Vitamins and supplements for Keto

In the end, the majority of your nutrition should come from whole foods. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get a broad spectrum of nutrition consistently from the state of our foods. I recommend a limited set of supplements to support your health on a low carb/ketogenic diet and also to address high probability deficiencies. I am not a fan of ‘big stack of pills’. Everything on this list is something ive used myself or for someone I know personally. I’ve tried to offer a recommendation, while providing insight into specialty stacks and people who want to throw a little extra money at it with how I would suggest building a stack up.

I offer additional commentary on the vitamin stack at the bottom of the article below all the lists.(coming soon)

Note that i have leveraged name brands i trust wherever possible. Costco has *crazy* deals on vitamins, and even buying them through amazon is often much cheaper than alternatives. if you have access to a costco, its the best way to get many of these basic supplements! Also, NoSalt is 5$ at the grocery store, dont buy that from amazon

Low Budget bare minimum
Multivitamin men women
Vitamin C
Potassium Chloride aka NoSalt
Vitamin D


Required Recommended Luxury
Vitamin E Vitamin E Vitamin E
Vitamin C Vitamin C Vitamin C
Multivitamin men women Multivitamin men women Multivitamin men women
Fish Oil good better better#2 Fish Oil good better better#2 Fish Oil good better better#2
Vitamin D (with k2) Vitamin D (with k2) Vitamin D (with k2)
Magnesium Magnesium Magnesium
Sodium Sodium Sodium
Potassium Chloride aka NoSalt Potassium Chloride aka NoSalt Potassium Chloride aka NoSalt
NAC  NAC  Glutathione (better than nac)
Methyl Folate Methyl Folate
B Complex B Complex
Methyl B12 Methyl B12
Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA)
Phosphatidyl choline


Pre-Diabetes package
NAC Powerful anti-oxidant and liver support
Milk Thistle Liver support
Chromium picolinate This is not super effective, but if you are deficient in it, its very problematic. This is mostly for insurance, not for effect, and its cheap, so I include it.
berberine Listen to IKC #13 on insulin resistance for more information. This is a powerful compound that has favorable effect on pre-diabetes, but there is no free lunch in nature and has a minor unfavorable effect to mitochondria ROS. You should discuss with your doctor if this is right for you, and I would suggest it is for a short term (2-3 months) max.
R-Lipoic Acid Antioxidant and influential on neuropathy
Apple Cider Vinegar 2tsp ACV with evening meal favorable to gastric dynamics and lowers overnight glucose production


Liver Package
Glutathione or NAC Powerful anti-oxidant and liver support
Milk Thistle Liver support
R-Lipoic Acid Antioxidant
Choline  or  option2 Phosphatidyl Liver support and brain function


Skin, Hair and Nails Package
Vitamin A Antioxidant, cellular communication and growth
Hyaluronic Acid Cellular moisture, inflammation signaling
Collagen Protein Building blocks for repair and renewal
Biotine Cellular fat quality
Methyl B12 Skin health (its complicated)
Methyl Folate Folate decomposed by sun exposure
Fish Oil good better better#2 Fat quality


Anti-oxidant Package
R-Lipoic Acid Kind of expensive antioxidant, has other keto benefits
Broccomax Expensive, but very sexy
Glutathione or NAC Huge impact
Coq10 or ubiquinol Expensive. Some people get zero response from this, others are astounded by this.


Athletic Enhancement
Creatine One of the few performance supplements that actually improve your performance and dirt cheap
DHEA If its banned by the NCAA and Olympics, that’s usually a good sign it works! This is a prohormone substrate so consider the risks of adding fuel to that bonfire.
DIM Plus Favorable for promoting the right balance of hormones, especially if you are centrally obese or have lovehandles
BCAA Low calorie protein allows for strong leucine MPS pulse without a big insulin spike. Can have dramatic effect on recovery when taken near a training session. Fair warning, BCAAs taste horrible.
Caffeine One of the other performance supplements that will give you measurable gains.
acetyl-L-carnitine Does a lot of little things, cheap and complementary with choline. 2 capsules (1g)


Electrolyte Fairy Dust for Athletes Makes full days replacement- dilute in ½ gallon of water.  I load this in bottle #2 on the bike and water belt.

Fairy Dust instructions on KetoFit

Sodium 1.5 tsp salt
Potassium Option 1: ¼ tsp KCL (aka NoSalt, aka Potassium Chloride)
Option 2: 3/8 tsp Potassium citrate (more expensive, tastes a little better )
Calcium ¾ tsp calcium citrate
Baking Soda ¼ tsp sodium bicarbonate (arm and hammer baking soda)


Gall Bladder support
Ox Bile (pick one) This is a more natural and simple choice
Super enzymes (pick one) This has a bunch of stuff in it, all favorable, but more complex, including oxbile.


Zinc Conversion support, one per day
selenium Conversion support and tpo, one per day
Methyl B12 40% of hypothyroid folk also b12 low. One per day, sublingual.
B Complex Required to make thyroid hormone. One per day
Jarrows FOS probiotic


20% of t4 ->t3 conversion happens in gut. Take one with your dinner at least.
*special note, this must be refrigerated. Ordering this from amazon is expensive to coolship it. I suggest you go down to your local whole foods, earthfare, sprouts, etc and look in the refrigerated case. If cannot locate this locally, consider Jarrows EPS probiotic but its twice the price!
Low dose iodine as Kelp Low dose iodine is often very favorable. More is not better! One of these a day

best choice LactoFerrin http://amzn.to/2EC8ibv
2nd choice Liposomal iron IronSmart http://amzn.to/2EzSwhb
heme source Proferrin ES http://amzn.to/2nBEZ0y

Gut Health
Prescript Assist(old formula no pea protein) Very expensive colonizing probiotic. If you are rebuilding your gut, like after antibiotics, this is worth it. 1 per day with largest meal
Apple Cider Vinegar 2tsp ACV with evening meal favorable to gastric dynamics
Super enzymes Provides enzymes, supplementary acid, and bile salts. Take 1 with meal or 2 with a feast
Jarrows FOS probiotic Transient probiotic used to supplement gut biome. The bacteria in this do not colonize. They drift through with the food. Also effective to take if you are breaking a keto diet with food like wheats/grains/bread to avoid GI distress.
*special note, this must be refrigerated. Ordering this from amazon is expensive to coolship it. I suggest you go down to your local whole foods, earthfare, sprouts, etc and look in the refrigerated case. If cannot locate this locally, consider Jarrows EPS probiotic but its twice the price!



The newbie post

Welcome to Impulsive Keto- Our approach is to focus on the core component of metabolism, nutrients. We manage the flow of nutrient-signaling hormones, we focus on nutrient density to ensure we are eating well and we use nutrient timing to allow our bodies natural garbage collection process to clean up and heal our bodies.

Our approach here is perhaps more simple than in other models. We want you to perform a quick self-assessment and align yourself to one of our four pathways. This pathway gives you a context to discuss with others. For most of you, if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic you would select MET. If you are otherwise healthy, but overweight, the LOSE track. If you are here for the healing power of fasting and life extension from low carb living, the MAIN track. For more complex situations, including thyroid issues, cancer, epilepsy, autoimmune issue and others, the RARE track gives others a heads up that your situation requires careful consideration. When posting, try to remember to tag yourself so others can quickly learn more about where you are coming from. This avoids the confusion we often see if you mix audiences with triathletes, cancer patients and type 2 diabetics.

MET: Metabolic Healing – Net carbs from veggies only <20 net. 16:8/ADF
LOSE : Lose Weight – Net carbs from veggies mostly <30 net, 16:8/ADF
MAIN : Maintenance for Health and Wellness- Carbs under 75. 23:1/ADF
RARE : Unusual and complex situations ie: Autoimmune, Cancer, Ailments

We have a podcast! check out the newbie episode! (also on itunes)
short form 30 min: https://youtu.be/6C2iPyfy-4Q…
long form 90 min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hToeBALMQZI
itunes: https://goo.gl/zzWaOu
Clean out your kitchen & replace with good food.
🌟 https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb#advice
some alternative resources that are quite good:

DrWestman’s Page 4 https://goo.gl/7n6PNs

🎥 The shopping podcast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y21uN4ZQm50
The basic idea is that your protein is your priority; it is your only goal. Ketosis is a matter of cutting carbs; we recommend you begin by dropping carbs below 20 grams daily. Finally, fat is your throttle, if you have amble body fat, you want to let your body use that for fuel. Eat enough fat to make your food taste great and to keep you full but stay under your fat limit.

Eliminate these items:
*Fruit (a small amount of berries may be added later)
*Starchy vegetables
Get beginning info. Take pics, body measurements, weight, choose some goal clothes.
Get fluid intake & electrolytes in order before you begin. Low electrolytes causes “keto flu”: fatigue, headaches, leg cramps and constipation.
📀.5 oz water per lb of body weight
📀1.5 tsp salt measure it out in a dish every morning and salt your food and a pinch in the water,
📀400 mg magnesium as Malate 1250s http://amzn.to/2deRF9n or glycinatehttp://amzn.to/2d74iQB
📀1000mg of potassium you can get this from NoSalthttp://amzn.to/2dOk45s LiteSalt http://amzn.to/2dFBiGg Potassium Citratehttp://amzn.to/2e3sjdu or Cream of Tartarhttp://amzn.to/2e3u3mX Be deliberate about choosing high potassium foods!

if you are on prescription meds such as diuretics, blood presure meds etc, check with your doctor before you start messing around with electrolytes
Commit to changing your health & life!
If you are over 40 lbs overweight you will have some degree of insulin resistance. You can invest 25$ in a glucose meter to monitor your improvement. If your morning fasted reading is greater then 80, you have some work to do.
Basic kit is cheaply available at Walmart Relion brand. If you prefer to mail order, consider a kit like this http://amzn.to/2dDEnnP More infohttps://goo.gl/dhYvrs
We have a curated Amazon storefront. Using this site helps support your admins at no additional cost to you. We’ve put all the products we use ourselves and recommend into one easy to find place
💲💵💵 http://astore.amazon.com/impulsiveke00-20

What is Impulsive Keto?

This is an impulse. It comes, and then it goes. This is the reason that obese people have trouble losing weight. This is the secret to healing your metabolic disorders. It all comes down to managing a simple thing, how your body reacts to food, and it won’t cost you a dime.

⚠What is Impulsive Keto? Its a low carb way of eating that managing the insulin pulses from your food to promote healing and weight loss. Part food choice, part meal timing.


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➡THE NEWBIE FAQs https://goo.gl/pZdPvu
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