the estate’s Erin an impulsive
kid oh yeah it’s the only thing you get
the Holman discount if you don’t treat
all their discount that’s it tags right
along back to reasonable things are a
big discount thank you well don’t okay
see I like to chew that’s my problem
this is why I’m fat then you’ve over
chewed your almonds you’re a chewer cuts
back on the mastication yeah it’s either
the chewing or the mold under the carpet
I don’t know that’s one or two it’s
gotta be that it can’t be the peanut
butter okay Karen that I’ve just had an
inspiration I’ve got a new series of
YouTube videos stop you need to cut out
that chewing that’s what’s doing you’re
wrong did your head the game swallowing
sardines hold be fantastic that’s what
I’m saying it’s like a diet were
swallowing things without this could
catch on all right this is the next
piece of
hmm the next piece of wisdom from some
of our colleagues oh you’re eating too
much protein
I think protein is insula genic fen and
insulin makes drives you know your fat
storage so if you have high insulin
you’re gonna get fat so protein makes
you fat it can make it very difficult
for you to unfetter
mmm but not in the way that you think
okay the keto gains goobers like to coin
turn the phrase protein into chocolate
cake that’s their love saying that
because it’s an oversimplification of
some sort of deranged gluconeogenesis
yeah problem is that actually can in
diabetics first off in second half that
that’s actually not the complaint the
complaint is the insulin causing
interference to an adipocyte releasing
its lipid droplet and becoming insulin
storage mode rather than in energy
storage mode rather than energy release
mode so if you are someone who is wildly
insulin resistant and most likely on the
diabetic spectrum protein may be
problematic for you especially if you’re
especially if you’re exceeding
reasonable doses and this would be
somewhere around 30 to 45 grams per meal
if you eat a hundred so if you eat sixty
grams as a diabetic the insulin
provocation you receive is double what a
normal person will receive well insulin
can have a tail as long as 12 hours so
you’ve now doubled down on insulin and
for the next up to 12 hours
you cannot lose body fat
oops it’s not that the protein turned a
chocolate cake no that the protein
locked the dead bolt on the warehouse
and then ran for the hills for half a
day you know and then then I think the
confusion comes with diabetic seeing
wonky mourning numbers after you know a
brisket fest the night before right yeah
and that’s a that’s a whole other thing
that has to do with overnight there’s
these funny things that are in this axis
come all the HPA it deals with the you
know glucagon and insulin axis and you
know if your sugar goes high or too low
and it depends on the circadian rhythm
but in the middle of the night your
liver will make some sugar to wake your
brain up and if that trips off too much
insulin and your blood sugar goes low
too much glucose releases gng process is
the regular it’s very complex
biologically and the end result is if
you’re diabetic likely you make too much
sugar in the middle of the night and
your sugars get too high in the middle
of the night and medication can help
with that like even just metformin or
berberine yeah but that’s not how about
a chocolate cake it’s causing your brain
organs your metabolic mom and say
overcompensating because the typical
substrate regulations are deranged in
your disease yes I just I really hate
that expression that simplification it’s
a cute turn of phrase no I I think it’s
because some people actually kind of
were making that claim because they
found a wiki pedia
found gluconeogenesis and went oh look
protein can turn into glucose therefore
protein turns into glucose therefore
don’t eat protein and they they linked
to this this thing that they read with
their experience with reading after you
know having a pound of salmon and more
to it than that but suffice it to say
in general more protein is not causing
you to stall but it is possible that you
may be more insulin resistant than you
think and your per meal dose needs to be
very carefully managed and what no more
than 4:45 in preferably 30 grams per
meal if you are in an insulin resistant
pre-diabetic state that that may help
your body shift faster from a state of
nutrient storage to a state of nutrient
disbursement that is in fact the
definition of weight loss is using
energy from storage that’s what you want
and that’s also one of the reasons why
fasting is a complementary effort to a
well-designed ketogenic diet because by
fasting you increase the amount of time
that insulin has to reach its lowest
levels which allow the greatest amount
of fat to come out of storage yeah to me
this is key for a person who has reached
a stall with the reasonable ketogenic
diet is meal timing it’s one of our key
components of the impulsive keto
protocols this eating at the appropriate
times and having an adequate amount of
time for that insulin Holliday and that
specifically that’s two separate meals
separated by four hours to give your
insulin time to settle down for is good
six is better but yeah okay the
digestion time I mean the digestion
cycle is four to six hours and it
depends on what you’re eating and how
good of a chewer you are I have to chew
it I was joking about that before but I
don’t have fantastic digestion so unless
I’m having a digestive enzymes with my
food and chewing adequately then it’s
six hours yeah and the pH of the meal
can have some interesting influence on
that too but in general
four to six hours is about there’s the
sweet spot for perfection yeah so you
have to move between you don’t snack in
between with us it’s sort of a habit if
you’ve been eating a lot of
carbohydrates that you know you’re
hungry every couple of hours and so
you’re sort of eating more of the well
this is just how I eat I eat every two
to three hours when it’s not necessary
with a well-constructed
ketogenic diet what if I just don’t want
to do that what if I just want to have
one meal a day you can just I wouldn’t
recommend it every day
Ben was talking earlier about the 30 30
to 45 grams of protein and that’s that’s
necessary to get the appropriate amount
of amino acids for muscle protein
synthesis so what’s gonna happen if you
consistently do a one meal a day
protocol like every day it for weeks on
ends you will lose weight but you the
percentage of what you’re losing of
muscle would be greater as opposed to if
you’re eating two separate pulses a day
to get that that muscle sparing effect
that the ketogenic diet is and you have
an advantage for that okay so what if
I’m you know do I want to do it like
what every other thing I don’t know then
with it the one meal a day any time that
I’ve done it it’s sort of been an
accident that I meant to eat two meals a
day and I’ve only ended up eating one I
know I don’t mind it like once or twice
a week anything over that I’ve seen
people run into issues right I think dr.
Fung had a really good way of explaining
this which is feast as long as you fast
so if you’re doing a 24-hour fast you
should have a 24-hour normal feeding
cycle following that yeah that would be
the minimum reset period
for me this is never an option it’s not
possible for me to maintain my lean body
mass my level of athletic performance my
recovery and specially eating one big
meal without taking massive amounts of
digestive enzymes and chewing til my jar
129th of protein I’m gonna put 120 grams
of protein in front of you as chicken
breast I don’t think you could finish it
because you will physically be tired of
chewing before you get through it it is
bizarre how hard it is to eat a hundred
twenty grams protein whey you can’t do
it without liquid shakes and then you
know now you’re getting into a bunch of
weirdo you know short-circuit processes
and you know then you worry about uptake
and loosing maximum potentials and by
that I can make a big argument about
this one day and for you know keto
Fitness post but my point of view is Oh
Matt is not awesome
I don’t recommend it I think for people
that are only doing one or two fast a
week it makes sense but if that’s your
you’d be much better served by doing one
or two longer fast a week and then doing
68 the rest of the time so that you can
more regularly have a to pulses a day
which I believe is kind of the minimum
unless you are extremely sedentary you
know I tried this at the beginning I
don’t know Ben remembers but it’s before
I started doing overnight fasting I
tried to do the one meal a day and I
just couldn’t do it it was just too much
food all at once
sorry ladies so this was part one of our
stall show in part two we’re going to be
covering our thoughts on how to use
exercise and then we’ve kind of got a
grab bag of miscellaneous questions
medications electrolytes trace minerals
we want to spend some time talking about
sleep again to make sure that
but he understands how important that is
in this but I thought today was to
really get into what we believe is the
low-hanging fruit making sure that
you’re keeping track of your food and
that you’re maintaining a calorie
deficit if you hear nothing from this
show hear that
calorie deficit Eagles weight loss if
you’re not losing weight the first thing
you must be suspicious about is your
calorie intake if you are 100 percent
confident that that’s not the problem
then you look at the nutrient timing
those two things solve most awls and
that’s usually all it takes Oh snacks
get rid of the keto treats get your
macro straight problem solved for most
folks and then there’s the food
sensitivities that we talked about with
the dairy and the ghee and the
nightshades and the soy yeah I think in
the next show we’ll get into that a
little bit more and talk about some of
these other random things and then I
really want to spend some time talking
about exercise as well
one of the components of insulin
resistance that we have not emphasized
sufficiently and it’s an oversight on
our part and I’ve been trying to
increase my rhetoric on this and this
show is kind of a great place to plant a
flag on that which is insulin resistance
is an energy balance problem but losing
the weight does not reclaim your insulin
resistance you have to retrain the
muscles to become insulin sensitive you
can make room in your fat cells but that
does not mean that the rest of your body
is suddenly going to be insulin
sensitive that just means you can store
energy so your glucose becomes more
stable that does not necessarily mean
that your body’s efficiently using the
insulin hormone in the way that it ought
to be and exercise is the only mechanism
we have to manipulate that status so
we’ll talk about how to do that in the
next show good something you just scared
off half of our audience I know
forget it
get off the train now yeah exercise can
be as simple as 20 minutes walking
around the block I’m I’m not gonna have
every one of you lifting barbells
although I wish I could it’s a
discussion there’s there’s a lot there’s
a wide range of effective things that
you can do there’s optimal and effective
and we’ll discuss them all coming up in
episode 32 stalls part two I’m looking
forward to
no one in this podcast is a provider of
health care and our discussion is based
on things we read on the Internet
it’s not an intent to render medical
community institution and the view in
their doctor decision
the treatment diagnosis and especially
impact research
once Jeffrey with retarded our ability
their meditation before
Trishna birth or fashionable
mini-vacations are known incompatible
upon their past
he’s a friend of a powerful
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