Pizza pepperoni bites

Looking for a hearty, crispy snack food? Try these simple dehydrated pizza bites. Little bites of crispy pepperoni slices dipped in pizza sauce and a parm/reg cheesy mix. I make these in the dehydrator, but they can be made in the oven or even the microwave. The best effect is to ‘jerky’ them for a chewy texture, but the nuked versions are great in a pinch.

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Impulsive Ketocast 33: I have regrets

Even weight loss gurus make mistakes sometimes. Ben, Karen and Jenn discuss recent issues they’ve encountered and how they are planning to overcome them.


05:00 Karen Ogilvie just finished her course of study to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist! The stress of studying and exams led her to stress-eat comfort foods and gain some weight. Karen discusses how it happened, what happened and what she plans to do about it. We discuss influences of inflammation, electrolytes and food sensitivities, fat deposition patterns and what she plans to do about it.

22:00 Jennifer Kleiman just got back from a 2-week vacation in Hawaii! Prior to that she attempted to fast her way to a bikini body and overdid it, resulting in metabolic downregulation. She shares some travel tips on how to stay keto on vacay, some of the challenges she encountered and the downsides of eating too little for too long. We discuss her plans for upregulating her metabolism and attempting to achieve her goals of losing bodyfat in healthier ways.

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Home roasting coffee in a frying pan

I’ve been home roasting coffee for several years now, and its no big deal. You can do this! What you need is a frying pan that is a metal base (NO NONSTICK!!!), i use anodized aluminum, and some green beans.

The process is quite simple, dump beans into pan, crank up the heat, and wrist flip to stir. you will be flipping for 8-11 minutes, so don’t sprint out of the gate. You can stir with a spoon or spatula if you like.

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Purse friendly sweetener

One of the problems with going out of the house is all the low calorie sweeteners are cut with maltodextrin to be equivalent in volume to normal table sugar. Splenda is sucralose based, which is very keto friendly, but they add so much maltodextrin to the packets of it, it ends up not being a good keto choice. 

I found these pretty cool little sweeteners for my wife’s purse. Its basically a concentrated sucrose tablet in a tic tac container. Much better solution than carrying around a mini bottle of sucradrops. I dig this at 6$ for 100 tabs, probably last 3 years as a backup sweetener. Each tablet is 1/2 a packet of sweetener, so this is 50 cups of coffee for 12 cents.


Impulsive Ketocast 32: STALL-BUSTERS PART 2

Using the ketogenic diet for weight loss but getting frustrated with lack of progress? Ben, Karen, and Jen reveal the tips and tricks keto coaches use to break a weight loss stall.  In part 1 we discussed how to tell if you’re really stalling and then got into the finer points of food choice, macros and meal timing.  Part 2 covers exercise and a host of other potential issues that can be at the root of weight loss stalls.

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