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  1. Low carb tortillas
  2. Ketone powders (like Pruvit)
  3. Pee sticks and general ketone measuring
  4. Bulletproof coffee and other fat bombs
  5. Electrolytes – should you drink a gallon of water?
  6. Keto flu is a rite of passage
  7. Cramps – how to fix them, how to avoid them
  8. Can’t gain muscle without carbs / leucine pulse
  9. Premier protein and whey shakes
  10. Booze  on keto
  11. Is keto bad for the kidney (high protein)
  12. Is keto bad for cholesterol – high fats, bad fats
  13. Sweeteners (atkins bars, russell stover)


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hello and welcome to another edition of
the impulsive keto Kat I’m your host Ben
McDonald today’s episode 34 watch your
step we all know that the ketogenic diet
is full of technical difficulties
there’s so many things going on with
counting carbohydrates and fancy
sweeteners and watching your blood tests
we wanted to have a quick show where we
just rapid-fire addressed a bunch of
different issues and gave you quick and
simple answers for these common
questions that come up for the ketogenic
rookie to help me with that I’ve brought
along a couple of folks to help me
co-host first off we have at over 300
pounds autism mom Karen was on the fast
track to diabetes with an a1c of 6.2 now
she’s down 120 pounds and an a1c of 4.8
Karen leads the team of enthusiastic
knowledgeable Volunteers of the
impulsive keto Network along with Diane
Cummins inspiring others to achieve
their health and wellness goals through
simple food selection and meal timing
Karen are you ready to talk tortilla I
am I’m a hundred and ten pounds I’m
still working on my exam weight that I
gained and I just got back from holidays
a little bit of peanut butter has
impacted your intro I back from holidays
and back on track I was just in Toronto
watching our moderator Shawn hunter do
the CN tower climb nice I was awesome
he did a great job progress not
perfection Karen in there joining us
Jennifer is a former type-2 diabetic who
has lost over 100 pounds and reversed
her kidney disease using a ketogenic
an active moderator in the impulsive
kita groups she volunteers her time
helping others reclaim their health in
getting that a1c down to 4.6 like she
worked so hard to achieve for herself
Jennifer on the new microphone yeah I
hope it’s okay it’s necessary so mm-hmm
in today’s episode ladies we’re gonna be
punching through a little list of
commonly asked questions and gotchas in
the ketogenic diet so let’s just dive
right in and punch these out because I
think we’ve got a pretty long list of
stuff we sure do Karen you’re up
low-carb tortillas Oh carb tortillas we
see those like at least on a daily basis
somebody finds them they’re readily
available they’re at Walmart so somebody
will find them and say I can have a
bread product and it’s only like six
seven grams of carbs per serving right
so they these are like the mission carb
balance tortillas the little tortilla
factory all those things right and so
they get all excited they post them up
in the food group and ten people will
say wait that’s not he told so there are
a few things I’d like to say about it
they are a sometimes food with with
these things I do buy them for my son I
try not to eat them too much myself just
because I have some sort of sensitivity
to these grain products it’s one of the
reasons why kita works so well for me is
that I can
we avoid the food so if I start adding
in lots of these these grain based
products these wheat-based products and
I have some digestive distress from them
some people can have a really adverse
reaction to them there is this one
fellow on our iCade group who posted
some pictures of a close-up of his what
looks like a punched in swollen face
how many of those did you have them that
would be somewhere between four and six
depending on how much honesty so this is
what can happen if you have some sort of
sensitivity to these things you’ll
you’ll blow up you’ll swell up it’ll
inhibit your weight loss because you
have inflammation and I get rashes if I
have to too much weight usually of my
legs so with the rash thing if you think
you’ve got the key to rush and you’re
consuming these things regularly try
cutting them out first and see what
and I would just limit and avoid them
they aren’t really that low-carb as I
said most of them are about like 5 to 8
grams of car per serving so you know
that’s a lot of veggies you could be
happy with that
yeah let me let’s be clear yeah I’m
ambivalent about them if you can eat
them you can have them on occasion if
you know if you’re having some issues
with how you’re feeling or your weight
loss progress and just just have a pass
a large percentage of the population is
sensitive to various things in wheat
products glutamate them but there’s a
couple other little phytochemicals that
are not always favorable so without
getting too much into the weeds on that
we expect that a percentage of you
listening find health benefit on the
ketogenic diet because you’ve exclude
did these wheat products like Karen was
talking about we have no idea if you’re
one of those people if you’re trying to
eat clean these should probably not be
on the list
because of the wheat all right but it
doesn’t mean they aren’t keto that
that’s the point it has nothing to do
with the ketogenic nature impact of them
it’s we believe that in your pursuit of
optimal health there’s a good chance
that it’s going to be neutral to
unfavorable for you to have one of these
and that’s what we’re hoping to steer
you away from but if you’re not
sensitive to it
is there any reason why you can’t have
them absolutely not except for some
people they have this sort of emotional
attachment to bread mm-hmm
the oprah’s of the world they love bread
so if you don’t have a wheat sensitivity
I would suggest not having these things
for your first month or two on keto and
then if you want to start having you
know a Sunday morning a grap with one of
them cool but just don’t make them an
everyday item I just it’s not a good
idea for that they aren’t there isn’t
enough in them to make it beneficial for
you to have them as a regular part of
your your menu so to clarify what you
just said on the impulsive keto model we
are an optimal nutrition model we we
aspire to educate you how to make the
best possible choices that’s one of
those mission low carb tortillas has 220
calories for a single tortilla and
brings virtually no additional nutrition
to the table other than basically
carbohydrate and calories the only
person who dared to post those on our
thirty gram thread of pictures of
optimal plates is Ben he heard about it
for weeks
there’s so many other great substitutes
you know you like that Finley sliced
jicama for instance it totally works I
mean it’s not bread you know so if
you’re craving of you know like
permission to eat bread on keto what are
we gonna do right but yeah you don’t
lettuce wraps you can use cheese fried
cheese yeah they’re ones that are made
at a coconut – that I’ve tried they’re a
little sweet then if you don’t like
coconut you won’t like these but I can
have one of those and not have the same
adverse reaction that I would to a wheat
based product okay so let’s put a pin in
this and keep it moving along and if you
are our final statement is we believe
that there’s a good chance that you’re
sensitive to something in wheat products
make the best choice possible for your
health by avoiding these products but it
has nothing to do with your ketogenic
status it is only our belief that
there’s a really good chance that it’s
not doing a body good that’s right okay
how about these ketone powders so
they’re you know there used to be it was
just one multi-level marketing company
that kind of had the corner on this and
now there’s a thousand products on
Amazon including pre workouts that have
VHB ketone powders and MCT oil powders
and all this stuff beta-hydroxybutyrate
it’ll help me get into keto faster and
let me cheat okay so there there are two
types of ketones there are the
endogenous ketones these are the ones
that you make by burning your own body
fat okay these are these are wonderful
things these are the things that give
you energy and lots of you know mental
cognition and then they’re the
exhaustion as ketones so these are these
products that if you you know if you
mention on your facebook that you’re
following a ketogenic diet you’re going
to have ten of your friends and
of your cousin’s try to sell you these
esters your salts they’re usually the
the salts the esters are really
expensive so what do they do well they
do they do a lot of the same things that
burning your own fat is it can give you
a little energy burst there are
cognitive benefits it does alleviate the
symptoms of Aikido flu but you could do
the same thing with salt that bursts of
energy you could do the same thing with
a cup of coffee the problem with these
these really expensive products is that
they are insulin Oh genic they taste
terrible and they inhibit fat loss the
they are an energy source so let’s not
fool ourselves to think if you somehow
take in these ketones you’re gonna burn
more of your fat you’re not it’s just
not going to happen now we we don’t mind
people using these if they’re pursuing
therapeutic ketosis this is different
than weight loss ketosis therapeutic
kentucky ptosis is just for neurological
disorders it’s not for weight loss now
there’s MCT oil the people use also a
source of energy it’s around 120
calories per tablespoon and it gives you
a lot of the same benefits that these
ketones do for less than one tenth of
the price the same effect and this is
the you know bulletproof coffee break
pain oil right yeah and you know I would
consider that sort of thing if I wanted
a little burst before an exam maybe but
if you’re already in ketosis you’re
really not gonna feel that it’s more for
the people that you know aren’t pursuing
healthful gains they just want to cheat
and find a product that’s gonna do it
for them and it’s not going to work that
way yeah so those are
yes and I just want to add in just a
little bit of chemistry to this the
reason that pruvit products work to
alleviate ketta flu is because ketones
are profoundly unstable molecules so in
order to make them not evaporate and
blow up and disintegrate you have to
bind them to something and that’s what
they bind them to is a mineral such as
sodium or calcium and the pruvit formula
is generally used sodium which is also
why we can’t use prove it for
therapeutic purposes because in order to
get enough bhp to really matter you
would actually be at like 14 grams of
sodium per day it would be a found
amount of sodium and your blood pressure
would go nuts with that much salt you
know the people in the the neuro group
that we have they manage to do it to
maintain these therapeutic levels of
ketones in their body just with a little
MCT sometimes when they need it and
through diet and fasting that’s right so
it understand that we’re not validating
their claims I want you to understand
why they can make that claim and that’s
because the keto flu is in fact a
problem with electrolytes and those
electrolytes can be supplemented outside
of the context of having to bind them to
five dollars worth of ehb molecules from
a multi-level marketing company yep take
a little salt so I think I’ve done
enough to validate claims that are sort
of true of theirs without saying that
it’s bullshit oops well they’re very
careful not to make most claims because
they’ve lost a number of lawsuits
already because their claims were
overstated and are do not pass
scientific rigor so I want to just blow
money though is there any harm in it
well yeah wait it inhibits it inhibits
fat loss
and they taste terrible so like if
you’re looking to not lose weight and
drink something gross go for it in the
spirit of does this break my fast yes uh
Janice ketones would be uh oh yeah most
assuredly so how can you serve any
purpose other than you know spending
money and making you feel good that you
bought this exclusive product right of
your cousin
we’re like the bulletproof brain octane
oil is that so I get that hey you know
it’s a hundred and twenty calories of
energy like if I’m gonna use a fat
anyway I mean should I make it that fast
you shouldn’t cook with it because it’s
smoke points pretty low okay okay in a
salad dressing I mean it’s it’s not a
very flavorful oil in fact it’s a non
flavor oil it’s a it makes a pretty good
mayonnaise yeah yeah so you know as if
you’re gonna be using a tablespoon of
oil and you want to try that out go for
it they you don’t need to get a brand
name one though now the brain octane oil
is anything special I could just go with
em see through their arguments it is
special but I think you know they’re
they’re different fraction eighths of
the oils and you can buy see eight oil
for a yeah forty bucks for a 32 ounce
bottle or you can buy blend of c8c ten
for 25 bucks a bottle that’s literally
AE five percent is effective for 50
percent of the cost
yeah like that we generally are not fans
of the MCT products for people that are
using them outside of meal replacements
and athletic performance you have a
whole show on this in fact called weird
keto drinks and ypc EPCs are terrible
encourage you to listen to the long form
essay on that rather than an you know
the quick two minute blurb here I just
don’t want people drinking their
calories in the first place so you know
as I said it was something you’re gonna
be using oil for in the first place like
a salad dressing cool so Jenny asked an
interesting question about the the oils
think about fat bombs yeah I get my
macros from a calculator because I am
NOT following impulsive keto which
doesn’t involve macros and is the
optimal model but if I did get my macros
from a calculator it says you know I
have to have minimum fats of 85 grams a
day and maximum fats of 120 grams a day
and then it comes to the end of the day
and I haven’t gotten my minimum fats and
I got to do something right or I’m gonna
miss my minimum essential fatty acids
and clear it right so you haven’t been
drinking in a heavy cream or yeah I
could just walk up to the fridge and
grab that bottle of heavy cream and guys
check that sucker down okay we see fat
bombs all the time you know if you any
keto cookbook that you buy off Amazon
has 97 fat bomb recipes I hate the term
I hate the term fat bomb I don’t want to
bomb myself with fat that’s good do you
know where that comes from Jen I don’t
Tom Jones is song sex bomb really no you
have to think about the origins of the
clinical ketogenic diet what they
figured out is if you take epileptic
children and give them a very high fat
diet they would magically start creating
these ketones and their seizures would
reduce problem the problem is trying to
get a child to eat a monstrous amount of
fat to put them deep into medical grade
ketosis is very difficult because
children have a you know there’s only so
much heavy cream you can drink there’s
only so much salad dressing you can load
up on a child but you know what you can
is take coconut oil and mix in a bunch
of chocolate and artificial sweetener
and then that child will sit there and
eat it like a candy bar and that is what
a fat bomb is I origin of why they know
that that that’s what that’s how they
made fat bombs so you’re seeing people
emulate what was designed to trick
children into eating coconut juice I use
it on my side so with with him it it
does have benefits I can also hide stuff
in there then he wouldn’t eat on its own
like hemp seeds and it helps with some
of his neurological symptoms that’s
great but for people who don’t have
neurological symptoms who are just you
know trying to lose weight
a bulletproof coffee or a fat bomb I
think it’s you know during that first
week or two where you’re struggling with
your appetite you’re not fat adapted
you’re like oh god I’m starving I have
to eat something you know I’ve heard
like people of taking like a slice of
cheese and buttering it and having a
cheese and butter sandwich and that
sounds good to me yes if it gets them
over the hump from you know dying for a
bite of pasta and bread to becoming fat
adapted where their hunger is under
controls fine but after that why would I
understand why people think that
drinking a pint of cream is a good idea
no there’s no sense for that that’s it’s
a misunderstanding of how the dye works
how nutrition works in it it’s just
laziness more than anything right no you
know I think a lot of people that are
doing this you know fat loading there I
know we’re talking about the pint of
cream the person that I last saw do this
was preparing for a more extended fast I
don’t know if I would do that with bat
bombs or cream I would probably just eat
a little extra avocado or you know a
bigger snake which is you can make a
better decision yeah yeah
you know I’m not so keen on too much
Jerry to begin with so know that too
right yeah so Karen does this kind of
tie into a understanding around higher
ketosis means better fat loss totally it
really doesn’t so that’s another problem
with taking a Janus ketones why are you
taking them well so I can have higher
ketones on my pee stick right and or if
you have a blood blood ketone monitor
and ketone levels do not equate with
weight loss there’s just no correlation
and I myself am usually it when I do
test my blood at a better one
and I’m in active weight loss so just
because somebody’s throwing up before
doesn’t mean that they’re gonna lose
weight faster than you are as a matter
of fact they might not be losing weight
at all the urine sticks are interesting
now my husband bought some when we
started and with him it was just sort of
a compliance thing to make sure that you
know it was a little encouragement I
guess the beginning to show that he had
successfully eliminated a carbohydrate
to put himself into a state of
nutritional ketosis so you know you pee
on the stick it changes color mission
accomplished right the color doesn’t
matter now you can have a really I could
have a really dark stick in the morning
if if I’m a little dehydrated and then
you know by the end of the day it could
be the faintest blush of pink but it
doesn’t mean I’ve done anything wrong it
doesn’t mean that I somehow ate too much
protein and kicked myself a ticket Oasis
that’s another show
it doesn’t mean that you know I did need
enough fat all it means is that I’ve
managed to successfully drink enough
water that I’m no longer dehydrated like
I was when I woke up in the morning so
what is our official stance on the pee
sticks you know they’re okay it’s a
cheap test you know if you want to test
your urine
when you’re just starting out if you’re
novice you know it’s it’s a little
encouragement for some people they like
that visual affirmation that they’re
they’re doing everything right
you know they’ve they’ve managed to to
transition into into a ketogenic diet
successfully so I’m cool with it I mean
they’re they’re cheap tests they’re like
what ten cents a test yeah the generic
like CVS brand and the yes is about 10
bucks for 50 strips yes it’s nothing so
it’s no big deal no the blood tests okay
I I do have a keto monitor and I bought
the strip’s for a keto coach though so
you’re doing weird I know you were stuff
but I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone
to purchase because those strips are
expensive in Canada they’re over $2 a
test I think in the states you can get
it for a little less hmm
but it’s with me it’s just because I’m
testing you know if I you know what are
my ketone levels at the end of the fast
as opposed to the beginning of a fast
and and that’s about it it has nothing
to do with my personal goals well what
about the breath ketone meter I heard a
lot about that recently I have not
played with one of those yet Ben has so
I’ve had a chance to play with a katana
‘kx for a couple months and it it really
goes back to do you self-identify as a
biohacker and are you fooling around
with it because you’re curious do I feel
better on higher ketones or lower
ketones or can I eat a week’s worth of
halo top in one day ketosis right if
you’re willing to do social science for
the greater good like that Karen I think
those are interesting and you know there
have been a couple of new brands come
out the keto mojo is obviously one
that’s down to a dollar a strip which
was about as reasonable as you’re ever
gonna get you know before that those
guys were around you had to buy them for
a dollar fifty from eBay Australia and
have them shipped internationally
there’s a whole deal just to get the
but you’re still talking about 50 to 100
bucks for a meter and then $1 a test the
katana is a hundred or a hundred and
fifty I’m not even sure anymore
yeah and all those are very interesting
if you’re in therapeutic medical grade
ketosis for weight loss that you know if
for purposes of weight loss ketosis is a
binary state you either are or you are
not and it’s not even important if you
were a diabetic
I should didn’t they’re mine as well
it’s not for metabolic syndrome is not
weight loss this is the neurological
stuff they were talking about I try like
when I have a new coaching client show
up I try and suss out their anxiety
about successful execution yeah if
there’s someone who sounds anxious about
doing the right thing I will tell them
to go buy some P sticks sure if their
data nerds or biohackers go get you some
piece sticks but for 80% of my clients
know yeah and if it’s somebody that you
know they have a lot of money and
they’re interested in collecting this
data than buying that the breath test is
you know it’s a cool little toy yeah I I
don’t buy it
I don’t think it’s I mean it’s a toy and
that’s what it is it’s really expensive
toy if it was 30 bucks I would say go
for it you can get a breath alcohol
meter a breath a secound meter the cheap
Chinese breathalyzers I think those are
even on Amazon now for about what 25
bucks or something yeah they’re pretty
cheap yeah I don’t see the value of it I
don’t know what you would do with that
data because you’re either doing a
successful car restriction or you’re not
and the rest of it doesn’t matter I
played with it and it’s just what you
said they didn’t give me any additional
information that made money better
anyway yep there’s certainly no way that
a civilian nude Aikido could take that
data and improve their fat loss
and that that’s the part that folks like
Jimmy Moore are just completely talking
out of their butts when they are saying
Oh more ketones means I lose more weight
yeah wrong that is absolutely not true
he’s proven it himself
and it’s been proven a gazillion ways
that high levels of ketones actually
inhibits fat loss so there’s no scenario
where that could possibly be true and
that’s one of the reasons why impulsive
keto as we embrace vegetables because
you could actually get higher ketones by
not eating any vegetables but to what
end it doesn’t improve your fat loss and
it diminishes your you know broad
nutrition density so it’s not a good
plan yep moving on electrolytes
well the gallon of water that we keep
seeing that gets posted up that really
isn’t that necessary so most people need
about two to three liters of water and
that’s it’s sufficient for the day
depends on how much you’re sweating and
if you’re thirsty we see a lot of people
you know they’ve been told by
nutritionists or their personal trainer
they need to have a gallon every day
make sure you get that gallon in there
even you know water bottles out there
that they drink you’re wrapping water I
didn’t swear but what this is doing with
the ketogenic diet there’s already a
problem when you’re transitioning from
being a carb person to a fabulous in
that you start dumping electrolytes with
all that water if you’ve noticed you
started ketosis and all of a sudden
you’re peeing all the time well it’s not
just water that’s coming out those are
your electrolytes as well so you need to
keep replenishing those particularly
salts so if you are sweating through
exercise you’re losing salts if you’re
in ketosis you
you’re losing salt and if you can found
that with just a gallon of water when
it’s not required in that amount you’re
just gonna flush even more of that salt
out and you’re gonna feel bad the
effects I heard tell me if this is wrong
is to drink to thirst if you’re thirsty
drink if not don’t drink is that right
yeah I mean you know some people their
thirst signals are off they’ve been so
accustomed to eating when thirsty so you
know you might want to deliberately
drink that two liters of water a day
maybe a little bit more if you’re having
some coffee
things that are diuretic and if it’s hot
out have a little more but usually
thirst is a good indicator there there’s
lots of information out there that says
that if you’re thirsty you’re already
dehydrated that is bullshit I said it
again I heard you you can look at like
lips if your lips look kind of chapped
that’s means you’re the other it is that
no no no that just means that you’re
older and you’re not shedding skin every
28 days like a young person no it could
mean that you’re outside and cold
weather it means nothing you know there
are several things enemies it just means
that you need to get you know like a
scrub and like dollar-store toothbrush
and take care of that business do you
ever think about your water intake no
Jen do you ever think about your water
intake no no you know I make sure that I
have some salt and some water available
when I’m done exercising because I’m
gonna be thirsty yeah and if I’m go to
the water park all day and it’s hot I
make sure I have lots of water the only
time that I think about my water intake
is if I’m exercising or outside in the
summer and sweating more than normal the
only time I give it any thought at all
well it does get hot up here in the
summer for like a whole day and and you
know I make sure that I have that
you know that you might end up
dehydrated pretty quickly in the summer
because it can happen a little faster
than alright so let go ahead I was once
on my trail ride down in Dallas in the
desert and it was like 120 degrees and
Sun and you know we’re riding for hours
that was a special you know and then
keeping hydrated was actually really a
vital but other than that I’m thirsty
whatever yeah I you know a good general
rule of thumb for a normal person who
spends most their time inside you’re
talking to leaders for woman 3 leaders
for a man mm-hmm but that that’s only
because you asked you know yeah you know
if you’re having if you’re having foods
like vegetables you might not need that
much that’s true so will you go over our
standard electrolyte recommendations
just real quick
yeah well we want about one and a half
teaspoons of salt per day now please do
not eat that all at once you will throw
up oh I think you want 1.5 teaspoons of
added salt there is gonna be some salt
on your food naturally but you want that
added salt and you want to have it about
a quarter teaspoon at a time throughout
the course of the day you just you
measure it out in the morning sprinkle a
little bit on your food put it in your
coffee it’s actually quite delightful in
coffee you can put it a little bit your
water bottle with something neo if you
want and make yourself an electrolyte
drink no salt we want about what is it
about 600 milligrams never got up to
calcium 1200 milligrams of potassium
that’s one half of a teaspoon of
potassium chloride otherwise known as no
salt or no salt yeah and you don’t
really want to have more than a quarter
of a teaspoon at a time either correct
just because it is a little corrosive
you could do some damage to your uh your
digestive system please do not
encapsulate this no salt
I’ve been reading some things about
people that have done that and they’ve
given themselves ulcers so it needs to
go with food a lot of the potassium that
that we eat is coming from food sources
now if you’re eating whole food meat and
vegetables you will be getting a
considerable amount of potassium from
that there’s these myths out there that
you know you’re not getting enough but I
mean if you’re eating garbage food and
you’re not eating things like fish pork
spinach then no you won’t be getting the
potassium that you need and now make
museum you want to go 400 milligrams
preferably in the form of malate
glycinate or citrate which rages it more
easily found in Canada anyway I’ll
alternate between the two the citrate
can cause loose bowel movements so if
you’re sensitive try switching to to the
malate and take it with food and that
will mitigate that quite a bit yeah it
does help but you don’t really need to
take the magnesium or potassium if you
are fasting you do have stores of those
so the magnesium you have about two days
of magnesium stored now most people are
deficient so it is important to pick
that up potassium can be you know 10 to
14 days that you have a store of before
you you run out sodium you can deplete
within hours so you know don’t screw on
the salt if you you’re lacking in your
sodium and you’re on a ketogenic diet
that is what’s going to cause this flu
the fatigue brain fog and particularly
constipation we see a lot of
constipation and then lascal how’s the
salt supplementation going and they’ll
say well I get a lot of salt I eat bacon
not good enough not good enough you need
to measure it out it’s important we see
that all the time on the boards people
argue with me night and day about
electrolytes and then I know how much
salt are you doing that whole planning
salt I need to know exactly how much
hand-waving and then they’re deficient
by 70 or 80 percent they’re under
estimating their need by profound
amounts if you’re feeling rundown then
you think that maybe you know you’re
just sick
try upping yourself to that 1.5
teaspoons I kid you not you chances are
you’re going to feel so much more
energized when I say tens of thousands
of people we’re not kidding
that that is not under estimating how
many times we have impacted people’s
quality of life by getting them to take
more salt very true easily tens of
thousands to that point yeah a lot of
people think I’m gonna go on keto and
they try it and then that first like to
a three-day – like oh god I’m having the
keto flu and maybe maybe they think they
have to have it it’s like oh I’m in
ketosis now it’s great it’s working I
feel like bad you don’t have to feel bad
you could have had your electrolytes on
point you don’t have to now I gotta say
okay personally I knew nothing when I
went keto okay and I didn’t have a
computer Luis didn’t happen
I didn’t supplement like electrolytes I
just I think that my well water is
mineralized and so I was getting lots of
potassium and magnesium and stuff it my
water is pretty Rocky it tastes great
though but it is not necessary to suffer
to go kedo you do you what people think
that they have an Aikido flu and they’re
actually like going through carb
withdrawals or they’re not getting
enough sleep there’s lots of things that
can affect a person’s you know having a
headache because they’re going through
withdrawal from sugar and it’s not you
know flu and taking electrolytes isn’t
gonna help but you need to take those
electrolytes you need to because what’s
going to happen if you don’t then like
weeks later you’re going to have
constipation or you’re gonna wind up
deficient you’re going to be in a hole
in it’s gonna take you a while to dig
out of it so just there there’s no harm
there could be harm if you’re taking
certain blood pressure medications that
don’t interact well with potassium and
perhaps you guys can speak to that for a
sec but yeah anything like HCTC any
diuretic blood pressure medication is
always going to be problematic some of
the ACE inhibitors are potassium sparing
and they can influence your electrolyte
status unfavorably if you start
supplementing just make sure if you’re
on any prescription medication read to
insert and look for the words potassium
sparing or diuretic then then you know
you’ve got one of those drugs that you
need to talk to your doctor about but
you can’t go wrong with magnesium you
are not gonna hurt yourself if you eat
tons and tons of magnesium oh yeah
you’re right you’re just gonna pee the
rest out anyway so don’t worry about it
you’re you are magnesium deficient
you’re listening to this if you’re not
taking magnesium supplements you are
magnesium deficient yeah between sixty
to eighty percent is definitely
deficient in North America very true
it’s our soils we’ve become depleted we
used to get a lot more of it in the Reg
holes there’s tons of research on this
we’re not making this up it’s a fact and
it has a profound impact on your
metabolism there’s over 300 enzymatic
reactions that occur but specifically
fluid balance and a lot of stuff going
on in your liver around ketosis is
powered by magnet a magnesium spinner if
your magnesium deficient you’re missing
enzymes and you’re missing the ability
to balance fluids people get like
swollen ankles and weird fatigue and
cramps and stuff like that that’s all
related to magnesium deficiencies and
contribute to cardiovascular disease
beyond just ketosis and and and weight
loss it’s it’s a general health thing so
do it for yourself whether you’re on
keto or not and electrolytes also
there’s a little myth here so we’re
talking about electrolytes being
necessary for many many reasons but one
thing that comes up in the groups a lot
is I’m having muscle cramps so what and
everybody jumps on there to say well
you’re you got to take your electrolytes
and that will fix it and this is
actually a myth
this is totally unrelated
muscle cramps have to do with
neuromuscular fatigue and having your
electrolytes not right is you know not
good but really it and you guys may
disagree but I’ve read a bunch about
this that the electrolyte status is
unrelated to the cramping and one of the
most effective things you can do is to
take pickle juice
and pickle juice a lot of research shows
that it is actually one of the most
effective fixes for cramping but not
because pickle juice has salty it’s
because it stimulates these nerve
channels in your trp nerve receptors
which kind of reset your nerves briefly
and and break up the cramp so it’s not
related to electrolytes but it is
something that an electrolyte containing
substance pickle juice and which I
personally find very tasty help I’m
gonna disagree tangentially to that yeah
so here’s what I would say everything
you said is true however electrolyte
status is what puts you into the state
okay having that neural fatigue that
causes the cramp in the first place so
pickle juice can often make cramps go
away if you’re waking up at 2:00 a.m.
with a charley horse that won’t quit
pickle juice absolutely is the best way
to get out of that but when it comes to
why you got into that mess in the first
oftentimes it is because of fluid status
specifically because your electrolytes
are out of balance it’s affected your
blood flow it’s affected the sodium
potassium pump that controls
intracellular fluid dynamics and that
can often be remedied by making sure
your salt and potassium are on point but
especially the magnesium if you have
people that are getting leg cramps at
night that you start getting them a
magnesium and those little sodium
potassium pumps start really working and
balancing out the fluid
you you just won’t even get the cramp
and so you don’t have to worry about
trying to mitigate it once it starts
electrolytes don’t really alleviate the
in sufficient magnesium status can cause
they contribute to the cause of the
Trent camp yeah cramp in the first place
right so I the only thing that I’ll add
to that is sometimes if people are
having a lot of struggle with cramps
that in addition to pickle juice which
is often a really interesting one
another one that works pretty good is
like any sort of entered diet energy
drink that has taurine in it and calcium
sometimes also works so if you’re having
bad cramps you you may want to look for
something that has taurine whether you
want to get that as a standalone item or
even just drink a Red Bull or something
to make it go away that that works a lot
as well as making sure the calcium
status is pretty good that’s more for
athletes and for old ladies but it it
can be a real big thing in runners
especially getting those cramps that
won’t go away without having enough
calcium and the taurine blood flow so
I’ve read that part of the one of the
causes of cramps besides you know fluid
balance electrolytes
using a muscle in kind of an unfamiliar
way and it just isn’t really you know
it’s it’s a well I don’t know because
I’m not an athlete but swelling and
irritating the nerves that way we’re
talking about yeah okay yeah yeah
there’s a general term for that called
neural fatigue now you can there’s a
couple different names for that but you
see that with weight lifters a lot that
especially in newbie lifters the reason
they can’t lift weights beyond a certain
point is actually not due to muscle
strength astir to their ability to
activate and reactivate the same muscle
tissue the the nerves that physically
aren’t used to being work and you kind
of wear them out and it can make you a
key and crampy okay so that’s something
that again is like pickle juice or
torreón or calcium that’s that’s what we
talked about
cool and that that also comes with a
continued training usually the first 12
to 18 months of a weightlifters career
is focused on neural adaptation you’re
actually not growing as much muscle as
you are growing your ability to
innervate the muscle you already have
okay that makes sense to me hmm alright
so on the subject of muscle let me talk
about one of the common myths that is
something we get more from the fellas in
the group which is without carbohydrate
I couldn’t possibly gain muscle speed
each carb load for gains been you got a
carb up for this workout bro this is a
very common you know who we get this
from is when people hire personal
trainers that are you know some $12 an
hour dude they got a certificate over
the weekend oh man you totally are gonna
need to carb up for this workout you’re
paying me to help you through otherwise
you won’t gain any muscle and they’re
usually very persistent about it because
that’s what the guys on steroids do and
they get big so that must be what
everybody needs to do this is absolutely
not true because your body is making all
kinds of carbohydrate as you sit here
right now
you’re you have a number of different
mechanisms in your body in several
organs that have the ability to make
store and utilize glucose in various
forms for any amount of workout that
you’re capable of doing at any given
time you probably have about 2,000
calories of sugar stored in your liver
and your muscle tissue and if you think
about a typical workout and an hour in
the gym may burn five six hundred
calories so you’re talking about the you
have enough sugar on board to basically
power your body fully on sugar for
several hours without supplementation so
what they’re saying is true it’s very
for you to do an effective workout
without carbohydrate what they’re
mistaken about is the understanding of
the biology that you have all sorts of
glycogen stored in your liver and as
soon as any kind of metabolic stress
comes through your liver just lets it go
and it releases out little squirts as as
needed and it keeps you know that you
know five grams of glucose just floating
around in your blood all the time as
soon as it gets low little more gets
squirted out and that’s part of the role
of the liver the muscle tissue itself
has glycogen stored in it and the more
you work out the more glycogen your your
muscle adapts to keeping around so
you’ve got to burn through this massive
reserve before it becomes a big
challenge and and not for nothing your
brain uses a lot of glucose too so you
if you didn’t have the carbohydrates you
just pass out so the fact that you’re
not is demonstration of what’s going on
now the next part of this that it’s kind
of interesting is when we start talking
about protein alright a protein is what
actually grows muscle and specifically
the amino acid leucine within protein
and when you think about muscle tissue
it’s made up of building blocks like
Legos there’s a whole bunch of different
kinds of proteins but they’re assembled
using these eight essential and then
with a 15 non-essential that are kind of
formulated together these molecules to
build and repair muscle tissue from a
workout your body has a cycle that it
goes through several times a day of
protein synthesis and protein breakdown
and this cycle can be manipulated by an
intake of a meal with protein in it then
specifically your body responds to this
leucine amino acid in a favorable way
now you can use this to your advantage
because you can get something called
BCAAs branched chain amino acids which
is a highly refined form of protein that
only has a few essential amino acids and
specifically 3 grams of leucine that’s
going to provoke your muscles to regrow
themselves it
improve your recovery make you less sore
the next day but because it’s an
extremely low calories you’re gonna get
like five calories worth of amino acids
while still getting the full biochemical
response of the leucine pulse to keep
your muscles growing and that’s what a
ketogenic person should be doing not
carving up that sounds like a good day
only five calories and I get you know
the benefit of building muscle I like it
yeah and that that’s kind of the thing
is you know year about bodybuilders they
eat six times a day well the reason
they’re doing that is because six times
a day they’re trying to provoke the
maximum amount of muscle protein
synthesis that they can and that that is
a cycle that takes about two or three
hours so you can eat six times a day to
grow the most amount of muscle possible
to support your anabolic steroid use
grow big and strong and that’s what pro
bodybuilders do you look at these big
guys you know the like though you know
hulk hogan and these you know show
competition sports athletes like Arnold
and his prime those guys are on the
juice and what they are trying to do is
maximize their muscle potential and the
way they do that is by eating every two
or three hours to get this loosing pulse
again and again and again as long as
they’re awake most of professional
bodybuilders wake up in the middle of
the night to eat so they can get one
more pulse in there that’s wild it has
nothing to do with the carbohydrate it’s
the leucine that’s making their muscles
grow so insulin is interesting in that
it’s the nutrient storage hormone when
insulin is abound which is 24 hours a
day your insulin statuses never zero but
a higher level of insulin drives
nutrition into the muscle cells more
nutrition means more leucine means more
synthesis repair and growth and energy
transport and blah blah blah so yes in
an optimized world you would want to
have insulin come along for the ride for
someone who’s on a weight-loss protocol
to walk a very tight rope of balancing
weight loss which requires low insulin
with recovery and you know appropriate
levels of nutrition through meal timing
and using a few gimmicks like whey
shakes or BCAAs things like that so I
hear some people like successfully do
this body recom or they’re gaining
muscle and losing fat at the same time
but that sounds pretty difficult yes so
that’s that’s just an advanced form of
managing your nutritional needs with
your fat loss desires
so everybody is recompensed inton down
and built back up but your fat loss
greatly exceeds your muscle building
capacity because when you’re a big gal
you have a greater potential ability to
generate energy from stored fat as you
become leaner so like you get down to
like for a man 10% body fat that’s about
when your abs start to poke out to lose
more weight you actually have to choose
between growing muscle or losing weight
it becomes very difficult to do books
but if you’re very precise you can
actually do both at the same time and
that’s called a recap and that’s a very
advanced thing and people you know have
to people hire coaches like me to help
them do that because it’s not something
that is that is a non-trivial havior
sounds tricky
for sure so Karen I mentioned weigh
shakes and we’re talking about insulin a
little bit okay you know one of the
things that comes up all the time or
like the premier protein shakes right
sure they admin’s talk about the premier
protein all the time yeah their their
protein source so yeh
but not all protein sources are created
there are a few different options that
you can have we often recommend the
premier protein because it is a little
carbohydrate it has 30 grams of protein
later and so I I think it’s like 3 3
my son has has one but here yeah 3 grams
of net carbs per container so and
they’re tasty my boy loves them and the
premier protein are already made one you
can get them at Costco Walmart they are
everywhere and their shelf stable they
are shelf-stable so once again a good
emergency food now I say that protein
sources aren’t all created equal
weight is insulin or genic it’s about
three times more insulin a genic than
meat so we’re trying to avoid that
response by limiting the amount of
carbohydrates we have right so why would
you want to only be eating things made
out of way or drinking instead of having
meat which you cut up and chew and slow
down the impact so I get these we get
them a lot actually we just picked up a
whole bunch when we’re in the States cuz
they have flavors that we can’t really
find up here and my boy has them he’s a
vegetarian so this is a good way for him
to get pro protein first thing in the
morning and that’s alright without
getting a lot of sugar so he’s having
that instead of so Nestle Quik or the
Carnation Instant Breakfast any good
period food would that be good for like
my I have a elderly relative who is too
weak to cook for herself and she’s
and she’s been getting a lot of like
fast food delivered and absolutely her
protein level is terrible and I’ve been
telling her she has to get some more
protein but
she can’t cook for herself so
appropriate protein shake would be
absolutely that that is what these
things are for it’s for people that they
can’t cook for whatever reason or you
know you’re stuck and you need to have
some protein and it’s an emergency and
you can’t get a good source how’s it
that’s it tastes like a milkshake it
just tastes like a milkshake that’s what
my my kids nine and he’s fussy about his
food and he’ll have them he highly
recommends the banana flavor I need to
say that he thought it was a ready-made
shake the problem with it is it is
expensive because it’s ready-made okay
there’s also a little bit of controversy
right now about exactly how much protein
is in that shake there’s some kind of
class-action lawsuit going on I keep
hearing about so they’re talking about
what 15% less protein debris shake so
they you know one of these class action
lawyer Mills how can it one of these
these shakes and it’s a biological
product so it varies and you know
contents I found that a percentage of
them would only have like 26 or 28 grams
it’s not it’s not like you’re getting
less than half yeah it’s off by 10% and
that you know that it’s not consistent
you know you test a hundred of them and
five of them are low and that’s because
of the cow yeah we blame
we have to blame the cow in this but you
know you’re looking for a standardized
product it’s not standard because it’s
biological product stupid Holsteins yeah
so you can have these it’s not a big
deal they’re great for a lot of our
weight loss surgery clients yes yeah so
you know they they have a hard time
getting in all that meat right so this
this will assist them in having that
wonderful muscle sparing especially if
you’re metabolically healthy you know
within that last 30 pounds to lose
you’re not diabetic yes and if you’re
older the current understanding of
nutrition when it comes to protein is
older people can actually have a
favorable impact on their sarcopenia
which is medical word for you know old
people kind of waste away they start a
muscle tissue because their sex hormones
are down and their activity is down so
they start losing muscle mass at glamp
yes so more protein is better and that’s
been scientifically proven in older
people and oftentimes the older people
like there’s a mechanical issue as well
you know I don’t know if your aunt has a
partial denture or a full denture I know
when my grandmother’s she had a partial
so something like this would have been
ideal for her to keep up her protein
levels sipping proteins yeah but if
you’re like a really big person um you
really want to consider that three times
more insulin a genic than meats and
maybe choose instead because these
shakes are gonna be more expensive you
can go for the ones that or powder and
you mix them up yourself but then you
have the the Dymatize iso100 right yeah
we recommend those the whey protein
isolates and mostly admins use iso100
it’s just a good brand hey can I cook
with this like could I make a ice cream
with it or could I make a custard you
could but it would be very expensive to
use isolate so isolates a sixty cents a
scoop yeah and you can get a different
kind of whey powder called whey protein
concentrate which is more like 40 cents
of scoop so we actually have downstairs
a tub of concentrate WPC that I use for
making way based pancakes and then I
have a different jug of iso100 that whey
protein isolate that I use for sipping
whiskey I cook with the isolate because
I like to taste the expense in my
waffles nice the reason you couldn’t
write it it’s simply just it there is a
more cost efficient way of getting it
but the isolate has a lower carbohydrate
count too so if your walk
and the razor’s edge already Oh your
low-carb tortillas though WPC has more
lactose in it which can be unfavorable
for a couple different reasons yeah I’m
gonna pass on a secret pro tip by the
way if you go if you live near a GMC and
who doesn’t they’re everywhere yes the
death of retail is affecting them too
and like all retail stores they they’re
you know trap foot traffic is down go
into the store go into a store near you
and they have the they’ll have half
their stuff on clearance I don’t know
last six months I just walk out of there
with bags and bags of quest protein
isolate and all kinds of great stuff and
it’s so nice ya know I found the same
thing too that you can get you know I
can get a jug that I could fit my dog
into that’s a Half Price
nice yeah so I’m sorry about the depth
of retail and all that but take
advantage of it that’s right I’m Martin
mark their loss is your gain my stories
those deals are mind people alright okay
deal alright or isn’t Georgia speaking
of sipping whiskey Karen yeah what’s up
with the booze booze it’s wonderful I
so booze I don’t I always talk about the
booze I don’t know why I’m not much of a
drinker but booze you know I I once
again I’m kind of ambivalent towards a
you need to consider your personal goals
when you are imbibing a lot of people
coming to us they are really sick
they’ve gotten non-alcoholic fatty liver
disease now if that’s you if you got a
big old fat liver booze maybe something
that you might want to consider
eliminating and if you have more than
thirty pounds to lose she’s talking to
you I am NOT because I still have thirty
pounds to lose so she should know I you
know it’s also a source of energy
it is calories I you know I don’t like
calories too much but they are important
I would prefer people not drink their
calories and we’re talking about things
like the fatty coffees the B pcs protein
shakes I don’t like to see that
happening too often just because it’s
it’s problematic on many levels so just
try not to drink it too often now when
it comes specifically to alcohol and
energy there is a metabolic priority for
alcohol you are going to burn that first
so while alcohol doesn’t really kick you
out of ketosis it puts everything on
pause what you’re going to do is you’re
going to burn the alcohol first the
carbohydrate second and then you’re
gonna have to wait to start burning your
own body fat this is like a game of
metabolic rock-paper-scissors and when
you’re when you’re having booze is rock
and rock beats everything you know I got
that continuous glucose monitor and I
can see if I have like just one glass of
wine I consider the effect on that CGM
for like four hours that it’s depressed
because it’s it’s burning the alcohol
instead of yeah it’s a toxin your body
wants to get rid of it so that’s the
eastern energy source but it’s also not
good for you to have it sitting around
in your body so it’s going to get rid of
it your body is not stupid
I sure read lots of articles in the news
saying that a glass of red wine with
dinner is really good for me yeah well
you know you there are tablets for that
if you want to you want to get that you
don’t need to have the alcohol with it
it’s not the alcohol that you’re getting
a benefit from no no it’s a UH what is
the name of that Stefan
Canon’s over at all yeah it’s very
strong that’s what I was trying to think
of oral but tannins just gave me a
I don’t know it happens to a lot of
people the tannins can can stimulate
migraines oh it might be something to
avoid I know with myself and Ben we both
have rosacea and that’s something that
can stimulate
I know break his alcohol usage so that’s
why I see people the big already knows
it’s not just the he wasn’t just having
tortillas it was my skin okay so you
know what booze if you’re in the habit
of having a glass of wine
in the evening and you cannot give that
up this is gonna be the one thing that’s
gonna keep you compliant okay but but
consider this that because you’ve
depleted the glycogen in your liver
you’re in this state of nutritional
ketosis you are now a lightweight so no
more than one to chain is when I say a
glass I mean a glass I don’t mean you
know a goblet of wine is that can fill
up like a half bottle a hearty tankard
exactly you know so it just stick to one
to two glasses you know maybe not every
night of the week maybe just maybe
that’s your special thing to have with
Sunday dinners have a couple glasses of
wine cool go for it
but be careful of what wines you’re
choosing they’re not all the same when
it comes to carbohydrates there are many
apps out there that you can look at if
you want to look at the one that comes
from my my home province
it’s called LCBO you can get it as an
app on your phone or you can go on their
website and it tells you the sugar
content of all sorts of different wines
and liquors and all kinds of things so
there are many companies that promote
low carb low carb alcoholic beverages
wines coolers beers and what about the
hard liquor is generally ok you just
need to watch out for things like
fortified wines and liquors there is
going to be no Bailey’s in your diet
even though that’s cream it’s also a
whole lot
sugar yeah so you know that just do some
research maybe cut down or consider
eliminating it if there are reasons that
you should be eliminating that for now
yeah I usually start to raise my
eyebrows if someone is paying me to be
coached and yeah to improve their health
and they’re they’re having wine more
than once or twice a week
we usually end up just having a
conversation of what are your priorities
here right
and now qahal is just it’s a
non-nutritive energy source I have the
same feeling about booze that I do about
B pcs it’s it is not helping you and
especially alcohol in quantity or
chronically it’s certainly not helping
your liver health and it is if you’re
coming down from a high weight
especially your liver needs all the help
I can get
and the last thing you want to be doing
is whacking it every night with a little
booze I feel personally that when I have
indulged you know had a glass or two
dinner once so in awhile like once every
maybe two weeks or something yeah I
don’t feel any ill effects from it but
if I like I’ve been on the cruise for
instance I’m having it like with glass
with lunch and with dinner every day for
you know like a week in a row Wow I
really start to feel draggy it hits me
it’s not good for me it’s it’s a toxin
it affects your liver and it affects
your electrolytes yeah and it depletes a
whole number of metabolic enzymes that
are not favorable to ketosis in general
yeah so you know once again I’m aunt
your momma um if having a little wine or
you know a little bit of bourbon a
couple of times a week is your thing
okay yep and just out of a you know
safety principle here if you are someone
who’s struggling with your relationship
with booze and blackout drunk is
something that occurs at all yeah that
can be profoundly dangerous in a
ketogenic state you
your body is not set up to process
massive amounts of booze when you are
not your glycogen status is low in your
liver you actually run a substrate and
it can be the fatal it yeah you you end
up in the hospital and a lot of bad
things it blackout drunk and keto so
don’t you don’t do that and that that’s
the only thing I just want to mention
that that you know if you’re out there
and you know Saturday nights is have a
really good time the ketogenic that may
not be appropriate for you know you know
you may need to stick to something
higher carb like pain right yeah yeah
and also when we’re talking about the
light weight thing you know it for a
person that’s eating the standard
American diet and having their 300 grams
of carbs they can have a couple of
glasses and then have another glass
every hour and still be okay to drive
this isn’t gonna work for somebody who’s
on a ketogenic no I don’t really need to
make other arrangements for driving
don’t get behind the wheel it is really
surprising the first few times we’ve
seen a lot of posts where people are
like I went out to dinner to celebrate
we had a glass of wine and I had to call
an uber yep yeah that’s right it is no
joke because you can look at it as a
giant cost savings oh good well while
we’re talking about health stuff
let me speak to some of the metabolic
and doctory stuff one of the things we
hear a lot is it’s bad for kidneys right
and I think one of the problems I have
with that is it’s really based on and so
back in the 70s the original popular
ketogenic diet was the Atkins diet that
was you know basically the all meat diet
as some interpreted it so what what
happened was you know dr. Atkins out
there you know serving tens of thousands
of patients out of his Atkins clinic and
they did some testing on folks who were
in a metabolic Ward and a compromised
kidney function
yeah so these are folks with you know
EGFR s like you know stage three stage
four part of the standard Atkins model
is basically all-you-can-eat to satiety
levels of protein like you if you would
like to eat five cheeseburgers
go ahead just stay in ketosis no matter
what that was part of the induction plan
now you’re only supposed to do that for
a couple weeks but nobody ever followed
directions right so what would happen is
these folks with compromised kidneys
would start eating several thousand
calories of cheeseburgers because that
was the protocol and that puts an
incredible load on your kidney because
all that excess protein has to come that
nitrogen source which is what protein is
has to come back out as waste and mostly
through the urine and it puts an
incredible load and be very stressful on
compromised kidneys healthy kidneys can
dispose of several hundred grams of
protein every day for years with no
problem we’re really talking about sick
people eating hundreds of grams of
protein a day so if you’re someone who
is in stage 3 kidney disease you need to
make sure that the model of ketogenic
diet that you’re following is one that
does not have massive amounts of protein
do not go up to the keto gains
calculator and set it for ultra buff
drug and it goes oh well 350 grams
protein you’ll be great
you need six times a day wake up in the
middle night have one more don’t do that
because that will put a lot of pressure
on your kidneys what you need to do is
stick to a a standard ketogenic model is
gonna be 90 to 120 grams of protein for
weight loss for men and you know eighty
to a hundred or so for women that will
be perfectly normal loads on to even a
my kidney you know not for nothing one
of our inspirations for the group is dr.
Jason Fung who is a nephrologist he’s a
kidney doctor who was so irritated at
how many people one of the side effects
of diabetes is kidney failure
yeah we’ll that’s right Ghent and Jen
knows that better than most that
eventually diabetes will kind of cook
off your kidneys and Jason decided to
try and solve the problem on the front
end rather than the back end and if you
talked to Megan and Jason they’ll tell
you at the clinic most of what they’re
dealing with are people who are in
compromised kidney states and they’re
doing exactly what we’re doing with
impulsive Guiteau they’re doing fasting
in low carb diet and it’s perfectly fine
for people with compromised kidneys it’s
the high protein models that are
absolutely unacceptable do not go on the
Shaun Baker carnivore diet who you know
what’s he doing four and a half pounds
of meat a day don’t be that guy that’s
not acceptable
that won’t work that would be bad I
didn’t I didn’t know what I was doing
when I went you know but I did fix the
Canadians I was stage one but got it
reversed and 100% healthy and I was just
doing basically what you know occurred
to me naturally which is focus on Whole
Foods and you know vegetables like we do
in impulsive keto is a a reasonable
serving of meat yeah totally works
awesome so the next health concern that
often is raised is around cholesterol
your lipid panel your LDL goes shooting
way up when you’re on a ketogenic diet
yeah it does well okay here’s the thing
ketogenic is a diet where you use fat as
fuel fat is in the warehouse aka your
wide booty and it has to get to the
furnace though the factory so it’s got
to be transported out of the fat to
either the muscle liver you know
wherever it’s got to go and that process
now we all know fat is not water-soluble
you can’t just put fat in blood that
doesn’t work so you have to encapsulate
it in a little package called an LDL
Khadem you’ve got all this LDL flying
around these triglycerides flying around
and it is expected that someone who is
actively losing weight and actively
losing are you actively using fat as
fuel is going to have elevated amounts
of fat in their blood as the fat comes
off of their butt and goes into their
muscles so it’s just an effect of the
diet it’s not anything unexpected
correct so in that context a
unsophisticated doctor may look at those
results and use those results to compare
you to a generic risk actuary table
where you know somebody took four
thousand people that had a heart attacks
and looked at their lipid panel and said
okay if your lipids are this high you
have a 49 percent chance to have a heart
attack in the next ten years so when
doctors start freaking out about an LDL
that’s a hundred and eighty and they’re
like oh you gotta go on a satin right
now you’re about to drop dead understand
that that’s an unsophisticated approach
that is based on a misunderstanding and
a misuse frankly of the actuary tables
that indicate risk cardiovascular risk
based on the these you know buckets of
LDL results now ten percent of you
listening to this have genetic disorders
inherited where your liver makes way too
much LDL any when you go on on a fattest
you’ll die like keto those numbers will
go through the roof and those do that is
risky and that will put you at trouble
but those numbers are gonna be three
hundred five hundred like that’s not 180
it’s like you start getting a three for
hundreds your triglycerides up you know
180 that’s when we got you gotta in
Iquitos not for everybody because of
that so I just want to put that caveat
out there that it
it’s not that uncommon but what we don’t
know is how much risk that brings and is
there things that we can do to mitigate
that risk so that’s emerging science
that we don’t have the answers to but
we’re trying to figure them out I’ve
heard that really the whole business
about cholesterol and statins is pretty
much all wrong anyway it is there’s some
interesting industry created statin
calculators that will show you how many
years of your life you will extend if
you take a stat based on your biometrics
on average it’s four days Wow awesome it
is bizarre statins do not work for most
people the exception and I want to be
clear if you have one of those inherited
hypercholesterolemia diseases those
disorders statins are a life-saving
medication if you are not in that state
which is 90 percent of you statins the
evidence behind statins is horrible well
I’ve heard that there is an inverse
statistic between longevity in women and
moderately elevated LDL protective right
a little bit because a little bit not
not extremely elevated LDL but slightly
elevated there’s like a tipping point
this is gets into the weeds of science
because here’s what you do if you take
10,000 people and you you give them a
there you get their blood draw and then
you follow them for 25 years and then
you can do so you can do statistics on
there all cause mortality so you can say
alright well out of that 15 percent of
that population died what did they die
from and did the people who died have
higher LDL or lower LDL than the people
that didn’t die so you can start to draw
some inferences but those are
observational and they do not take into
very much account because of the breadth
and the length of observation you really
know what’s been going on for the past
decades you know they try and get a big
enough population sample that hopefully
those factors are just kind of fudged
out anyways yeah never take what’s
called epi epidemiological studies
observational studies don’t take any of
those too far to ground because they are
at best referential they they imply but
they they are not causality by any
stretch of the imagination they
certainly should raise an eyebrow it’s
interesting but when they go okay well
there’s a point five percent improvement
in all cause mortality if your LDL is
elevated by ten percent over the
population mean that’s a that’s a bunch
of Mushmouth I just said right that’s
what we’re talking about all I know is
that in my family the women seem to have
slightly elevated LDL not tremendously
elevated sure but slightly elevated
there’s no dementia and we seem to live
to be about a hundred yep without any
dementia so I I’m be I’m rejoicing in my
my superiority in general here here’s
what we’re looking for over the course
of the first three months of your
ketogenic diet you should not get your
lipid panel pulled they’re going to
stink they will be because you’re
adjusting to becoming fat eating a lot
of fat and there’s all these weird
inefficiencies where your body will
release all this fat and your body isn’t
keto adapted yet so it can’t use it so
puts it back into the blood to be
recycled so it kind of backs up yep your
numbers all I’ve seen some numbers that
make a monocle pop out of monopoly guy I
mean is bad bad
so the first three months is not the
time to freak out about that but sir
over time it is worth keeping an eye on
that now some of the things you can do
to stay in front of that you start
getting in the habit of using
mono-unsaturated stuff olive oil you you
should be an olive oil person you should
not be using seed oils that you know
avoid canola avoid grapes and all that
stuff I know that KDP just dropped 2%
all right they’re gonna start cursing
our dairy now we’re not terrifying we
just want imported Oh
so in general it the fat selection that
you make has a minor influence over your
numbers but there’s not really much you
can do other than exercise so we
encourage you to do a moderate amount of
exercise which is two to three times a
week 20-minute minimum dose and that
will have a very favorable influence
especially on your triglycerides I own
almost every one of my coaching calls I
can I can tell who’s exercising and
who’s not by the triglyceride numbers it
it’s that it’s that obvious what is good
you’re also gonna do yourself a world of
good just by eliminating all that baked
stuff that you were having before inside
all that partially hydrogenated Crisco
by-product that they use to make all
that premade stuff yeah yeah so here’s
the final word on this for most people
there’s nothing to worry about there’s a
small percentage of the population who’s
gonna respond quite unfavorably to a fat
based diet yeah and if you’re one of
those people then there are some things
you can do to mitigate it but what we
don’t know is if that brings up any risk
so the next piece of that that we want
to advocate is if you believe that you
have risk factors especially if you have
a family history or you have been shall
we say living a life of less than
optimal health up to this point there is
a very sophisticated test that is cheap
called the
CAC the coronary artery calcification
score yeah you they put you in the big
machine that goes ping for about 120
bucks and the computer will do an
analysis by actually physically looking
at your heart and evaluating the status
of the plaque in your heart let’s not
talk about risk let’s talk about what’s
actually happening in your heart and
that’s why I that test is fantastic and
it’s super cheap the hardest part about
it is you have to get into the big
machine that goes ping so you’re
probably gonna have to drive downtown to
one of the hospitals and your doctor
does not have a machine in the back that
does that you’ve got to go down and get
in the big hoop my god my wife Gloria
she went on keno recently she loves it
but her triglycerides shot up to 400
something and so her doctor was like you
um alright I don’t know how you’re still
here you should be thick so he wanted
her to go on a statin right away he was
really kind of rude about it to be
honest and she you know talked to me
about it I said let’s go get you one of
those coronary artery calcium scan and
much to our surprise even though she’s
in her 60s 0
she’s a zero score even though she’s a
smoker and she has eaten not so good her
whole life I mean she’s always been
skinny and you know works out and stuff
so she’s lived a good life she has no
calcification and her doctor reluctantly
agreed that she doesn’t need a stat yeah
it there’s definitely a lot of
variability on this and this really gets
into a lot of medical judgment and that
that’s really one of the hard lines that
no nutritional coach would ever want to
cross which is trying to evaluate your
medical history to make a judgement
assessment of your possible risk is way
beyond something anybody other than a
medical doctor should be doing and
that’s why when people ask I can use it
you know people will post all the time
on the board so like hey here’s my
numbers what do you think it’s like well
these numbers don’t look gray
but what’s going on with your family
history and you talk to your doctor
about that so we can usually look at
stuff and go well that looks pretty
normal but that’s not an assessment of
your individual risk so don’t don’t
trust us on this one oh yeah you know we
can tell you what is gonna happen in
most folks but you’re special you’re
unique and who knows what your unique
situation is all about that’s not
business that we can help you with over
the Internet yep but getting that CIC
scan is cheap and no risk and it
actually tells you what’s going on in
your coronary arteries I tell you what
if you’re 55 years old and you don’t
especially if you’ve led an unhealthy
life in in the past you’d be crazy not
to get this test it is it is the
absolute best assessment of the
likelihood of you Keeling over dead and
most people are going to die of some
sort of you know congestive heart
failure or heart attack stuff like that
it you you could absolutely
unequivocally and very accurately assess
your personal risk and preventive
interventions like stents through a
hundred and twenty dollar test that will
take two hours out of your life yeah be
crazy not to do it let me ask you guys a
question let’s say because one of the
fears I had to overcome in getting my
wife to go to this test was what if it
came back and it was bad is there
anything that she could do well sure a
you know nutritionally we can support
plaque remodeling through those
pharmaceutical inventions like statins
are good for remodeling but also vitamin
K vitamin D vitamin E all will help your
body scrape the calcium off the plaque
and put it back in your bones where it
and that’s one of the reasons you see me
beating the drum on vitamin K is it is
both preventative and reversing to any
sort of calcification I read that it
will even help retail supply the enamel
on your teeth that is also true
in fact vitamin K was discovered by
Western a price who is a dentist
excellent so that’s definitely vitamin K
vitamin D vitamin E vitamin A and
vitamin A hey a KD vitamin E is involved
in the glutathione cycle now okay C
glutathione vitamin C and vitamin E are
the three in the glutathione a little
toilet bowl recycling the the vitamin A
and vitamin K and the vitamin D all work
together to create these enzymes called
like house of a Cal silic on there’s two
big ones that it creates that are the
the enzymes that actually scrape the
calcium off they they don’t the vitamin
doesn’t actually do anything that
creates an enzyme that does something
the reason to eat more liver Jennifer
lovely people shouldn’t be afraid of
getting the results it is what it is and
there’s things that you can do too once
you know there’s steps you can take yeah
and not everything is immediately a
stent or a triple bypass okay there’s a
lot of steps between here and there and
a lot of times just making major
lifestyle changes and getting your
weight down can change your cardiac
health profoundly in keto being an
anti-inflammatory diet I would think
that would be the most favorable thing
you could do especially if you have a
little bit of plaque the one thing that
we know is that people have some plaque
that’s always progressive it’s just like
diabetes where if you don’t if you don’t
remove the source of inflammation it’s
not going to get better it’s gonna get
worse until it stops up and gives you a
heart attack so yeah absolutely
so that kind of covers the the health
stuff that comes up all the time I
thought we could close the show Jennifer
with a discussion about sweeteners and
artificial sweetened and things like I
could talk about this for hours done
well everybody does it is a hot
controversial topic
that is probably the most divisive topic
that can come up on the boards is
whether or not a diet coke will knock
you out of ketosis ok ha ha let me say
that it will not of all of the
sweeteners only some of them were
actually digested into glucose
some of them are digested in glucose to
be sure and those will knock you out of
ketosis and if you have a microscopic
amount of them and it fits near macros I
am NOT going to judge okay but some
people they look at the ingredients and
they’re like oh I’m not their sugar
they’re on the 43rd ingredient it’s not
keto I can’t touch it
chemicals there’s could be a tiny amount
of stuff that you don’t like well that’s
up to you ok if you want to be a purist
and avoid a couple of grains of sugar do
it ok that’s cool
there’s certainly many other tasty
artificial and natural sugar substitutes
that are non-nutritive it won’t supply
any glucose to your system and will not
disrupt ketosis but you need to be on
the lookout because there are some that
are for instance sugar alcohols people
say in general all use sugar alcohols
it’s listed separately from sugar so you
can subtract it for your net carbs no no
not the point is there’s actually like
18 different kinds of sugar alcohols and
18 different kinds but then they call
them like 200 different things because
they’re trying to confuse you and get
around marketing perceptions that
certain ones are bad really the only
ones that are good are a reefer at all
which is basically zero impact on
ketosis on your system it’s it doesn’t
really give people a lot of GI distress
some people find that it does yeah I
think Ben and I both have a little bit
of an issue with too much erythritol
well and it stands to reason because
it’s not digested it’s gonna go into
your system and stuff that goes into
your system and isn’t digested is has
consequences like ask olestra
mind you this the sir mr. tall is
usually going down with a whole lot of
halo top so but there’s lots of worse
choices that you could make in terms of
sugar alcohols mouths are all sorbitol
mannitol I so melt it’s all there’s
other names too and all of these are
mostly digested just like sugar even
though they call them sugar alcohols
they’re no hito they’re not keto there
it’s not Keita because even though
they’re they’re bad they’re as bad as
sugar in terms of glycemic impact and
almost as bad in terms of calories they
are not digested in the stomach there
digested in your upper GI tract and they
digest into gas and pain and suffering
yeah don’t don’t eat a whole bag of
those if you’ve got a job that requires
you to travel in your free way now
people will let post they’ll ask you
know here’s like a piece of sugar-free
gum and it’s sweetened with sorbitol you
know it’s like five calories worth oh
we’re talking about it’s like that green
foil bag that you find it shoppers Drug
Mart yeah if it’s like Russell Stover’s
and somebody’s offering you a piece and
it’s tiny and you want it okay that’s
great you and the chocolate alright but
if you don’t buy a bag and you think I’m
gonna take that bag home and I’m I’m
gonna have one piece a night for the
next you know two weeks okay great but
you’re lying okay
we the ones with pecans and caramels is
exactly like turtles they exactly like
turtles and you cannot just eat one of
those things that bag will be gone
you really can’t and then there’s like
other sorts of you know supposedly keto
bars you know like it the Atkins bars
it’s a PI Atkins how could it be bad I
don’t know somebody bought the Atkins
name and they’re using it for evil yeah
well why does that look and taste like
like a Snickers bar or like peanut
butter cups or
peanut M&Ms; those are going to have the
exact same impact they use multiple
notes and it’s going to raise your blood
glucose it’s going to create a huge
insulin response you’re gonna have gas
bloating there they do have a few of the
bars left over from the old days
remember those been from like 20 years
yeah they hold dirt bars they taste like
soap because they’re sweetened with soap
yeah so those ones you know those ones a
little do in a pinch but man the other
ones forget it well Annie if you’re
concerned about your blood sugar is a
form of diabetic that’s something I take
keep an eye on most of these are not
good for the blood sugar you know now if
you’re talking like sucralose or even
aspartame I don’t like the taste of
aspartame okay and I know some people
like it’s basically a pesticide but
somehow sweetens you know oh yeah and
I’ve gotten into a few knockdown drag a
moat brawls about aspartame in the group
yes surely
apparently it’s a chemical and it’s a
chemical so and it gives you cancer and
turned your nipples inside out and all
kinds of things it affects the gut biome
okay except and syphilis and these minor
effects if you’re looking for optimal
health I think we can all agree that it
would be better not to have these things
too often and in general avoiding them
is a great idea but plenty of people
have lost hundreds of pounds themselves
without encountering any sort of
disruption from you know having their
gut biome slightly modified by a
aspartame it’s true yeah I think we just
had dr. Patrick on her group they’re
posting a picture I guess trying to be a
trying to stir the pot a little bit
drinking his Coke Zero with a shirt off
I appreciate it I did I was listening to
one of Jimmy Morris podcasts okay don’t
he had Adam DeLeon and Adam Melanie
saying he was reading some research
about aspartame having an effect on his
gut biome and so he quit it even though
he’s been drinking diet dr. pepper
for decades yeah and he has been
carefully monitoring self and it took
about six weeks but eventually his
ketone levels went up now oh my god who
cares right yeah I don’t know what
though I had to do the ketone level of
Atari well his claim was that the
bacteria and the gut biome are the ones
that produce the ones that have been
suppressed or but been poisoned by
aspartame were once it produced bhp
short chain fatty acids you know that
could be or it could be the black mold
who knows I think we can all agree that
aspartame and ace K are both pretty low
on the list of stuff that we suggest for
a optimal choice so many better choices
you could make yep you are good with
stevia although it’s a ragweed you can
be a little bit yeah doesn’t taste that
good to me so 15% of the population has
a taste bud gene that stevia will taste
bitter too so there are some people I
actually have that gene I cannot like if
you give me something that’s W in it I
literally cannot have it can you eat a
blend I know with me I can taste bitter
from from a lot of the sweeteners and
the weird aftertaste is but if I blend
them in a particular way then they kind
of counterbalance each other the only
reason that Lily bars are safe around me
is because they have enough stevia in
them that it’s a self-limiting process I
was wondering why you eat those because
I find them disgusting that’s part of
the reason why that’s what my weapon of
choice for a sweet tooth because if I
sit down I eat a whole lily bar I’m
gagging and there’s also a little trick
that they used right with the prebiotic
fibers because those things taste sweet
and they
are labeled as a fiber so they don’t
count towards net carbs so there’s a
particular bar that I like up here
that’s cocobolo and they they use choco
polar I don’t I forgot what it’s called
anyway nobody does your Canadian brands
doesn’t in Tony it’s an American company
I pull it myself I think they use ionic
fibers that said don’t don’t sit with me
very well but they do taste delicious
you see a lot of those IMO syrups mm-hmm
and it’s the same thing it’s a it’s a
fiber that tastes super sweet and well
you know it’s it’s not the same thing
okay I am Oh syrup is that’s a isomalt
at all
I’ll say isomalt oligosaccharide okay
isomalt Oh polysaccharide which is
fructooligosaccharides okay yeah they’re
all bad news well if I can use the
abbreviation is actually you know it has
it’s not great for GI distress if that’s
an issue for you but it has been shown
to have a lot of decent health impacts
and it’s not gonna you know mess up
ketosis hello this is a little bit
different than IMO’s from that
standpoint we’re starting to get into
the weeds guys let’s pause sorry there’s
this super complicated I want to know
Jen I have very specific questions okay
what can I sweeten my coffee with and be
very safe mankind monk fruit sucralose
if you like stevia okay alia Lowe’s
violet all yeah you can use I’ll at all
you gotta be careful with that because
40% is digested so you have to count 40%
as a 25% 25% they with with the ally
Louis is 10% yep no they’re not oh is
free they’re not totally free but as
I’ll tell is more of it but it
Scientology also has beneficial health
impacts for your teeth bacteria so
that’s that’s why I don’t want you
disparaging xylitol because I’m gonna
make that point in a minute
okay go ahead I would also say that you
can get into some there there’s other
exotic sweeteners and if you feel like
tolerating it the fructooligosaccharides
for instance found in the FOS syrup you
can also find it in yacon syrup which is
yeah that comes at a big price that
one’s not on the list
yeah that one has extra fruit fructose
yeah okay so the bottom line
stevia original sucralose monkey okay
now let’s be clear
sucralose liquid yeah sucralose powder
is known as Splenda and is cut with
maltodextrin which is another word for
sugar right now something else that you
will find that is cut with sure stevia
in the raw and it tastes terrible to
begin with so just don’t disparage
stevia most people are fine nobody
nobody likes Syria it’s always a
communist so there are multiple kinds of
there’s Reb a there’s stevia like
there’s different ones have different
taste profiles but the debated one okay
yeah and I had the drops of is used with
the de bitter stevia had that in July
and I should have picked up some bottles
of it because it was the only one that I
found though that I could tolerate
alright once you’ve had monk fruit and a
yellows and a rich well I think that
there’s no reason to go with stevia so I
Oh stinks because it’s 50% of sweet and
it’s very expensive and hard to find
it’s just because it’s not sweet that
I’m just tasting the nothing after yeah
good combo if you can balance them on
creamy ice it’s perfect Kelly and I were
talking about the needing to cut a Ulis
with sucralose the SU rule is I think
would be a good mix perfect again
sucralose is super powerful
Yeah right quiet
so rather coffee what can I make to
sweeten my mug cake what can I use for
that I would use almost the same things
but aren’t you looking for some kind of
carmelization property then and you
don’t want it denatured and some of
these things do the you nature when
they’re heated that’s what I was hoping
you’re gonna speak to what so what are
the heat safe sweeteners well certainly
monk fruit Ally loose yes stevia
sweetener he’d safe I think it is yeah
yeah when I made my cakes for for Fred
I’ve used super loose we have some
sweeteners here that you can’t get the
states to to common brands of stuff that
you can buy that our sacks of things are
pure here right yeah yeah they’re okay
like the Truvia and the little pot yeah
yeah that’s my final question is most
people are not gonna go to Amazon and
get these specialty ingredients like our
Ulis is not in the little pot that’s
great for cooking and that’s the green
pot the little pot yeah with the green
lid that’s my recommendation to most of
my coaching clients is sucralose drops
or the green pot yeah those are both
excellent choices and Truvia is a mix of
a reefer tall and stevia and it would be
quite tolerable for almost everyone
there’ll be a very small amount but if
you try and bake with Truvia you will be
disappointed because the wreaths are
tall has a weird aftertaste yeah yeah
ain’t quantity and that’s you know what
you’re talking about blending and yeah
you know all this chemistry stuff is
because any one of these things tastes a
little weird if you get too much of a
hold of too much of it at once
well everything has some a certain
aftertaste sugar has an aftertaste we’re
just accustomed to that aftertaste
use anything to substitute it it’ll be
like well this sort of tastes like it
right and they every people has
different chemical properties too so
like if you try to use it to make a like
jam or something that it actually
crystallizes out you get this icy
crystal on top and that’s no good yes it
does I find you know except for the
crystallizing property that makes
crunchy bits that I don’t like bite with
stevia for me on my palate those two do
you work together very well because the
bitter tends to balance out the cooling
and the right amount okay so if you are
at a restaurant and you order a coffee
and you you don’t bring any sweetener
wait I have a little dropper in my purse
that’s a like natto monk fruit extract
that is just monk fruit and and a
carrier like it I think its water and
that’s great it doesn’t for me I have
liquid sucralose but you know what if
it’s one coffee I don’t really care if I
use the packet that’s there or not even
if it does have melted extra in it
because it’s one packet at the same
point of view I just I just I just
record black I’m just gonna enjoy my
coffee if I want a sweetener in it and
the only thing list there is equal I
don’t care because it’s one packet I’m
gonna split that up over two copies
because I don’t want a whole packet of
sweetener because sweetener is so much
more sweeter than sugar you know I’m
gonna split it up over my two coffees
that I have and is no big deal it’s half
a carb people half right powdered
Splenda as your daily beverage sweetener
is not acceptable
yeah but Howard Splenda when you go out
to eat on Friday and forget to pack your
little purse sweetener yeah no big deal
because we’re now talking about enough
carbohydrate to be disrupted takedo and
that’s the whole thing you sometimes
hear us yelling at people about stop
telling folks it’s not keto it’s because
it in small enough doses it almost
doesn’t matter
you know it’s just you need to be
thinking about your overall carbohydrate
we’re trying to stand or 30 a day even
just putting a little bit of sugar you
know a teaspoon of sugar is five
carbohydrate that will not knock you out
of ketosis you eat that every day for
the rest of your life and stay in
ketosis the entire time it would not be
a problem now that it’s not good for you
for other reasons bad for the GI bad for
the insulin blah blah blah but it’s not
gonna knock you out of ketosis it’s not
enough carbohydrate nope that’s a little
bit yeah so don’t go nuts on the
sweetener stuff don’t obsess on it don’t
spend a bunch of money on three pounds a
hour you loose off Amazon unless you’re
me yeah unless you’re you’re Jennifer
and you’re experimenting right at my
recommendation get the Truvia or get the
sucralose drops and that that solves it
for ninety five percent of you now for
those of you who are bakers go ahead and
pick up a packet of swerve or pure you
can order a sack of a wreath or taller
whatever if you want to but in general
you would only do that if you’re baking
things in making these keto five treats
that we generally discourage you from
making anyways it’s definitely walking
the dangerous line there and if we
weren’t experimenting with you know
making the best keto chocolate on the
planet I wouldn’t have a wholesale bag
of value Louis in the closet and I
really wanted folks to hear that you
know all of us are talking about making
these treats or whatever else we’re also
kind of experienced and seasoned all of
us can do overnight fast and frequently
do you’re talking to keto adapted folks
it the first two months of your keto
career really should be reprogramming
and resetting I’m not gonna begrudge
somebody a little Lily bar chocolate or
putting sweetener in their coffee that’s
that’s not that’s not what we’re talking
about but you start getting into the I’m
cheese cake fluff and keto cookies and
all this stuff that is not favorable to
your weight loss journey over those
first few months that is not doing you
any favors
it keeps you compliant if it’s that or
you’re gonna go down to Dunkin Donuts
and get a dozen it’s also really
expensive to buy all that baking stuff
because you’re starting from scratch
because you know you’re not buying
enough almond flour to make one cake
you’re making you’re buying enough
almond and coconut flour that will make
twenty cakes it’s expensive these
sweeteners are not cheap these nut
flours are not cheap and you know there
are all kinds of other things you’re
gonna be buying to go with it so what I
suggest is after a couple months if you
want to try something there are lots of
these little catering businesses that
are popping up there are several just
you know like within a 20 minute drive
in my house right now and I live out in
the Milano where where if I have a
special event coming up and I don’t feel
like cooking I can go and buy you know
three cupcakes for the family I don’t
have leftovers
I’m not time to the rest of the you know
the the cake that I made I the last time
I did that I made I made something for
Easter and I had to send it off with my
husband to his work the next day so I
wasn’t there tempting me satisfying
sweets I’ve had on keto it’s just been
like a very small piece of 85% chocolate
with real sugar but it’s a small piece
yeah so chocolate fresh blueberries and
strawberries are coming into summer you
know the small amounts of low carb fruit
like that can be just as effective and
being act you know a handful of
blueberries is less carbs than a lily
bar I think my favorite dessert is just
a hunk of coconut meat no little piece
of coconut meat all right so we we could
go on for days about else I just wanted
to give people kind of a quickie about
what goes on with these artificial
so to sum up Truvia good for coffee
sucralose good for coffee or ether it’s
all good for coffee
we do not recommend any product that
resembles actual candy bars right the
the Atkins bars that look like Snickers
bars the Russell Stover stuff all of
those things are almost certainly made
with maltitol you’ll see there’s two
classes of artificial ice cream there’s
some that’s made with a wreath retal and
there’s some that’s made with multiple
yeah and the ones with maltitol like the
the Briar carb smart the final I want to
close with this thought
most of these sweeteners will have an
adverse reaction to GI in people that
are unaccustomed to them if you do go
down the dark side of making Kido cake
do not give it to civilians or children
you will you will put them into the
bathroom profound cramps gassing and
explosive levels of diarrhea it is you
don’t want to do that to a kid they
can’t get ahold of a big slice of keto
cake that you made with a wreath root
all that will result in traumatic levels
of GI distress yeah Taylor top is fine
but if you let a kid eat a pint a halo
top there will be consequences pictured
abandon my son with a pint and a spoon
in it and he’s like take that away from
him you know he did it so that’s a
little bit more than a serving and he
might he might be a little musical that
evening but every kid not every kid can
do that and they’ll keep you up all
night and you will be regretting it
yeah all right so that that’s the
sweetener stuff so the whole point of
this show is to try and address some of
the more common stuff that we just see
coming up again and again there’s more
detail and for half of these topics we
have an entire show on BBC we have an
entire show on elect
lights these are these are complex
topics and we’ve tried to give a
high-level overview and in some cases
we’ve oversimplified so I beg a little
grace on some of these flyby
conversations because we want to give
you the quick answer without necessarily
exploring all the corners of the box so
that we can have the show not be six
hours long and we need stuff to talk
about in future ups there you go
all right everybody well we’re gonna put
a cork in it on that good night
everybody provider Phil care and our
discussion is based on things we be done
here now it’s not an intervention
situation any of you in there doctor
a treatment diagnosis especially the
impact of the script
are you strictly prescribing doctor on
the hability during meditation before
nutritional Birds or fatty little mini
vacations are known incompatible longer
faster than epidemic disease and Okinawa