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Well hello and welcome to a simple ketogenic weight loss plan brought to you by impulsive keto, a beginner friendly approach where no macros are needed. This approach uses a low sugar diet to optimize your bodies hormones for weight loss so you arent hungry all the time. It really is as simple as meats veggies and a little olive oil. You’ve probably heard about atkins or keto and about onerous food logging and intensive macronutrient calculation.
You may have even heard of people dumping coconut oil in thier coffee and calling it diet food. Well, this approach is simplified from greased beverages and calculators. We are going to cover what you need to know to easily lose weight and reclaim your metabolic health. Lets get started by discussing the idea of visual macros, a way of controlling calories and nutrients without using food logging or complex macro calculations.Protein is the macronutrient your body uses to maintain and build strong muscles and bones.The simple focus here is on ensuring you receive the minimum effective dose. Turns out thats about 4-6oz of meat per meal.

Now, unless you want to carry around a scale, you can easily eyeball that by looking at your hand. Your palm is the perfect size to estimate it.

When you compose a plate, just make sure the portion is the size of your palm. Its ok to go over a little, but on average, do not underachieve, getting enough protien will keep you healthy on your diet.

Vegetables provide your body with vitamins, minerals and fuel it needs to maintain a healthy gut. Your body has some bacteria hitchhikers who live in your digestive tract and they help you by turning fiber into special fuels. This process keeps your digestion running smoothly, your brain happy and your inflammation low. You need to feed this little colony of sea monkeys with green and leafy vegetables, about 1 or 2 cups worth per plate.
That gives the optimum dose of fiber. Too many veggies and we have to worry about counting carbs with a scale, you need to limit your portion to this 1-2 cup guideline. Salads and fresh greens are a special case. Anyone who has cooked fresh spinach knows there is much less than meets the eye to a pile of leaves. It’s perfectly fine to have a really big salad. You can find which veggies are your best desicion on the shopping list, but in general, anything green or leafy is fine. You’ll need to avoid most starchy vegetables like potatoes and squash, although a few carrots as a garnish is probably ok. Fruit is not available for the beginner low carb dieter, it requires scales and an abacus to decide how many blueberries you can get away with today. Lets keep things simple for now and skip the fruit section of the store. More to come on your beloved blueberries later in your journey.

Well hello and Welcome to part 2 of the Impulsive Keto Simple weight loss plan. Meal timing is our secret weapon for using your biology to support your goals. Energy flows to and from fat cells based on your intake of food. A hormone called insulin controls the direction of that flow. This is the problem in our culture of snacks and grazing, your biology is setup to store or use energy, not BOTH at the same time. Frequent meals and snacks keep you shifted into storage mode, making you angry hungry and locked out of your energy storage warehouse. Here is where it gets interesting, by shifting to a model of using fat as fuel like keto, and by timing your meals without snacking, your body is in an optimal state for burning stored fat as fuel. This process is so efficient that the usual anger, fatigue and headaches on a diet fall away and you will feel better than ever even on an empty stomach

Sounds like a sales job there bennymac, whats the catch??
There is no free lunch in nature my friends. Weight loss requires a calorie deficit. You cannot lose weight without eating fewer calories than you need. This is a problem in your energy intake from your plate, an unbalanced budget with bills to be paid. You can eat like a bird all day, or skip breakfast and feast like king for fewer meals. Either way gives you the debt you need to pay with your wide fanny, but only a model of feast and fast gives you serenity and a hormonal advantage. (GET TO IT!) Alright, your days of eating breakfast are over. Once you have a few weeks to keto adapt, you are going to use everything you learned in the protein and veggie video and apply it to two meals a day. Lunch and Dinner for most, but breakfast and lunch for some. Either way, 16-18 hours a day, your body will be powered by your booty rather than your plate.

Let’s put this picture together, you are shopping for low carb foods and you are skipping meals to make a calorie debt to be paid with your rear. Your insulin will stay low, keeping the flow of energy releasing your body fat, rather than building it up. Your meal skip makes profound energy pressure that will be paid by your liver with ketones made out of body fat and your energy levels are rockin because of the hormones and low inflammation diet. You are eating meats and veggie and will be able to find something to eat at almost every restaurant in the world. This is about as simple and easy as weight loss gets. 16 hours a day you are running on pure storage, this diet makes big changes happen fast!

Well hello and welcome to our final section, part 3 of the impulsive keto simple weight loss plan.
Nothing is ever black or white in biology, there are many shades of grey. Such nuance and degrees of optimization. Don’t get bogged down on this for a while. Meats, veggies, skip breakfast. That’s the punchline and i want this to be simple for you.
Here are a few pro-tips to help you make some informed choices.
On the matter of coffee – coffee is fine during your morning fast. If you insist a little half and half or almond milk is ok, but let’s not make a latte.
Sweeteners are a huge topic, allow me to distill years of argument: go to your grocery store and buy the little green pot of truvia, stevia and erythritol. Liquid sucralose and liquid stevia is ok too. Be very wary about powdered sweeteners until you skill up. Things like splenda packets are cut with sugar by another name and carefully portioned to round down to 0 carbs.

When it comes to chocolate, your best commercial choice is a brand called LILYs. Its a stevia and erythritol based chocolate. Most other low carb brands like russell stover and ‘simply lite’ are quite unfavorable to carbs despite the label. For now, you gotta trust me, you do not want to dance with these maltitol confections.
Ice cream is a newer thing and i am delighted that brands like enlightened and halo top are offering low carb ice creams that meet our needs on a ketogenic diet. Be honest with yourself, if you have to eat the whole pint and not just a SINGLE serving, leave it at the store until you have healed your metabolism and reset your relationship with sweets. These brands are here to stay, in a few months you can try again.
Pick up some light olive oil for cooking and extra virgin olive oil for dressings. This should be your primary oils. There are schools of thought who advocate coconut oil and other saturated cooking fats. This is an unsophisticated bit of advice and i dont have the time in this intro video to explain why.

In the next series of videos more insight is coming about these gremlins and more detail to help you make informed choices. Make sure to grab a free copy of the SOLID or GREMLIN cheatsheet to findto our best recommendations. In time you may discovery these controversies and form your own point of view.
One last thing
One of the biological quirks of a low carb diet is the low insulin causes you to leak more electrolytes ( thats things like salt). Everyone experiences this differently. Most of you will want to take a magnesium pill and push some extra salt. If you have weird fatigue, dizziness standing up, or any leg cramps etc, your first two thoughts should be water and a heavy pinch of salt. You were already deficient in mag before you found this because our farming practices have depleted the soil! The amount of salt you need can range from a heavy hand at meals, to sipping full blown ImpulsiveKetoaide a few times a day. Check out the Keto Flu guide on impulsiveketo.com for our easy guide on how to increase your salt intake with our tasty ideas.