a simple way to make shrimp and veggies in the oven. Shrimp glazed with a tomato butter and roasted veggies finish the ensemble.


1 bag of frozen shrimp (we try to get the peeled/deveined on sale)

1 zucchini

10 mushrooms

2 bell peppers

a handful of small tomatos

1 onion

2 tbsp butter

1 tsp tomato sauce/paste/spaghetti suace

herbs to finish the veggies

around lunch, rinse the frozen shrimp under lukewarm water in a colander till thawed, back into the fridge. When ready, dice the veggies into small enough pieces to cook properly, half the mushrooms, 1/2 wedges of zucchini. Now, if you have kabobs, why not go ahead and load em up on that, but its not required, you could just toss em in a little olive oil and throw em on a cookie sheet. Throw that onto a cookie sheet and into a 425 degree oven. While that gets a head start, load up the shrimp, melt the butter and tomato sauce together in a small bowl and use a brush to coat both sides of the shrimp. I like to use non stick aluminum foil for the shrimp. after at least 5 minutes have passed on the veggie head start, shrimp on bottom rack under the veggies, and flip the oven to ‘broil’. flip veggie skewers about 8-10 minutes in.

Pull em out when they look about like this, for my oven that’s about 20-25 minutes.

If you arent sure what to finish the veggies with, get some of this, its like of a lemony ranch.