You being overweight is affecting more than your belt size. One of the organs to really suffer from obesity is the liver. The good news is that we know exactly how to reverse this condition.


Steatosis is a fancy medical word for well-marbled with fat. As you can see in the picture above to the left, we are talking about some fine looking juicy black angus ribeye, except that is a person’s liver. If you are more than 30lbs overweight, you are on this progressive

path of turning yourself into human fois gras. It only takes 20 days to enfatten a duck with corn and oil enough to produce well marbled liver. Imagine what state of affairs is going on with you after a decade of letting your eye off the ball.

The idea here is that you want to induce a metabolic stressor to squeeze that stored energy out of the liver. It will come from there long before your thighs. In the above study they use Optifast, which is just a low carb protein shake to create a PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fast), a solid ketogenic nutrition model that is aggressive in calorie restriction (typically around 900 calories a day).  This model caused profound reduction of fat in the liver, in fact in only 6-8 weeks they found 68% of the subjects has no clinical steatosis!  That is serious business when it comes to the power of a low carb diet to remodel tissue back to a healthy state. NAFLD is becoming more common, and we’ve heard a prominent doctor say they cant remember the last liver scan they saw that wasn’t on the spectrum.

If your liver enzymes are on the rise, or you are just looking for one more reason to make a big change with quick impact to your health, here you go. We invite you to join us on the Impulsive Keto plan, meat the size of your palm, and two cups of green veggies, twice a day, no snacks.  That’s everything you need to know.  No shakes to buy, no buttered coffee, just simple clean nutrition and skipping breakfast. Check out the video below to get started.

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