Using the ketogenic diet for weight loss but getting frustrated with lack of progress? Ben, Karen, and Jen reveal the tips and tricks keto coaches use to break a weight loss stall.  In part 1 we discussed how to tell if you’re really stalling and then got into the finer points of food choice, macros and meal timing.  Part 2 covers exercise and a host of other potential issues that can be at the root of weight loss stalls.

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Topics covered in this show


  • Are you totally sedentary?  Get moving a bit anyway
  • Are you exercising a lot?  Building muscle/gaining lean muscle mass, vs overtraining
  • Over training (Crossfit is bad, m’kay)

Other factors

  • Have your fat deposits changed from being somewhat firm to “jiggly”?
  • Are you on medications (steroids, etc) that could cause an issue?
  • How about your electrolytes, following our recommendations?
  • Tried cutting out all sweeteners?
  • Take a booze holiday for troubleshooting purposes
  • Micronutrient deficiencies that can cause stalls
  • Are you pretty stressed?
  • Gut health – probiotics?
  • Sleep
  • Chronic calorie restriction with metabolic damage (HcG) — how can RMR/metabolic damage be measured? Mitigated?
  • Hormone factors (menstrual cycle, thyroid issues, PCOS)


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[Music] well hello and welcome to another
edition of the impulsive keto gap I’m
your host Ben McDonald impulsive keto is
a simple form of the ketogenic diet that
Karen and I developed in response to
helping thousands of people adopt
nutritional change we believe that the
traditional macro approach in Quito is
too complex for new people and too
burdensome for long-term use our model
is no macros no counting just a simple
palm sized piece of meat two cups of low
carb veggies and enough fat to cook with
by eating twice a day and no snacks you
were using your own body’s biology to
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crown so this is episode 32 or 31 and a
half depending on how you’re counting it
our topic today is stalls part do to
help me dig into this subject I’m joined
by Karen I’m not seeing your last name
because I don’t know how to say it haha
Oh Jill v oj oh girl they give me now
see I would have said Ogilvie its
Ogilvie yeah that’s okay it’s fine
cool so Jill v/o Hill V is that what
your that’s your claim is that as the
correct pronunciation of that spelling
is Ogilvie it’s I’m sorry mayor Karen
O’Malley is now Karen Ogilvie that
that’s that’s the claim of that
Irish I’m Scottish well see that’s the
thing here you are with the Montreal
Canada pronunciation you okay elevate it
instead of me I see oh like Oh be a star
an ad in a5 you’re Irish here this is
what it is you’re it’s not acceptable
yeah I’m not even sure what to say about
this ugly at over 300 pounds autism mom
Karen Ogilvie was on the fast-track to
diabetes with an a1c of 6.2 and now
she’s down a hundred and twenty pounds
and an a1c of four point eight she’s on
the home stretch for her nutritional
board exams here what in March in March
yeah Carol means quiet karen leads a
team of enthusiastic knowledgeable
volunteers of the impulsive keto Network
along with Diane Cummins inspiring
others to achieve their health and
wellness goals through simple food
selection and meal timing ladies and
gentlemen I would like to point out that
I can’t even make it through the own
intro that she wrote for herself without
being interrupted and commented upon
this is the life of a broadcaster in the
ketogenic world you really got to stop
asking me questions in the middle I mean
I think you you know you’re experienced
enough that you can get through it
without my help
that’s really the key is to not take a
breath so that you can’t get a word in
noted duly noted
yeah you’re leaving yourself open for
this Ben who is that voice it must be
Jennifer Klieman and thank you for the
correct pronunciation she I know how to
say that one my partner in crime
damn right Jennifer is a former type-2
diabetic who’s lost over a hundred
pounds and reversed her kidney disease
using a ketogenic diet
she’s an active moderator in the
impulsive keto group and she volunteers
her time helping others reclaim their
health and she got a 4.6 a1c which we
now believe may actually be too low yeah
4.6 and then
bands like you know really low a once
these are linked to hypothyroidism and
like uh-oh I have hypothyroidism so yeah
okay yes so don’t be so proud of
yourself for your health conditions
there hey hey 4.6 is a heck of a lot
better than 12.1 well yeah your dad down
from 12.1 well good that’s not the good
story I ate a lot of ice cream Ben yeah
you did so we won I have to do this math
now what is this calculate a yeah like
three 300 something I don’t even I’m
scared to push the button twelve point
one you said yeah going from nine going
from nine to twelve is pure Oreos right
there so something else the audience may
not know is the a1c is actually got some
bias in it once it gets over about ten
and a half it actually is a
representation of the fasted in a fasted
glucose not the postprandial so that’s a
way that is a 301 fasted I mean a 301
so that is impressive right there that
that’s 450 500 postprandial bad I think
you could have used my blood as a kind
of disgusting red pancake syrup nice and
not far from the truth well and that was
the etiology of your kidney disease
right mmm-hmm that that was definitely
the cause and then got worse a little
bit and then I got better thank you no
thank you keto indeed that is truly
life-threatening levels of glucose way
too much ice cream
well surely your journey down ladies has
been focused on a smooth and consistent
1.5 pounds per week no bumps no troubles
easy peasy as you please II Oh totally
that’s how it works a smooth consistent
line every week
down another whatever it is shawls would
never happen to such professionals as
yourselves good day
absolutely not no I I didn’t lose 80
pounds in six months and then fight for
a year and a half for the next 40
totally didn’t happen it’s same same
with me I lost about 80 pounds pretty
quickly and smoothly and then 20 pounds
I fought for and then I’ve been at about
10 pounds over what I would like to be
yet for the past year and a half and
I’ve been trying to tweak it to get that
last 10 pounds off and I just don’t know
what literally on my screen right now as
a p.m. with somebody where I say that’s
gonna work for about a month and then
you can try it my way no it is
unfortunate that this ease of
weight-loss when you first start does
not continue on for many there are
several stalls along the way the this
series was designed to try and identify
both some of the more common and kind of
lar larger easy low-hanging fruit
problems and we talked about that with
measuring and macros in the last episode
and in this episode we thought we’d
speak to exercise and talk about some of
the more maybe niche stuff little dinky
stuff you know micronutrients sleep
metabolic damage from things like HCG
stuff yeah
so let’s talk about exercise now Karen
you have a pretty interesting story
about exercise because one of the
reasons that you and I actually ended up
becoming buddies was your stall and my
suggestions for how you could work on
that stall using exercise yeah I mean I
wasn’t very happy with the progress that
I was making after about a couple months
and so I tried to employ some HIIT
workouts right away I went headlong I
did just bright into it
and and it didn’t work I was I was
exercising above my level so you know we
had some discussions and I joined an
aqua fit class and that helped a lot
when I was starting off as an exercising
novice so what wasn’t working about it
it was too much I mean I was already
dealing with with inflammation I have
issues with certain foods and if I if I
add exercise on top of that that is
above my level I simply do not lose
weight my metabolism comes to a
screeching halt right I see so you know
it I think it’s very important if you to
exercise you need to move especially if
you’re dealing with insulin resistance
that is key but you can’t exercise above
your level it’s important to know when
to say when you need a rest day and and
you need to not get to the point where
you know you’re you’re swollen from the
knees down from jumping around in front
of the TV don’t listen to those those
people on certain reality TV shows that
say you know you need to run until you
puke don’t do that
diet and exercise that’s what everybody
knows right more exercise and more diet
means more weight loss it’s just math
yeah well with me you know I kind of
look at exercise as different sort of
thing like I I know you know if you
watched those TV shows that I referenced
before they would there talk about
hitting your calorie burn exercise is a
poor way to restrict energy or to burn
up energy that you’ve eaten it’s just
it’s not efficient what’s better is just
to employ a couple of days of fasting
and then eat well in between but so
let’s pause that and back up a little
bit because I don’t think we frame this
well enough let’s talk about exercise
and its role in weight loss
well I exercise not for the number on
the scale that I want it’s for the the
body that I want so it’s for my mental
health and it’s for for looking more
sheep me what I read said that the key
to long-term weight loss maintenance is
to be able to continue the behaviors
that you adopted during your weight loss
so if I had to exercise my eyeballs out
in order to lose weight I’m not gonna
keep that up yeah well Scott went
through a similar instance like that
where he did the cardio thing to get
down to his go away and then he gained
all of it back before he discovered keto
right that huh yeah that’s right
that’s got to cause more harm in the
long run
yo-yo is not good because when you yo-yo
back up
most of that fat will end up being a
visceral an ectopic fat not you’re safer
sub cute fat we’re actually just talking
with someone last night about that I
think yeah we were talking about that
said you know that where does the fat
come off first when you’re when you’re
fasting when you’re employing
intermittent fasting or alternate day
fasting and it seems like you know if
you’re just eating consistently every
day you’re following the standard advice
of cutting back calories and exercising
that it can come off pretty much
anywhere a little bit at a time but if
you’re if you’re doing for me my
experience if you’re doing keto and
fasting it came off my waist first which
is awesome all right well let’s let’s
see let’s make a claim about exercises
role in weight loss as our official
stances exercise is an important part of
overall health and wellness that’s right
exercise is very difficult to generate
sufficient calorie deficit to justify
long periods of exercise because of the
back side of that is the profound levels
of inflammation that come
with it we also believe that resistance
training is appropriate for folks at all
stages of metabolic health no no no I
just don’t want to do it oh I see you’re
you’re afraid of a little barbell a
little heavy weight
um I am yeah here’s the thing ladies
your bones will grow in response to
being loaded your bones are not made out
of calcium your bones are made out of
protein you know that right yep that’s
why we need boil bones you get protein
soup whereas a protein come from from
the bone that’s right little babies
bounce instead of break – because they
don’t have enough calcium to stratify
the bone it’s just all protein and
rubbery yeah so I can take a chicken
bone you never did this in like fifth
grade you take like chicken bones bunch
of vinegar and it’s absorbs all the
calcium out from the acidity but leaves
the protein in place so you can like
bend it and stick it into a coke bottle
and stuff yeah somebody who had a
metabolic bone disorder where there is a
flexible no that house yeah it was
everything yes all right now I’m pretty
excited about I found it I finally found
a personal trainer that I am really keen
on so she’s got her all set up in her
house cool and we’re gonna work on that
okay I’ll give a shout at Hannah hi Ted
yeah I think for most people it’s
important to do some sort of exercise
now I have a slightly unique take on
this which is I believe that exercise is
important for cardiovascular health more
than anything else I think in general
the obese have cardiovascular issues
diabetics have vascular issues getting
the blood pumping in a healthy
and fitness creating way is favorable
for I’m direct evidence of that you know
I’m wearing a continuous glucose monitor
for the last couple of months and I can
see when I’m sitting around on my butt
for too long it is not you know I start
the you know it’s not good for the
glucose but what I it does a little bit
or at least it doesn’t go down to you
know kind of a fasted state yeah so but
if I get up on my treadmill and I go you
know work it hard for ten minutes it
gets right in the zone right away and
one of the things that you’ll see me say
on the boards which is an
oversimplification and drives some of
the more technical nerds over on
optimizing nutrition crazy because he
you have to give the sugar somewhere to
go oh yeah I don’t like when I say that
but if you think about that that’s what
you’re doing
is by moving you’re giving that energy
that sugar somewhere to go and through a
very complex series of biological stuff
that doesn’t need to be explained for
the context of shaking your Fanny yeah
the sugar will go and I was what Jen
describes I want to give Jenna’s near
ideal weight and and she’s worked really
hard on her insulin resistance but I
just want to give warning to people that
are just starting and are still you know
at a state of severe metabolic
derangement that you will if you take
your glucose an hour after a fairly
intense workout you will see that it is
spiked and that is insulin resistance at
play it’s nothing to really be alarmed
about you’ll see you know two hours
post-workout that it starts to go down
and then at around three hours you’ll
see that you’re actually at a much more
optimal blood glucose level than you
were before the workout that’s right and
if you’re someone that’s insulin
dependent like a type one or someone who
has insulin insufficiency yes like a
late-stage diabetic
dosing for exercise is just part of what
you have to do to its right let’s talk
sisse t yeah what little pain and
pressure creates opportunity in the
longer term and that flux is retraining
your insulin sensitivity those glute 4
receptors to receive that that glucose
in a favorable way and start to pull
sugar and get have somewhere for it to
go so it’s something you should do even
if it does make your sugar go up a
little bit and if it makes your sugar go
up too high then you manage that just
like you would any other glucose
management that’s right I have heard
that one should not attempt exercise if
their glucose is really high like above
275 okay so that’s a sick person who’s
under medical care but you you show me
someone with 275 walking around glucose
and I’m gonna dart them in the neck with
a blowgun full of insulin it’s not
acceptable to walk at least suggest an
appointment Logan that is a that is a
profound acute level of blood glucose
toxicity it will cause immediate and
irreversible damage and yet you don’t
happen to be in in North Carolina near
Benin his blowgun you might want to make
an appointment with your endocrinologist
let me explain why that’s relevant okay
because what happens is people you know
there are a point next point where their
doctor is in a few weeks and they’re you
know they’re their glucose is high and
they’ve heard that walking or exercise
will leave and lower your glucose and so
they want to lower their glucose well so
if it lowers their glucose is that okay
if they’re a 275 and you know or what
what should they do let’s be clear if
you’re walking around with blood Sugar’s
over 150 160
that’s that aren’t postprandial levels
yeah you’re diabetic you need medication
you need medical support yes sir it
necessarily need insulin but you you
need help your insulin resistance has
progressed to level the disease state
and that disease state must be managed
for your health and wellness because if
you’re walking around 160 you’re hitting
250 300 with a meal even what a keto
meal it’s not good that is problematic
alright so don’t just walk it off so my
my comment is if someone is in that
situation they already sick and in need
of medical care and shouldn’t be
listening to bozos Yap on the Internet
thank you
in general for the typical pre-diabetic
ever so slightly raised glucose levels
of the typical fat guy moving around is
gonna raise those sugars for a little
bit for a little while but it’s gonna
give that sugar somewhere to go and it’s
gonna teach your cells how to use energy
for movement even just walking around
the block for 20 minutes three times a
week is a pretty effective dose of
exercise especially let’s think about it
if you’re 280 pounds and you haul that
big butt all the way around the block
you’re you were essentially carrying a
hundred pounds of fat in a backpack
hiking around your neighborhood yeah
that is that is a that is a farmer’s
walk in every sense of the word that is
true exercise and that’s what I try and
people get it very enthusiastic
especially on the keto Fit board they’ll
they’ll show up and they’ll be like hey
I’m training for a half marathon or this
10k it’s like oh cool you know what’s
your current high weight 5 8 280 pounds
whoa you’re gonna run a 10k about a
hundred pounds overweight really well I
heard that every pound that you’re
overweight puts 5 pounds
on your joints yeah it’s one of these
things where there’s a square in that
formula so you can you can end up with
like 1600 psi on your knees from jogging
which is not what your knees are
designed that would be really
disappointing if somebody’s you know
thinking that they’re doing all the
right things they’ve got the best of
intentions and then they end up injuring
themselves and that interferes with
their progress that is heartbreaking
when that happens and we’ve seen it
happen a few times very common where
there’s actually a thread cooking right
now where someone has had a lot of
weight loss but they haven’t reclaimed
the posture of a thin person whose
thighs do not rub together so they’re
running bowlegged it’s causing them to
heel strike and have profound levels of
blood blisters oh yeah I write that the
feet thing yeah dad you guys know that
and everybody’s like oh you have this
crazy vascular disease no no you have
fat people my thighs would catch fire
walking gait mechanic problems yeah
that’s what happens is people get into
these mechanics because they’re they’re
used to being you have to relearn how to
be a human and that’s why we do not
encourage extended cardio stuff or
extreme cardio stuff running a marathon
as your celebration of losing 50 pounds
and becoming 200 pounds for the first
time in 20 years is a bad plan because
your body’s not ready for that marathon
I got a Fitbit and my Fitbit has a
setting but if I haven’t gotten at least
250 steps every hour it you know
everything with 10 minutes left in the
hour so like ever like 50 minutes like
in three minutes it’s about the buzz me
okay first made a practice I’m not gonna
do it right now but going and hitting
the treadmill for that 10 minutes
great I get ten minutes of blood pumping
and then back to my desk job and that’s
really healthy for your metabolism too
because that’ll actually keep you in
that that that slightly elevated heart
rate mode
and increase your your TDE a little bit
so it’s good back when I was really
obsessed about calories I heard
something that like if you get your you
know whatever amount of if you get your
heart rate up to whatever then it
increases the amount of calories you
burned by like 10% for that day or
something there is some conjecture yeah
there is a concept called the after burn
yeah and it has to do with some
metabolic adaptations and the thermal
effect of food and the thermal effect of
replenishing glycogen and all this other
stuff and in the end it’s not something
you should bank on other than to just
generally know that it’s good for you in
that when it happens yeah it’s not it’s
not a claim you would want to hang your
hat on and adjust your macros
accordingly to which is what some people
do they go oh I exercise every day so
let me bump up my calories will tell you
to do it right yeah you don’t want to
like deprive yourself and lose lean
muscle mass or whatever the people say I
get right well if you’re if you’re
following the impulsive keto protocols
that won’t happen right all right in
general we think that it’s important
that you exercise not because of the
amount of calories you’re gonna burn I
swear you guys have no idea how bad
these machines are it s maybe a laries
you’re burning I sent a screenshot to
vet about what MyFitnessPal said about
an hour Zumba class I think it was like
900 calories abroad fantastic I’m like
I’m gonna eat like a whole stack of
chicken wings
you’re like 260 pounds at the time as I
recall – yeah yeah just an hour Zumba
told me it was yeah it was like eight
hundred nine hundred I’m like wow oh
yeah well that’s simple post stuff all
the time about these treadmill machines
they’re like hey I burned 400 calories
in this 25 minutes
you know slightly aggressive walking on
the trip whoa no you didn’t know you did
now there are some machines that
actually are capable of doing some
pretty good calorie projections and if
your machine tracks watts and that would
be things like fancy bike trainers yeah
and see rowing machines things where
they’re actually getting a force
projection of wattage you can actually
make a pretty reasonable projection of
calorie burn and concept to rower is a
really good way of doing that there are
a few spin bikes out there that have
some fancy gizmos on them certainly you
can get some telemetry for any bike that
you may be riding out on the world and
get cadence and watts and heart rate
data and calculate your calories really
as accurate as you ever could want to I
mean plus or minus 3/5 percent if you
can get heartrate and wattage you got a
you got a pretty good formula there but
the problem is for data junkies I mean
it’s not it it doesn’t matter that’s
right it did nobody cares because ok so
take take someone who’s pretty well
conditioned if I hop on my rowing
machine and I really hoof it and I mean
who who fit for an hour like trying to
impress people if I’m lucky I’m burning
600 calories an hour yeah but that’s
someone who can who fit on a rowing
machine like good I if Karen did that
300 if she was lucky yeah well I
wouldn’t be working that hard because it
would not feel right you wouldn’t be
able to when you will be old sustain it
you don’t have the fitness to do it
no and that’s my point is if you get on
a treadmill for an hour and you think
you did more than 400 calories you are
incorrect especially if you’re
overweight it’s just not it’s not how
that works but it doesn’t it doesn’t
matter so you think okay model you’re
just gonna eat your two meals a day
anyway right well that’s the thing what
are you gonna do it just how much food
you’re eating oh I’m gonna put extra
butter on my pork rind because I
an extra 10 minutes today I don’t
understand like what what would you do
differently with that information just
go by hunger I mean if I’ve been
exercising and I’ve been and I’ve been
fasting frequently which you know when
everything’s going right that’s what I
do it’s every second day usually then
I’m instead of 4 ounces I might have 6
ounces of chicken now there are some
exercises that are more favorable to
weight loss than others for health
strength training and low intensity
cardio are probably the two best for
obese high intensity training is great
but no one who is in the category of
obese should be doing anything that has
that as a description so what we
advocate is that someone look for a
program a very simple raising your heart
rate 180 – age and do that for 20 to 45
minutes three or four times a week
that’s about right in addition if you
can figure out how to put something
heavy in your hands and pick it up and
set it down a few times that’ll help a
lot – and that becomes more important as
you continue to reclaim your health it
is that strength and skeletal muscle
that can actually make a pretty decent
difference in your ability to be healthy
but also that insulin resistance if you
start teaching your muscles to burn
energy that they’ll burn it and though
in order to do that they need to be
responsive to insulin so you know you
start solving problems when you do that
and then for anybody who’s getting older
your bones start to diminish that sposta
menopause your estrogen levels go down
that means that your bones need to be
stimulated in order to retain that
calcium so in addition to vitamin D
vitamin K you would want to add
resistance training and that’s the best
things that you can do to keep your
bones strong and healthy well you know
as long as you want to do that you know
been I said I was scared of the
bells but really it’s more about
incorporating exercise in a way in my
life that works for me and what I’ve
found actually on your recommendation is
I got a set of kettlebells and I use
those while I’m watching TV and I get a
good workout and then I will say that
there are six kettlebells sitting in
from my television right now I’m looking
at them I’ve got a set a 20 DBS a set of
30 set of 45s and then a few kettlebells
and that’s one of the ways that I sneak
in a little exercise too when I’m trying
to relax a little bit yeah it’s a great
way to incorporate that in for me with
the sitting there with my family and
socializing and I don’t feel like I’m
just decomposing while sitting on the
couch right I like it I think that’s
good I do not want folks to go whole hog
on exercise especially the obese and
especially first to who are new to
fitness the the thing that seems to be
very popular right now is the CrossFit
in the couch to 5k the air these are bad
ideas you have more than 30 pounds to
lose those program models are not for
you in general those kinds of programs
are gonna promote a level of
overtraining that your body is not
prepared for it and let me expand on
that for a little bit and again this is
my point of view based on my experience
other folks may have different points of
view and it’s difficult to say that
they’re wrong and I’m right
I can only say I’m right does that make
sense yeah and that is if you start
training a lot while you’re losing a lot
of weight especially on an aggressive
program like our you know hash tag met
on the impulsive keto model you are
creating profound levels of reactive
oxidative species you’re creating an
oxidative load that will provoke
inflammation now certain amount of
inflammation is good that actually is
the thing you’re exercising to create
inflammation that’s how exercise works
but there’s a tipping point where that
can actually be very bad for your
weight-loss progress and one of the
things that we see very commonly
especially in the CrossFit community is
people doing 60-minute wads while
they’re 45 pounds overweight new to the
gym life and their way spun up on their
inflammation ready to handle that level
of volume load and it is unfavorable to
their weight loss and all of a sudden
back to twice a week and then poof the
weight starts coming back off they feel
better they sleep better everything
starts coming back into focus they don’t
look so puffy they recover better
let’s go you’ve exceeded your body’s
capacity to recover because of the
compounding of training stress plus
metabolic stress okay so let’s say I am
exercising and then I hit a weight loss
stall then I’m gonna know I’m overdoing
it if you know just kind of feel that
way I mean how much should i pair it
back recovery informs training volume
for the rookies if you are going to the
gym four days a week and you’re waking
up sore every day and it’s not getting
that soreness isn’t going away you’re
you know on Monday you lifted 125 pounds
and on by Wednesday you’re only lifting
115 oh that’s that’s what overtraining
looks like okay thanks it’s my number
one sign is how are you recovering and
that could be informed by a couple of
different things you can be informed by
overtraining or nutrition or sleep but a
lot of times it if somebody says hey I’m
a crossfitter and I’m you know having a
lot of trouble with soreness and being
weak what do you think’s going on should
I add more salt likely the answer
is you need to switch your membership
program from the four day a week program
to the two day a week program well I can
say definitively the overtraining has
never been a personal problem among
really enough it has been a problem for
me a couple of times until I gave my
head a shake and it can be something
that people are afraid of they don’t
have time they don’t have motivation it
doesn’t feel good for some people and I
I totally get that
for me it certainly is a a consistent
part of my life especially as far as its
ability to kind of provide stress relief
a meditative state it’s a mind it’s like
some people watch TV and just check out
on the Netflix binge that’s kind of my
thing is I check out on the rowing
machine or I check out while I’m just
wasting some weights you know that’s
that’s my deal that’s how I kind of
unplugging a mind and you know zombie
out a little bit and I miss it if I
don’t do it I’m making a point myself it
probably doesn’t count as exercise
you’re gonna rain on my parade then but
I make it a point to vigorously do
housework and gardening and right now
I’m trying to construct a rock wall and
I’m digging rocks out of the earth and
putting you know putting a lot of effort
into it and haul in these rocks around I
know it does count I think that counts
quite a bit anything are you moving is
good yeah well I feel great getting out
in the in the nature and and you know
putting something productive you know
I’m putting my energy into making beauty
and making ironmen better too so I feel
really good about that cool I I think
those are all good things I am NOT here
to say that any exercise is bad exercise
whether it be gardening landscaping
walking around the block going to the
gym whatever that is for you that you
will do that is not sitting on the butt
watching Netflix it’s going to be good
for your continued health and
progression of weight loss we do have a
whole show on exercise that we probably
need to update it with some
more clear stuff but it definitely go
back and take a listen to a couple of
those exercise shows because we talked
about how to incorporate high intensity
fitness and some of the other things
that will actually get your heart rate
really going but aren’t necessarily the
most appropriate things for people that
are just getting started
in that episode I don’t think we did a
good job of like clarifying that Karen
would you agree with that uh no I
wouldn’t but I think we did do a lot to
cover how how to build yourself up to a
point where you can exercise that but I
did find it amusing that that is the
least listened to episode all right
which let me point out that while you
were exercising is an excellent time to
listen to back episodes of the impulsive
cute cast oh yes that is a that is a
great plug and it’s a good way of
consuming a lot of content is doing it
while you’re exercising yeah don’t just
sit there like staring at the wall do
something keep your mind occupied listen
to our podcast yeah yeah so Jen yes I
hear you got legit
well like I would mentioned earlier I’ve
been trying to chase off these last ten
pounds and I have gotten jiggly my
middle section where I believe the extra
pounds are located as the consistency of
somewhere in between jello and bread oh
wow I’m not making this up it ripples
like a pond okay no video this is a
podcast yeah
but yes so see here’s what’s happening
you know your body is like a big sack of
meat right meat in your case obviously
not in mine well yes well marbled
perhaps as you lose weight there are
different places where your body can
store energy there’s just under the skin
and we call subcutaneous it’s just under
the muscle which we kind of call a topic
there’s around your organs as visceral
yeah ever heard of leaf lard you know
what that is yeah so if you ever try to
make your own lard everybody will tell
you don’t use belly lard use leaf lard
leaf lard is the fat deposits around a
kidney oh and it’s less porky it has it
has less pork taste it’s more nutrition
the porky miss again I know but this is
a thing I’m telling you go go google for
leaf lard and you’ll see everybody raves
about leaf lard it’s much better for
cooking with you’re not gonna get that
same rekt it’s it’s a neutral it’s a
different kind of fat thank you it is
but that’s the point you have the same
thing going on in your body – AHA now
here’s what’s happening for you as you
approach a level of leanness that is
normal you have all these fat cells that
have kind of deflated they’ve given up
their fat droplet so now they’re just
like these empty balloons just hanging
around some of them have some water and
them some of them are just flat but your
skin and adipose tissue is actually
gonna start to separate from all this
fashio that it’s snagged into instead of
it you know think about a water balloon
that’s full you thump it it’s kind of
hard and
firm and then if you let enough of the
water out the the water balloon becomes
a little jiggly bread doughy yeah you
kind of understand what I’m saying yeah
everybody’s filled up a water balloon at
the sink and it goes from being you know
kind of balloony to being really taut to
being kaboom and water on the mirror
right you are in the phase of jiggly
so does that explain why the scale is
pretty much static because even though
I’ve lost the fat it’s it’s just like
deflated water sacks you’ve lost the
energy stored in a Depot sites but the
fat tissue is still there uh-huh
yeah lately you heard a liposuction
right yeah
liposuction doesn’t get rid of fat
energy gets rid of fat cells they
literally suck the cells out are you
saying I should get liposuction well so
here’s an interesting thing people who
get liposuction yeah
often have a little bit of insulin
resistance on the backend huh because
they’ve decreased their amount of fat
cells in their body the subcutaneous fat
cells the subcutaneous fat so what’s the
deal with it is that they won’t read
they won’t regrow in the area where
they’ve been sucked out that they will
start to fill up in other areas so
that’s something that starts getting to
be coming dangerous to your health fat
there’s a lot of weird things about
liposuction but the the point being the
reason that some people get liposuction
is I’ve lost all the weight I’m eating
like a bird and I still have a jiggly
Billy well yes you do because you had
enough fat cells in your in your Buddha
belly to hide about 10,000 calories
worth a croissant more than that exactly
so as that deflates you’re gonna be in
this weird state we have all these empty
water balloons stuck under your skin
you’re gonna be able to feel them and
it’s going to be jiggly
and bread doughy and kind of a pitted
appearance yeah it is kind of pitted
that’s interesting you can do some stuff
with the fash of work by like just
kneading it like bread dough like that
that’s actually pretty like that’s sort
of the thing it is you can do is kind of
work at that stuff out and keep that
fashio broken up it will at the Ashley’s
fasciae blaster well that’s sort of the
theory behind if you look at that
contraption a medieval device that she
said that that $8.00 device she sells
for 80 bucks yeah hmm that’s what it is
is a little as a bunch of fingers that
you can crank on a broomstick and really
torque your fashio to try and break up
some of that interstitial tissue that is
holding your your skin to that fat cell
your skin is supposed to glide it’s it’s
literally supposed to be a meat bag it’s
a bag around the meat but what happens
is in most people that that bag gets
adhered to the underlying tissues
through the spider web of fashio
you can google for this and see what I’m
talking about it’s a really gross but
they have like you know cadaver pictures
where you can see it looks like a spider
web of tissue where this these two
tissues just attach with all these
little filaments it’s really
weird-looking so you can kind of break
that up a little bit but in the end all
you can do is celebrate the fact that
you successfully lost weight and you’re
just waiting for your body to kind of
cook those fat cells off so if I do see
like a weight loss stall and I’ve
noticed that the consistency the the
firmness of my my fat deposits has
changed I know that that’s something
good happening that’s right you’re
losing the lipid droplets out of these
fat cells but you are not losing scale
weight because they kind of hold on to a
little bit of water while they’re
hanging out before they finally commit
seppuku all right so I just gotta be
patient Keep Calm kiddo on that kind of
thing yes it’s a good sign it actually
means progress even though it’s
difficult on scale it now this is this
happens Wayne
or in people who are on the last 15-20
pounds than it does and people with a
hundred to go and it’s especially
pronounced in your situation because you
started from a very high watermark in
DINO so there’s quite a bit of both
hey you know we talked about how fat
cells grow that you’ve got fat cells
that blow up like a super big balloon
you’ve got fat cells that multiply and
grow more fat cells so you’ve got all
these different kinds of fat cells and
to be as large as you got at one point
there’s a lot of water balloons and that
water balloon tissue has to come out now
this is where some of the things that
like dr. Fung talks about we’re fasting
promotes a toff AG and apoptosis put a
fast huh trigger that protein cleanup
for cells that are no longer needed and
kind of be the the the stressor that
triggers the apoptosis for that epicyte
maybe maybe I could try a five-day water
fast one time I didn’t like what it did
to my GI tract them I I think it’s
interesting in you know we don’t have a
ton of data about what the best way to
do this is because a lot of folks kind
of get stuck right here and never keep
going you know I mean like they don’t
they don’t take that next step so it’s
hard to find even anecdotal data about
what this looks like especially in the
face of a lot of folks end up getting
skin resection again they’ll get some
liposuction while they’re at it and that
kind of makes this go away just a note
on that one of the plastic surgeons I
talked to last year said that what I
really ought to do along with getting
the skin reduction surgery I did was
have liposuction around my waist and
then he would implant the removed fat
tissue onto my butt which he said was a
much safer place to accumulate fat and
that way I would have a change my body
fat deposition patterns that is beyond
my realm oh yeah it sounds like an
interesting idea I I have no idea how
that would work I mean I know my body
that kind of naturally it comes off the
waist so yeah I don’t I don’t have no
idea what I don’t know anything about
liposuction or skin resection but it
it’s a plausible theory which it and
it’s definitely true but also assumes
that you’re gonna get fat again yeah
well that’s not gonna happen ever well
you know recidivism rates are very high
so statistically it’s gonna happen it’s
pretty much a foregone conclusion my
willpower is strong I’m keen I’m cueing
it is good all right
so that kind of speaks to folks who are
at that that Stallings place say you
know we do what’s this thing with the
whoosh right everybody talks about
whoosh all the time and that’s sort of
what we’re describing is these attica
sites have given up their lipid droplet
and they’ve really tit a little bit of
water so they have something to do I
don’t know which also happens with us
women folk when the hormones cycle
around certainly but let’s be honest
that’s a minority the population so why
bother speaking to her terrible person
better it absolutely happens and I’ve
been tracking my cycle and I know that
when I’m in the first half of my cycle
my weight is lower when I’m in the
second half it it goes up and that’s
that’s me I may be other people work
differently but I think hormones for
women play a huge factor in scale weight
100% of thing is absolutely true you can
see it in a hundred percent of women who
are still in hormone cycles
so yes what absolutely and there’s
nothing you do about it so why worry
about well because you be looking at the
scale on the scale you know this isn’t
going down or it even went up that we’re
talking four to six pounds to a woman
Ben that’s a very important four to six
pounds now this is an interesting thing
so I will let like I’ll wake up 192 by
the end of the day I could be 197 is it
is that not what you guys experienced
yep I mean I think everybody I talk to
you does that yeah it’s the same thing
but okay so we’re just talking and you
know you’re saying 46 pounds a big deal
I go yeah that’s the difference between
9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. okay but if
you’re weighing yourself at the same
time every morning and you’re comparing
your morning weight to your morning
weight and that’s gone up by 5 pounds
overnight that freaks people out women
out freaks women up maybe it doesn’t
freak you out then freaks women up yeah
I don’t have a I mean it’s definitely
thing I’m not a scale dude I’m body fat
dude you know when I when I’m working
with clients we definitely watch the
scale as one of the biometrics but I’m
much more interested in body fat
circumference and appearance and that
bloke comes and goes and it definitely
comes and goes but it’s also you know it
clearly is what it is I just think it’s
important for women who are freaking out
about it to just be aware of their their
where they are in the menstrual cycle
and that hormones are part of your life
that’s how it is yeah thumbs up enough
where is somebody will say you know I’ve
been I’ve been key to whole month and
all of a sudden I’m up four pounds what
gives you have to a school at what point
Brittany are you at in your menstrual
cycle are there in fact a lot of women
out there that are not kind of in tune
with that I feel like that’s what things
where you have to sort of be on top of
that one way or the other right
oh no been really no they know they’ve
been told you know Quito and you will
consistently lose you know three or four
pounds a week so they do it and then
only then they hop on that scale week
three and if you’re a doctor and you’re
asking your your female patients you
know when did your last cycle start you
know people just make that stuff up they
don’t know Catholic guys like yeah I am
thanks for calling out because that is
definitely not something that would have
struck me as possibility certainly
without question there is a profound
change in water balance during these
chefs from the follicular to the fin
luteal phase 100% I’m not dismissing
that I’m dismissing you caring about the
fact that you’re carrying a few pounds
the water they carry
you’re already going up and down five
pounds a day somebody for what they care
oh I’m a judge I’m gonna judge and he’s
all about appearance you heard it here
alright another thing that I couldn’t
care less about is you’ve been
prednisone and blowing up like a balloon
that happens jester owns a big issue too
we get a lot of people thing really
progesterone in like it every third
person on pedestrian yep okay I mean
that that’s certainly that’s not when
I’ve run across all that much because I
guess I just assumed it is that now when
you see that is that going up and down
to going up and down knives usually they
they just they go up and they have a
hard time losing liberating any fat
stores until their prescription is over
with with the progesterone thing once of
week or once a month when they ask her
bill week uh yeah yeah some crazy stuff
sometimes they’re giving progesterone by
itself and it’s for a temporary
situation they’re on it for a few months
anyway okay weird yeah so I don’t want
to hear about your blo dienes because of
your steroid medication it sucks
yeah it’s your body’s response to
inflammation and it’s your body’s
response to these profound medications
it has nothing to do with your fat
content or your energy balance it
doesn’t impact your insulin it doesn’t
impact your healing of insulin
resistance it’s water
your body’s mostly water and uh that’s
the way it is medications that have
weight gain as a listed side-effect
right I mean that’s sort of a different
thing though with the steroids it’s the
inflammation problem and for somebody
that’s having to take medication like
that it might be worthwhile to look into
following a very strict
anti-inflammatory version of keto you
know and there are people that can help
you through that yeah I you know I
definitely could go on quite a rant
about that you know there’s a whole
thing but that’s a rattle I look for
I’ll say that for another day when we
have Teresa on we can talk all about it
alright mmm all right so uh another
thing that also is very annoying to me
that I couldn’t care less about is that
if your electrolytes are not on point
sodium magnesium potassium you know what
I need to talk to our audience for say
oh listen you screw balls if you do not
follow the electrolyte recommendations
of the group this big meat bag that you
have is going to fill up with water and
you’re gonna happen insufficient amount
of magnesium to pump the sodium
potassium pump to keep
there’s food levels balance you know up
like a balloon you have trouble putting
your socks on because your ankles are
going to get too big guess what knock it
off take your magnesium the little salt
in your water get some no salt even
though it tastes like socks you got to
do it that’s what it did all right I’m
back guys sorry Eddie
quick aside worth mentioning with the
electrolyte issue is that if they’re not
doing it and they haven’t pooped in four
days that’s going to affect your scale
oh the old so not enough sodium
constipation makes you literally full of
poop yeah I like to talk about poop I
talk about poop a lot and and yeah and
it’s another thing like you would think
that people would know like oh I haven’t
pooped in two days maybe that’s why I’m
up four pounds but that they did there
doesn’t seem to be a noticing of this
correlation between on themselves not
pooping and then being up for four
pounds correct that’s a good incentive
to take take the electrolytes take your
magnesium take your salt make sure
you’re hydrated move a little potassium
not too much just a little bit now a
couple of things just to throw out kind
of as flybys here we’ve already talked
about Jen’s little sweetener holiday
experience and a quick summary of kind
of what what that was and how it turned
out for you dragged me through hell for
two weeks two weeks yeah I had read a
study that said that sucralose
previously thought to not have any sort
of biological function actually
interacted with your gut bacteria to
cause postprandial glucose rise and I
thought well that’s not good so I
figured let me just try cutting out all
sweeteners for a couple of weeks and wow
it was super hard I didn’t realize I was
so addicted to that stuff but I found
that in you you know powering through it
and finally doing it for one thing I was
able to really reduce my urge to snack
on desserts and overeat
and also you know just felt more
balanced and more in control of my
appetites and body it was a very
empowering experience and also my
fasting glucose did lower five to ten
points so it seemed to work for me and
so I told my friends about it including
Karin and recruited a whole bunch of
them to try it and about half of them
not including Karin found that it they
felt the same way that they they were
able to see a reaction in their glucose
and also felt that they were more in
control of their hunger and appetites by
having done so and sweet but what’s
remarkable about this to me I mean I
sort of expected that that would happen
but the urge to drink sweetened stuff
has not come back I still want to still
enjoy a treat okay but it’s not I don’t
I don’t feel the compulsion
I don’t feel the cravings you don’t
think you need to put a sweetener in
your coffee anymore I do not I enjoy it
I don’t even like it anymore
and this has been a lifelong you know
I’ve always had sweetened beverages and
I never thought that it was possible for
me to not want sweetened beverages it
wasn’t an option
I remember in horror watching old people
drink unsweet tea here in the south for
that that was even a thing it’s you know
what you’re either a sweet tea person or
you aren’t I mean I’ve had people come
to my extended family gatherings and we
don’t put anything in our orange pekoe
and you know some of the Americans said
he what are you talking about do you
have any idea what she’s speaking of
right now is this something that that
people in the north do with coffee cups
when they’re out of coffee
right rose red rose orange pekoe it’s
good stuff
it is just like a hot beverage you’re
referring to that’s enough
you know what hot and then when I was a
kid we had to go across the border to
the states to buy an ice tea maker so we
did whoa yeah because you couldn’t get
them here huh
you know you can make iced tea without
an iced tea maker I know but my mom
wanted the gadget this is this is how
Yankee she is she’s like I had to go buy
an ice tea maker you Els are you kidding
me out there all right no okay well I’m
not saying that sucralose is bad for one
obviously it’s not obviously a lot of
people do just fine on sucralose but you
know I was trying to see how I can
improve my health and get off its weight
loss best gaming give it a go you know
seeing it’s a great thing about it for
me and I think this is something that
pertains in general is that having the
willpower and the experience of
challenging myself to cut this thing out
just for a couple of weeks and I
succeeded in doing it it was hard and it
was like exercising a muscle and like
exercise in general I think that that
empowered me to to then have more
control and more willpower to use and
other other experiments and other things
in my life excellent yeah well with me
troubleshooting the sweetener thing
didn’t have any any major effect for me
but I did other moratoriums at the
beginning of the year I I went on an
autoimmune protocol diet and I saw a
reduction of 8 pounds in 5 days Wow just
just from inflammation and I was eating
every day I didn’t fast at all so oh
it’s always worth investigating and you
know people have individuality there’s
this biochemical individuality sometimes
it’s going to be sweeteners for me if I
remove things like alcohol dairy is huge
for me
nightshades then I my body is much
happier inflammation goes down but you
know my my bowel movements are better as
– everything calms down my skin clears
up it’s it’s really
fantastic thing and the scale moves
stevia causes inflammation in a ton of
people and they yeah well it’s it’s a
ragweed right it’s in the ragweed family
so you know I avoided all sweeteners
while I was doing this as well I do have
a slight problem with stevia that I find
I get a little my mouth gets itchy with
so I avoid oh yeah I do
do you have some autoimmune issues so
with with me you know what I have to
really tightly rein it in and get rid of
any sort of irritating food so speaking
of removing irritating foods whose well
booze is something that you get rid of
on an autoimmune protocol as well but
for most people you having a drink every
few days isn’t such a big deal but it is
it’s a glass of liquid energy I don’t
like seeing any of the people that I
help coach drink their calories it’s to
me that’s just it’s counterproductive
the problem with booze is that it does
pause your ketosis for a little bit
until you burn off that energy and the
body prioritizes alcohol as an energy
source it’s like rock paper scissors and
you know if ketosis is in scissors then
alcohol is that rock so it’s worth
removing it if this is something that
you you if you imbibe regularly you
might want to consider just having a
moratorium for a month and see if that
helps a lot of trouble with alcohol is
that it is it’s calorie dense for for a
liquid and oftentimes especially with
we don’t really measure what’s going in
the glass it’s supposed to be four
ounces but you know if you ever go to a
friend’s house they hand you what’s
basically a fishbowl of red wine and so
you’re getting not only if it’s not
super dry
then you’re getting a lot of
carbohydrate and then you’re also
getting a lot of alcohol that your body
it has to get rid of first I’m a
chemical perspective it alcohol is
processed by your liver yeah if you’re
listening to a podcast about not being
obese anymore it’s likely that your
liver has already been clogged rod just
a wee bit and you have a fatty liver it
is permanently inflamed in because of
this fat and now you’re providing a high
octane rocket fuel metabolic gasoline
that’s just gonna go right in your liver
and make it even fatter
yeah it’s like it’s like fruit in that
way that’s you know it just your
everybody really wants it also if you’re
in the process of losing weight your
liver is really working overtime uh-huh
so it’s all the toxins in your body
they’re getting turned into vitamins and
they it’s taking old hormones and
helping you process those that are
coming into your fat cells so if you
just want to be gentle be gentle on your
liver it’s a profound master and it
specifically depletes B vitamins that
are one of the reasons that can cause
weight loss stalls there you go I mean
there’s a whole bunch of micronutrient
deficiencies that can be a problem i but
you know we’ve talked about vitamin D in
the past all the B vitamins but
especially b6 will absolutely cause you
to stall if you do not have enough and
if you’re drinking booze on a regular
basis guess what you don’t have Miss
Foreman the pleats that see right
forming goes after well which is the
other one that is difficult to get in
enough dietary quantity and is often
depleted from alcohol use
yeah we’re just talking today about
getting the right sort of b12 in your in
your fancy multivitamin yeah if you want
some more information about the B
vitamins go back and listen to the
episode 16 or 70s the MTHFR video yeah
that is a that’s something to definitely
be aware of so when we’re talking about
minerals or micronutrients and stuff
like that vitamin D your B vitamins but
especially b6 and we talked about zinc
in the minerals episode and selenium and
copper and all that stuff too if if
those things are off you have to think
about it’s the same thing as why we’re
screaming about electrolytes your body’s
just like a series of chemical reactions
if you don’t have the right amount of
sodium and potassium your body can’t
manage its fluid status if you don’t
have enough magnesium it doesn’t have
the ability to generate all these weirdo
enzymes that cause these chemical
reactions if you don’t have enough b12
you’re you you end up messing with the
folate cycle if you don’t have enough B
6 that messes with it with a feel I only
know what is it in cycle you know
there’s all there’s all these strange
metabolic recycling programs that
require these substrates of these
various things and b6 is particularly
interesting because it requires an
exogenous source some of this stuff can
be recycled and made like vitamin D go
out in the Sun you’ll make some more of
it it’ll be fine
6 if you don’t eat it you don’t have
enough of it and you’re not gonna make
more of it you’re just essential you’re
yeah essential meaning it is exogenously
required it cannot manufacture from
anything else you don’t make it in your
gut yeah right now I think most of this
stuff if that you have too much of it
you just kind of pee out the excess or
something right but the b6 is different
than with b6 you want to have enough but
not too much oh god how do I know
ha ha ha ha don’t don’t give yourself
these mega doses just you know what
you’re gonna be complex has got all the
right amount yeah exactly you don’t need
anything or it you know we talked any
other show you need a methyl b12 uni
methylfolate and a B complex and that’s
everything you need there you go ok cool
are you don’t stress about it don’t
stress too much b6 let’s say I’m having
a weight the weight loss stall and I’ve
checked off all the other things no
dress I tried cutting out the booze and
the sweeteners and taken the the
magnesium so what how long should I be
taking these vitamin supplements before
I see an effect Oh
usually a month yes I you know if you’re
taking a multivitamin that usually takes
you know a few weeks before your stores
that have been depleted start to react
umya late I don’t have any data on what
it depends on repletion and that’s the
thing is I’m trying to think
specifically about b6 if I know anything
about the repletion rates of those
things I have to go you really don’t
know what you’re deficient in unless
you’re getting this you know really
elaborate um lab done if you’re getting
all your values examines so it’s taking
a good multivitamin as Ben and I were
discussing on the Facebook group this
morning taking a good multivitamin it’s
insurance you know if you’re if you’re
eating iCade
that we have in the protocols and you’re
taking a multivitamin
you shouldn’t even want to get to any
issues and that’s kind of the thing here
is a you know we’ve we definitely focus
on the the run state rather than the
repair state but I think your question
is if if I start taking this b-complex
wins my weight loss gonna kick back on
and I’m I generally should be a few
weeks okay yet that’s the issue if
that’s the issue right alright so there
are a few of the things that can slow
down your weight loss stress sleep
metabolic damage wackadoo hormone stuff
woo gut health some of these are very
easy to manage some of these are very
difficult to deal with hormones stuff
can be a big deal we already did a few
laps on some cycles for the women folk
deck by Roy tissues we’ve done episodes
on that episodes I sure have PCOS which
is really just a dysregulation of sex
hormones because of the fat issue
yeah it’s insulin resistance of the
ovaries on to their men men get the
dysregulation of stuff it causes them to
stall and weight loss no but they can
get girl hormones that will make them
grow boobs
Oh boobs
well the specific thing that happens is
this estrogen buildup and that estrogen
a female if you have a little bit too
much not so big of a deal
and a man not gonna see some men can
gain a lot of weight and not end up with
I don’t I don’t know what causes that or
not my husband was 325 pounds at one
point he’s a is about 220 now you know
he’s a big guys 6 – yep but he got up he
was really stout but no moves now there
are there’s a very sex hormones are like
a 7 episode series right but awesome you
have this really complicated series of
checks and balances that are supposed to
keep if you get too much estrogen it’s
supposed to convert it away if you have
too much testosterone and it locks it up
like there’s all this aroma taste stuff
that can happen to convert one thing to
the other thing or this thing into a
sequestered form that doesn’t have
problems with this you know we talked
about it’s the same kind of thing it’s
thyroid only in instead of 3 hormones
it’s 17 okay so it’s like this whole
deal right but your husband probably has
a much greater capacity
to shunt off excess estrogen this is
this is not the case and everyone and it
has even been implicated in some folks
with the stoners getting a little bit of
the guy oh man yeah I was asking you
about that about a family member I don’t
know if that’s true
I think science is kind of out on that
but it kind of weird that the certain
population of Roenick marijuana smokers
seemed to show if they get out we’re
gonna get a bunch of angry letters boy
she saved my life you jerks
well I’m to me I’m specifically talking
about people that I’ve seen that they
get quite obese as men and they they
smoke the leaf marijuana you know so
it’s that I’ve seen that a lot that they
seem to get have a problem with hormones
point being there are many ways to
influence your sexual hormones and most
of them will result in unfavorable
change I think I would find that
unfavorable yeah I wouldn’t like Emily
not good oh those aren’t they don’t tell
you once that tissue grows it doesn’t go
once you get boobs if you lose a bunch
of weight you still have boobs they’re
just not as big
same thing with dudes once this guy
Namastey a kicks in that you actually
you’ll see it in weight lifters who are
using too much testosterone just like we
were talking about how there’s a
shunting feature so they’re injecting
you know half an amp of testosterone in
it but every week and their body is
constantly fighting to knock it down
because a too much SS right so he turns
into estrogen and they start growing
breast tissues so they’ll be like 4%
body fat up on the stage
they have little bumps like well verily
girl bumps and you go well that’s that’s
what happens like the area around the
nipple gets weird it’s 12 year old girl
oh my god and that’s what it is you are
watching a man grow
boobs because he has messed around with
his exogenous sex hormones to such a
degree that it’s body his body shunting
it over to estrogen he’s growing he’s
turning into a girl right for you guys
hey oh my god that’s literally this is
he’s B that’s is what transsexuals do
they would take a bunch of sex hormones
and you can turn your body biologically
into the other thing by taking the other
hormone that’s how it works your yeah
when I was when I was working as a in a
pharmacy dispensary we there was a
doctor that practiced nearby and that
was his area especially the special
areas hormone therapy for people
transitioning right and there on big
doses not yeah yeah Theresa’s over there
going oh rub this cream on your neck
twice a week you’ll be fine useful there
on a gram like a gram of ethany right in
the leg once a week whoa
no it’s it’s effective oh it works
within a year yeah well and that that’s
the thing is your body is just a machine
and you can pull on the levers and the
buttons and make it do all kinds of
weird stuff which is why being fat is so
scary is because your fat is the primary
adipose that or win this adipose tissue
becomes the primary immigrant system you
now have something controlling your
buttons that is not your brain and
that’s when the troll starts so here’s
some of the things you need to work on
if you are still stalled out after all
these basic things take a real hard look
at your sleep now or probably we
probably need to do like a sleep show I
think we do mostly for my benefit
because my sleep is parable I think this
will help with my compliance if I
actually have to do a sleep show we have
to do the practice what you preach I
know Karen so that’ll work stress sleep
is a deal stress as a whole thing I
really in talking with Theresa she spent
so much time with her patients just
trying to get the child out
if you suspect that stress is the
problem you may need to work with a
coach really that that is something that
you need somebody who’s going to look at
it your your lifestyle and your diet and
see the patterns and help you unwind it
because it just becomes this big tangled
mess where everything’s just connected
and and you need an outside perspective
and then you’re stressing about not
losing weight – on top of that exactly
true I said we’ll say that you guys
didn’t know when to say I need help
external perspective when stress is your
big deal is definitely a piece of it you
you do not have the ability to
experience your own stress unless it’s
reflected back to you as an experiential
activity it’s the reason that you know
counseling and therapy works is because
the therapists job is not to tell you
what to do or how to do it their job is
to reflect and absorb and listen the
fact that you you can’t be aware of your
stress because you’re in the stress but
you can have somebody go oh boy that
sounds a pretty stressful 18 hour days
six days a week
what step of that if you’re having like
a major life change or a major life
stress or it’s definitely time to seek
outside professional counseling somebody
that’s right
yeah we’re not we are not talking about
impulsive Kido com4 slash coaching we
call Ben for stress no because I go the
other way and is a stressor I can’t I am
told that there’s a lot in a very short
period of time and it is slightly
stressful uh yeah so definitely be aware
of that and you know there’s some
self-help stuff out there but you got to
kind of go external to yourself to
figure out if that’s your deal now they
had their medical tests for this like
that you know the one that Theresa pulls
out that is it’s medically legit but I
got to kind of roll my eyes a little bit
which is the cortisol swab you know you
can measure your cortisol four or five
times a day and go oh look you know
you’re definitely stressed but if you
need medical confirmation that you’re
stressed out that like there’s
biological cortisol problems and then
there’s you’re stressed out and you one
of those things you don’t need a saliva
swab for so we should talk about adrenal
fatigue another time yeah I don’t want
to get into okay that’s a whole deal
right because when you start getting
into adrenal fatigue and Addison’s and
all that stuff now of a sudden you’re
talking about biological problems though
somebody with Addison’s is not stressed
there are dysregulated stress hormones
like there’s a difference I see I see
somebody somebody who is having
pituitary problems hypothalamus
dysregulation likee it becomes very
complicated very quickly and you you
should see when you start to try and go
down that list of what what it actually
turns into because it’s like your body
is like in the state of being freaking
out all the time and it’s not just
because the lifestyle is because of
biology so that yes that’s a different
show all right so you’re going through
the checklist you’ve tried fixing your
macros and fasting and exercise
electrolytes and vitamins and sweeteners
and sleep and stress and hormone factors
and there’s this last item on the list
your chronic calorie restriction
metabolic damage I have so many
questions about this
I have a point of view that if you do
the HCG diet that it is likely that you
have done permanent but reversible
metabolic damage to yourself okay HCG
what is that here’s the thing they
figured out that if you Jack the hormone
that your body uses to notify the global
status of the body that you’re pregnant
know that you will respond in a
metabolic manner that is favorable to
keeping the baby alive which means
resource diversion okay ramps up the
metabolism drives nutrients for the baby
to use that’s good
it sounds like it I mean it’s worked up
to this point to keep mankind if more or
less intact that is good unless you’re
not pregnant okay so so what are you
saying this diet HCG diet I’m not
falling I can make your body think
you’re pregnant huh well with birth
control pills right no no no that that’s
suppressing your luteal that’s
suppressing your hormones okay that’s
the the horn when you take a birth
control pill you know you’ve got these
phases where you your body is basically
saying hey it’s time to let an egg go
and then that egg is released right okay
so birth control messes with that
hormone all right all right this is a
different hormone this is a hormone that
says you’re pregnant you have child you
must make milk grow big boobs and and
pack on energy in a way that will keep
the baby alive because you are the
baby’s only source of nutrition via the
umbilical cord
you must dump energy into the blood and
that helps you lose weight right because
what it’s gonna do is ramp up your
metabolism well that’s awesome yeah but
where’s the energy going it’ll float
around my bloodstream and then I’ll feel
super energetic and I’ll go finally lift
a barbell sure okay and then what
happens when you stop taking that
hormone I don’t know your body goes huh
well that seemed like it was normal and
now we’re done with that so let me slow
dabble ISM them well I don’t want that
that’s not good no because now you what
we what was normal is now above you in
your metabolic your base metabolism is
now lower okay that’s bad well you went
from Minh City on your butt watching
Netflix burning 1800 calories a day and
now you’re burning 16-under that’s a two
hundred calorie quest bar I could have
eaten and that is a semi-permanent
alteration yikes
you you have written on the board and
permanent marker well I’ve never heard
of this HCG diet before is this
something it is huge really it’s huge
because you don’t need a prescription Oh
any chiropractor weight-loss clinic blah
blah blah can do it and their
weight-loss centers set up to do it and
then they have a whole bevy of people
that will take your money they give you
the shots they give you the nutrition
plan that today the whole thing or if in
some states you can just order this junk
from Amazon and do it that way
alright so that’s bad well it how could
I say that a trained and accredited
medical professional it’s doing
something that is FDA approved that
would be bad for you how could I
possibly make that claim in good faith
it happens all the time we know that I
can’t make that claim lately around that
one alright nobody here I will say that
people who follow these programs
especially if they do multiple rounds
because you can’t keep doing it forever
because one of the things these protect
practitioners do is they tell you you
can only do it for so long and then you
have to stop hopefully before your
setpoint resets yeah so then it’s two
weeks later you need to do it again
your metabolism keeps creeping down and
then all of a sudden I work through
somebody we estimated her basement at
ilysm rate was around 1100 calories yeah
so you you have a 240-pound lady of
normal size and stature who has to eat
1,100 calories or she will gain weight
well they have 1,100 sounds luxurious
cuz I was dealing with a woman who was I
think she was about 170 180 and it
looked to be about 900 that was
documented with the Biggest Loser
participants – yeah this is the thing
when you start messing around with the
checks and balances by extreme measures
be it biological the hormonal stuff or
like the extreme losers where they put
you on crash diets who knows what sort
of chemicals on the behind the scenes
and then massive amounts of inflammatory
stress your body will react in
unpredictable ways but generally by
its protective your body is protective
freaking out it’s just like you know we
were talking about body builders guess
what happens if you Jam testosterone in
your butt with a needle for six months
yeah you stop making testosterone yeah
your gonads and they shrivel and atrophy
until they’re the size of aw I’m not
kidding I know I there is there is a
steroid problem in my high school and I
was when I was growing up and it’s no
joke it this is what happened that’s
just that’s a visible you know
representation of just one of the
down-regulation things that happens when
you start messing around with hormones
down-regulation thing we’re seeing on
the board all the time somebody pops in
they say I’m eating according to my
macros and I’m not losing weight and
then somebody chimes in oh honey you’re
eating too little you need to eat more
yes yeah is that true
Camby yeah I mean if they’re eating like
a bird
day in and day out right one of the
screening questions that I will use with
people is I actually asked them about
their history of dieting and if they are
someone who’s done a lot of yo-yos and a
lot of crash dieting in many cases we
have to actually do reverse dieting to
rebuild their metabolism a little bit
alright so how would I practically how
can I can I measure how many calories I
burn a day and and how do I fix it that
would be okay oh yeah yes you could no
it would not be easy it would be much
easier to hire a coach that knows how to
do that than to spend the 8 to 12 hours
of self-study it would take to figure
out how to do that on your own it could
be done though I mean and it’s not that
complicated but it is it is it’s more it
let’s put it this way it’s too complex
to even do a podcast series oh wow
alright but it’s definitely it’s a real
thing we see it in athletes especially
especially if you’re in a weight class
sport wrestlers Fitness competitors
physique models anybody that’s got a
weight class and they’re trying to make
weight and cut to super lean levels MMA
fighters they jack up yeah boxers MMA
fighters wrestlers all those folks are
weight class sports and those sports are
basically hardwired for metabolic damage
yeah so the people that are following
these guys on the internet that are
teaching these crash diets that they
would use to get their way into their
weight class for their MMA fighting days
and now they’re teaching this to obese
people as a way to cut cut weight fast
you’re just screwing yourself over it’s
dangerous what they’re doing they’re
going to break you there’s a reason why
PSM F for example is not something that
you can just go on and do what why don’t
we just have folks do that because
protein is protective right it’d be way
better than fasting to be a lead
protein every day that’s what they say
over in some Facebook groups
yeah well try it for more than two weeks
if you especially if you’re a woman and
see what happens most people would not
tell you that is a good idea
and there are some Facebook groups that
would day that but most PS MF folks
would not tell you that because the
repercussions are so profound like you
you know it’s one thing to go oh yeah
you know you’ll be fine you will not be
fine you will be not enough fine that
the word will get out because it will be
a train wreck and that is what happens
and so if you’re in it in a state of
having kind of self coached yourself
into a bunch of weird crash diets and
wacky fasting and eating patterns and
yo-yo diets and everything else the odds
are you’ve damaged your metabolism
somewhat and you may need to focus on
retraining your body to use a standard
level of energy and there’s a process
for that but again it’s it’s kind of
complicated but it’s yeah it would look
a lot like a normal like a diet just
with a little bit more focus on
precision yeah not easy very complex the
scenario it if I ever get one of these
coach intake males come in and I see HCG
I’m like oh no because I know it’s gonna
be a monster call because they they’re
the worst it’s the hardest call I get
every time time and it can be done but
it’s a big deal and but the the other
point is this is also not something that
most people have or need to worry about
crash dieting can definitely impact your
metabolism lifelong yo-yo dieting can
definitely impact your metabolism but
for most people the path to health looks
like a standard ike a hashtag lose hash
I met style of protocol will get you 95%
of the way there with no particular
our effort on your part and that that’s
the point is that you know elegant
simplicity right there reasons that some
of these things are structured the way
that they are and that we also encourage
that flexibility of finding the patterns
that fit best with your energy levels
and your continued progress and weight
loss that’s why when someone says stall
you see admins jump all over it because
here’s the thing everybody knows how to
lose weight eat less move more right
that the very straightforward process
it’s when you do that and it doesn’t
work that expertise and experience and
you know spidey sense can sometimes
allow folks to intuitively guess what
the thing is that’s causing the problem
and that’s why this is such a rambling
podcast is because there’s no way answer
to this it’s different for everybody it
could be a million things these are just
some of the high frequency issues that
we see I see booths all the time I see
exercise all the time I see sleep
disturbances all the time so we want to
talk about those and lift them up as
possibilities and maybe it applies to
you and you know if booze is an issue
for you knock it off there you go if if
you’re not taking B vitamin you probably
should if your sleep is terrible you
probably ought to figure out what’s
going on with that and work I and this
this podcast was not designed to be a
prescription of how to solve the problem
it’s a prescription how to troubleshoot
the problem I think that some people are
going to really want to know more or
particularly it what I see in the
Facebook groups is people who are like I
think that I might have downright and
regulated my metabolism or whatever you
know by calorie restricting and I fear
that I’ve screwed up my metabolism
permanently and you know I’m just
worried and and they they’re kind of
stuck so I understand what you’re saying
that that’s sort of a special situation
and ika is is the path to fix that is
basically it but my quick advice is if
you’re someone who believes that you
have metabolic damage then you should be
on the metabolic healing path of AI K
which is hashtag met which is very
simply one or two overnight fast a week
16 a and a a true ketogenic like count
your carbs don’t mess around level of
food list that will get you most of the
way there for most people if you have
use exogenous hormones of various kinds
and gotten yourself into a pickle you
may need a little more help and it may
be more than can be provided over
Twitter and Facebook I think that’s very
reasonable and it’s good to know that
there are resources out there for people
who turn through it’s a mess people are
tired of being fat and they will do
they’re desperate I mean they’re
listening to us blow hard for an hour
and a half about how to lose weight
that’s how that’s where people are it’s
really what I hate is the perception
that obese people lack willpower you
know it it’s really not well it can be
in Karen’s case and peanut butter but
that’s a that is 1000% a willpower
problem it is a mental defect is
personality disorder she needs a
professional assistance we want to lift
up that you have the ability to become
smarter about nutrition and biology to
understand how your body works and that
there are very basic things that inform
your body’s ability to manage its energy
balance counting calories understanding
what food is going into your mouth by
quantity creating energy stress
Ballack stress through exercise braking
homeostasis by getting off the couch and
doing some other stuff you can sometimes
see that stalls are actually not stalls
at all but are actually shifts in water
balance electrolytes menstrual cycle
progress is being made but fat deposits
that are still hanging on for dear life
damn it
metabolic problems like disruptors such
as booze and exogenous ketone products
like prove it and ketone salts and all
the other stuff that MCT oil coffees not
not always good not necessarily terrible
but if you’re having trouble getting
your scale to progress these are ideas
these are thoughts that you can kind of
think about are is this applicable to me
am i overtraining am i getting good
sleep did I do some crazy stuff trying
to lose weight with a doctor who seemed
like he knew what he was doing or that
probiotics well I mean that’s a whole
nother thing right I mean you hear us
talking about inflammation and a lot of
hand waving and you know it could be
this it could be stress it could be you
know that these are not simple by you
know how do you take stress like
financial stress marital stress and turn
that into a lack of weight loss I I
would love to see your biological
explanation for how that works start
drawing a lot of puffy clouds with a big
marker cuz you know anybody looking too
close but that doesn’t mean it’s not
real because it absolutely is do an
inventory figure out what might be your
problem take your best guess and if
you’re not sure ask for help or it more
importantly go this is what I’ve tried
that didn’t work what else could it be
like that sometimes that’s the hardest
part is trying to see
thing that you haven’t tried yet and
this gives you a little bit of laundry
list but there’s more to it and I think
with all these things it takes a couple
of weeks or even a month or even six
weeks to see the impact it’s hard to
tease out the effect with all the daily
fluctuations it’s hard to be patient if
you’ve been stalled we’ve had good
progress and then you find yourself the
scale not moving for a couple of months
but this is a game of patience so Karen
to that point if somebody PM’s you and
says I’ve been stalled for 11 days what
is your response I I throw my phone
against the the nearest wall no I find a
pencil and I snap it with a scowl just
you know how are you feeling don’t worry
about it if you’re still in that
position a couple weeks from now we’ll
talk I will not respond to a stall that
is less than a month how many one here
yeah yeah no it’s just be like okay you
know what sometimes that happens it’s
not linear so we’ll talk in a few weeks
yep and that’s that’s kind of what this
this series is designed to do is what do
you do during those four weeks of am I
in a stall make sure matters are on
get off the dumb couch and knock off the
booze get some B vitamins see how you’re
doing by the time you’re done doing all
that you’ll probably be losing weight
again we probably won’t ever know which
one of those things did it and it
doesn’t really matter does it cuz those
are all good things to do take the
multivitamin I can’t get good sleep have
a probiotic or two right yeah which of
those things is and could should be
doing it anyways yeah all right ladies I
have a I am no longer interested in this
topic because never be an end to it
never this well can go on forever cuz
then you go well what about this well
what about this well maybe like we could
do this all day long
hey this the show actually got so
complicated this is the first show where
we had to create a two-page document all
the crazy things that we had to remember
to talk about because there’s so much
stuff that you can’t do it off the top
of your head you I have a checklist I go
through with coaching clients because I
couldn’t pass a have to bust out a
clipboard to go what about this what
about that like it’s 25 questions it’s
bizarre how many different things can
impact you biologically but hopefully
listening to Karen blow hard for this
long has given you a sense of some of
the things that you need to take a look
at oh it’s Karen that was all right sure
I mean I barely got in an edge this was
like the girls show I don’t sure why you
showed up today yeah I’ll go with that
sure thank you we’ll do a girl show but
and we’ll talk more about the luteal
phase then oh boy yeah no one in this
podcast is a provider of health care and
our discussion is based on things we be
done here now it’s not on tender
and the union air dr. Mathison
the treatment diagnosis and especially
the impact of medication always directly
prescribed the doctor on compatibility
their medication before
professional furs or fashionable mini
vacations are known incompatible longer
he’s a friend of the powerful